Polish Court Nixes Ritual Animal Slaughter

Europe mulls banning ‘boxes’ for abandoned babies

European Commission Nominee May Be Rejected Over Catholic Beliefs

Aggressive Secularism at the Heart of the EU | Paul Coleman at the Bell Towers

Pro-life Maltese Catholic faces strong opposition after being appointed EU Commissioner

European Union: Anti-religious Hate Groups Join Forces To Oust Catholic Politician

Nearly half of Britons want EU exit – poll

European Parliament: Planned Parenthood Challenged on Sex-Selection Abortions

Merkel warns Britain against European Union exit

EU Court Nixes Hungary’s Retirement Age For Judges

UK’s Cameron rocked by defeat in Europe budget vote

A Glance At Government Debt In Europe

EU appointed Italian gov’t tries to strip Catholic Church’s property tax exemption

    An amendment to Italy’s tax code that would require the Catholic Church to pay taxes on all its properties has hit a speed bump, after it was overturned October 10th by the Council of State, Italy’s highest-ranking court for administrative litigation . . . Despite the amendment having been overturned by the court, the issue is still up in the air, with the Italian government and EU officials reportedly working closely together within the European Union’s internal legal framework to override the court’s authority.

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Venice Commission Opinion Criticizes Azerbaijan Law On Religion; Government Responds

Ministry Builds On Opportunities To Defend Religious Freedom In America By Standing With Allies In Europe

Irish pro-lifers prepare for battle with global implications

New Report Alleges: EU Finances Forced Abortions

Christians in Europe face ‘persecution’

Has Christianity Become Intolerable? | Ben Bull at Townhall

Paper: Autonomy of Religious Organisations in the European Convention of Human Rights and European Union Law |

Time for the Religious to Pay Their Fair Share | Benjamin Bull at Townhall

Has Germany’s court set the stage for an exit?

    Oliver Marc Hartwich at Business Spectator: So what was the role of the Constitutional Court, then? Simply to make sure that any euro crisis decisions taken are compatible with the constitution in general and with its democratic principles in particular. First and foremost among these democratic principles are parliament’s budget rights. No democracy can work if parliamentarians had no control over taxes and expenditures, and thus the Bundestag could not divest itself of this core right of fiscal autonomy, the court stated. Along with this, the judges demanded clarifications in the course of ratifying the European treaties.

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Muslim Riots Reach Europe: Free Speech Under Threat

    Gatestone Institute: Protests over an American-made anti-Islamic YouTube film, Innocence of Muslims, have spread to Europe. Muslim rioters have clashed with police in several European cities, and more demonstrations are being planned. The protests are part of widespread anger across the Muslim world about the amateur film, which ridicules Islam and depicts the Muslim Prophet Mohammed as a fraud, a madman and a sexual deviant. Muslims in many European countries are calling on governments to outlaw the controversial film. They are also pressing elected officials to enact anti-blasphemy laws that would criminalize the criticism of Islam. As most European countries lack American-like First Amendment protections, the momentum is building for the imposition of legal curbs on free speech when such speech is perceived to be offensive to Islam.

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Europe’s most powerful countries call for elected EU president and end to British defense veto

Lawmaker Fined About $4,000 For Insulting EU Chief

Muslims clash with police in Europe as governments mull limits of free speech

Would an independent Scotland still be part of the EU?

German court verdict lifts euro to four-month high

Fate of eurozone rests in the hands of German judges

Central Bank to Snap Up Debt, Saying, ‘Euro Is Irreversible’

Court Interprets When EU Country Must Grant Asylum For Religious Persecution

Syrian patriarch: religious freedom ‘only exists on paper’ in region

European Court Nixes Italy Embryo Screening Ban

Blair is “deeply worried” UK may leave EU: paper

ECHR agreed to examine north Turkey “gay ban” case

European convention defining gender as social construct condemned as “rape” of Polish society

“Marriage” For Transgendered People Before The European Court

Austria: “Homosexual Lobby: Moral Bankruptcy Followed By Financial Bankruptcy… Taxpayers’ Money Urgently Needed”

EU: Courages NGO Exposes Hypocrisy of LGBT Agenda (II)

European Parliament Condemns China’s One Child Policy And Sex Selective Abortion

EU ‘concerned’ by Romanian president’s suspension

UK: Cleric appeals to Europe’s human rights court

David Cameron is caught between a rock and an EU referendum

European Parliament Supports London Family Planning Summit

Russia, China, and Israel against Islamism?

Demands grow for UK to consider cutting EU ties

Ugandan Ambassador to EU: Killing was not “homophobic act,” killer was male prostitute

Eu: Gay Politicians “deeply Worried” Over Civil Society

Germany rebuffs Obama on Euro advice, says take care of your own debt

Starving Greeks stand in long lines for food

European Court of Human Rights ‘gets out begging bowl’

‘Expect more women to need “baby boxes”‘

European Court of Human Rights to Rule on Two Euthanasia Cases

Assisted Suicide groups hope for laxer laws in Europe

EU: movement of money, people can be limited

80% in the UK demand vote to quit the EU

CNN: “Islam’s place in Europe”

Greatest Church Soon To Be Mega Mosque?

EU: Several Member States Oppose Community Funding Of Embryonic Stem Cell Research. A Swedish Minister Gets Angry.

Europe’s Green Energy Suicide

Ireland votes ‘yes’ to EU treaty with 60.3 pct

Vatican backs European personhood initiative

European Court Of Human Rights: A Significant Victory For The Freedom Of The Church

Dutch lawmaker, Geert Wilders, will sue to stop ratification of European bailout fund

Austerity Creating Backlash Across Europe

France threatens to pull out of borderless scheme

American Religious Right advances in Europe | National Secular Society

Human rights rulings face ‘crisis of legitimacy’ as report warns of reforms to ensure protection

European Court of Human Rights reforms could have ‘devastating’ effect in Russia

UK ‘quietly confident’ of European Court of Human Rights changes

Hungary Makes Waves with New Constitution: Ambassador Says Document Can Promote a ‘Christian Renaissance’ in Europe

European Development Aid and Funding Abortions

EU Court: UK can extradite 5 terror suspects to US

EU Funding Of Abortion Giants Exposed By European Dignity Watch