Arabs Furious At Czech Jerusalem Remarks

Czech court OKs religious compensation plan for Communist seizures

Czech President In Dispute Over Homosexual Activist

European court upholds ban of “extremist” Czech party

13th annual March for Life in Prague draws largest-ever crowds

Czech society ageing, but less than other EU countries

Czech Constitutional Court Refuses Injunction Pending Its Decision On Church Restitution Law

Czech Lawmakers To Charge President With Treason

Czech Republic’s Deal With Religious Groups Signed

Czech Parliament Oks Landmark Religious Compensation Law

Return of the Czech Communists: Vaclav Havel is turning over in his grave.

Czech Gov’t Wants Cap On Public Debt

Czech cardinal presses government for compensation on confiscated church property

World Congress of Families Leadership Letter Protests U.S. Embassy Participation in Prague “Gay Pride” Parade

Czech pro-life groups organize counter-protests to upcoming Prague ‘gay pride’ event

Britain, Czechs snub Europe’s fiscal pact but won’t forge an alliance of critics

EU summit: UK and Czechs refuse to join fiscal compact

Is there a parental right to have a baby at home? EU court may decide case by Czech moms

Expectant mums, midwives to sue Czech state in Strasbourg

Czech govt to compensate religious groups

Czech government split on religious restitution

Vaclav Havel, Czech playwright and president, dead at 75

Czech Republic: Church to receive $2.5B in compensation

Czech Government Commission and Churches Agree On Settlement For Confiscated Property

NY Times writer says “Czech Leader Is Isolated in Opposing Gay Parade”

Is Acceptance Of Homosexuality Inevitable? What The Czech Republic Tells Us.

“Czech president condemns 13 western diplomats for support of 1st gay festival in Prague”

Czech President defends deputy – “Gay Pride Parade” nothing to be proud of

Prague names street after Ronald Reagan

Country turns down ‘U.S. foreign export’

Czech Republic Strikes Down Cheap Foreign Abortion Legislation

Religion Clause

Czech Republic Scraps Bill to Fund Abortions for EU Residents

Abortions for foreigners not a Czech obligation

ADF: “Prague: Parliament puts ‘Czech’ on cheap abortions for foreigners”

Lesbian prostitutes in Prague: Abusive men and broken homes

LifeNews: European Law Doesn’t Force Czech Republic to Offer Abortions

Charisma: Cheap Foreign Abortions Challenged in Czech Republic

Czechs criticized for homosexual “sexual arousal” tests

Euro Commission requests Czech Republic to comply with EU gender equality rules

“Gay and lesbian” group protests textbook at Czech university

Embassies supporting homosexual protests in Peru

Law Review: Parental Custody Disputes: Criteria Used by the Courts in Central Europe

Dispute about Prague’s cathedral ends, Klaus, Duka sign agreement

EU Commission: Estonia can adopt euro in 2011

European Commission closes two cases against Czech Republic on equality legislation

Updated: Czech court lifts last legal hurdle to EU treaty, President signs

Czech court delays verdict on Lisbon Treaty

Vaclav Klaus indicates he may sign Lisbon Treaty

Slovakia may seek Czech-style opt-out on Lisbon

Vaclav Klaus: How Czech president is fighting on to stop Europe in its tracks

France Condemns Czech President Over EU Treaty

Havel: Czech leader is damaging the country

Poland ratifies Lisbon Treaty as Czech cloud hangs overhead

Klaus raises new obstacle to Lisbon ratification

Czech President defiant on Lisbon Treaty

Czech court could rule on Lisbon “within a month”

Czechs Set Hurdle for Europe Treaty

Czechs practicing euthanasia, doctors say

Czech Christian Democrat leader against new mosque in Brno

EU: Czech president threatens to throw Lisbon plans off schedule

Czech church tries again for Prague cathedral taken by communists

Europeans Debate Castration of Sex Offenders

Czech President Says Global Warming Activists Aim to Stop Global Economic Development

Czech president compares EU to Soviet Union

Czech president attacks Al Gore’s climate campaign

Economic Crisis Fuels Unrest in E. Europe

Pagan Europe is headed for Muslim future, says Czech Cardinal reports: . . . Demographically dying out, Cardinal Vlk expects Europe to become markedly more Muslim in the 21st century because of the low fertility of Europeans the majority of whom are non-believers. “Muslims in Europe have much more …

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‘Old Europe’ Wary as Czechs Take Over EU Presidency

Vaclav Havel: “China’s Human-Rights Activists Need Support: The signatories of Charter 08 face the wrath of the state.”

    Valclav Havel writes in the Wall Street Journal:  In January 1977, a group of Czechoslovak citizens, of which I was privileged to be one, released Charter 77. That document was our call for the better protection of basic civil and …

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‘UK men, women most promiscuous’

Czech Cabinet Approves Bill Enabling “Abortion Tourism” reports: “The Czech cabinet has passed a controversial bill that would allow Czech doctors to kill the unborn children of EU residents from other countries with more restrictive abortion laws . . . “

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A fiery Czech is poised to be the face of Europe: Vaclav Klaus

    International Herald Tribune: In the 1980s, a Communist secret police agent infiltrated clandestine economics seminars hosted by Vaclav Klaus, a fiery future leader of the Czech Republic, who had come under suspicion for extolling free market virtues. Rather than reporting …

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Czech Republic Parliament Will Debate Measure to Legalize Assisted Suicide reports: The parliament of the Czech Republic is set to debate a measure that could have the eastern European nation follow its western counterparts in legalizing assisted suicide. Currently the practice is only allowed in the Netherlands, Belgium and …

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