BlackBerry CEO suggests route to eavesdropping

Christian human rights group urges Indonesia to protect religious freedom

Indonesia: Setara makes case to revise “discriminatory” house of worship rules

Indonesia: House to push for religious harmony law

Indonesia: Meant to foster religious harmony, decree continues to cause divisions

Indonesia: Nineteen “local” religions request for recognition

Indonesia: Minister for Religion says no to calls to revise decree on churches

Indonesia: Ministry may revise decree on houses of worship

Indonesia: Bekasi church wins lawsuit to construct new house of worship

Islamic extremist arrested over Indonesia church attack

Indonesia: Controversial permit system for houses of worship defended

Indonesia: Police had warned Ciketing Christian church to move

Indonesia: Petitioners call on gov’t to protect religious freedoms

Indonesian president orders police to arrest those who attacked Christian group

Indonesian Christians beat on their way to prayers

Muslim anger over Koran-burning ceremony

Former editor of Indonesian Playboy magazine faces jail

Sharia in Aceh: Eroding Indonesia’s secular freedoms

Religious minorities in Indonesia push back

Religious minorities in Indonesia push back against Islamic terrorism

Indonesia and religious violence

Terrorism charges filed against Indonesian cleric

Hundreds of Muslims attack church members in Indonesia

Indonesia: Intimidation picks up ahead of Ramadan

Minority Islamic sect under fire in Indonesia

Erik Stanley: Indonesian police tear down house church

Islamic hardliners target Indonesian Christians

Muslim Indonesian province expels Christian family from America

Indonesia: Constitutional Court to hear request to beef up porn law

Sealed church in Bogor, Indonesia appeals to UN

Indonesian Islamists eye proselytizing Christians

Indonesia Muslims threaten war against Christians

Indonesia church calls closure unconstitutional in court

Plurality of Marriage Law and Marriage Registration for Muslims in Indonesia: A Plea for Pragmatism

Indonesia: Christians bring their protest to the UN after their Church is closed

Indonesia: Islamic authorities shut down church

Law Review: Religious Freedom in Indonesia Before and after Constitutional Amendments

    Mohamad Mova Al ‘Afghani, Religious Freedom in Indonesia Before and after Constitutional Amendments (April 10, 2010). CRITICAL THINKERS FOR ISLAMIC REFORM, Brainbow Press, 2009. Available at SSRN:

    “The Indonesian Constitution is very unique in terms of its relation between religion and the state. It is stated there that that the state is based ‘…on the belief in the One and Supreme God’ but at the same time, it never explicitly mentioned the name of any established religion in the world. Historical interpretation into the constitutional drafting process and revelation from the founding fathers on their understanding of ‘God’ and religion reveals that the Constitution is neutral with respect to religions. However, the Constitution does prefer a theistic worldview over the non theist. The consequences for this is that the state may provide financial and other supports to the followers of religions (provide for positive discrimination) but must not interfere with the freedom of followers of any other worldviews in professing their beliefs. Recent amendment to the Constitution reinforces this neutral stance. This would have a significant impact on the constitutionality of blasphemy laws.”

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Indonesia upholds blasphemy law

Indonesia Court Upholds Blasphemy Law

Law Review: Abortion Policy in Indonesia

    Erlangga Agustino Landiyanto, Abortion Policy in Indonesia: Rights, Law and Religious Perspectives (April 2, 2010). Available at SSRN:

    “Abortion became major issue in Indonesia. There are a lot of controversies behind the policy of abortion, but generally there are two poles of perspectives, pro-choice and pro-life. This paper tries to see abortion from different way and discuss macro-perspective of abortion from religious and legal perspectives as well as provides micro-analysis from individual perspectives to find the reasons why the women need to do abortion. With concerning to local and rights perspectives, this paper attempts to provide alternative or third perspective of abortion in Indonesia and provide alternative policy recommendation for this issue.”

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Construction of Two Churches Stopped in Indonesia

Indonesia: Muslim jurists rule in favor of underage marriages

Indonesia: Judge denies conservative pressure over porn law

Construction of two churches stopped in Indonesia

Indonesian provinces plan to ignore anti-porn law

Anti-porn statute to remain law of the land in Indonesia

Indonesian police ban regional “gay” conference

Indonesia: Failure to revise blasphemy law would “limit role of religion”

Christians Refuse to Allow Officials to Close Church in Indonesia

Muslim Groups Demand Closure of Large, Legal Church

Introducing Jakarta’s “polygamy club”

Indonesia’s religious council opposes unofficial marriage

Prominent journalist tells court how Indonesia’s religion law jailed him

Indonesia’s Constitutional Court Hearing Challenge To Blasphemy Law

Two Protestant churches burnt in Indonesia

Indonesia: Denial of religious freedom brings Christians to human rights commission

Indonesia: “Wahid and the Voice of Moderate Islam”

Indonesia: Muslim mob storms Catholic Church

New Islamic law in Indonesia’s Aceh province for sex crimes

Church, Bible students fight discrimination in Indonesia

Some 2.6 million abortions happen in Indonesia annually

Polygamy and Mixed Marriage in Indonesia: Islam and the Marriage Law in the Courts

    : “This article considers the Indonesian state’s attempts to regulate Islamic law on polygamy and mixed marriages, and to reform Indonesia’s Islamic courts, and the resistance that some Muslim groups have put up in response. It shows that the contest between the state and Muslim groups over the extent to which the state should enforce Islamic law is ongoing and is unlikely to end in the foreseeable future, but that the state clearly has the ‘upper hand’. This is largely because it controls the administration of law in Indonesia and because the majority of Indonesians appear to reject the expansion of the role of Islamic law.”

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Indonesian Democratic Party vows to seek annulment of porn law

Indonesia: Domestic handling of trafficking still weak

Indonesia: Demand rises for sex with under-aged

Islamic Group Gains Power in Indonesia

    The NY Times reports: In a sign of its growing prominence, Indonesia’s Council of Ulemas moved its headquarters from the basement of a major mosque here into an expensive new office tower in the heart of downtown. The council was established …

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1st Circuit: Sexual orientation can serve as basis for asylum claim

Indonesia’s tradition of religious tolerance threatened by Islamic hard-liners reports: Hundreds of Christian theology students have been living in tents since a mob of angry Muslim neighbors stormed their campus last month wielding bamboo spears and hurling Molotov cocktails. The incident comes amid growing concern that Indonesia’s tradition …

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Muslim protesters force Christian students out of Indonesian Bible school

Indonesian Parents Facing Poverty Give up Children

    The AP repoorts: Indonesia has up to 500,000 children — or 0.6 percent of the country’s roughly 85 million children — living in institutions, one of the highest rates in the world, the report said. Of those, 90 percent still …

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Muslims attack Christians with machetes and sticks in Indonesia

    CNA reports: Muslim extremists who are members of the Islamic Defenders Front recently attacked 200 moderate Christians and Muslims who protested for religious freedom in the Indonesian capital, threatening the protestors with death and attacking them with machetes and sticks. …

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Intolerance in Indonesia

    . . . the ongoing persecution of the Ahmadiyya, a small Muslim sect founded in late 19th century India, underscores Indonesia’s – and the Muslim world’s – trouble guaranteeing a bedrock democratic value: freedom of conscience.

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Indonesia: Fears growing over local laws inspired by sharia

    Muslims and religious minorities in Indonesia are raising their voices against the spread of local laws inspired by sharia, and denouncing the inaction of the central government, which in spite of its promises is doing nothing concrete to confront the phenomenon.

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