‘Syrians, Palestinians among most threatened minorities,’ human rights group says

Vatican recognizes state of Palestine

Myths about Israel and Zionism

Israel launches ground operation in Gaza Strip

Palestinian Authority to remove religion from ID cards

In shift by Egypt, president meets Hamas leader

Gaza Christians Protest ‘Forcible Conversions’

Bethlehem: UNESCO places Church of the Nativity on endangered site

Palestine nominates birthplace of Jesus in controversial UNESCO World Heritage bid

Iranian Calls for ‘Islamic Awakening’ to Destroy Israel

Palestinian Sentenced to Death for Selling a Home to Jews

UNESCO funding in peril over Palestinian nod

Unesco gives Palestinians full membership

European Parliament President opposes Palestinian drive to UN

Poll: 32% of Palestinians support the killing of settler family in recent attack

Palestinian Islamic court forcibly divorces West Bank couple after declaring them “apostates”

Palestinian Authority jails atheist “for his own good”

As Hanukkah begins, Palestinians deny Jewish origins of Western Wall; U.S. responds

Palestinian official: Western Wall not Jewish

Is the Palestinian Authority becoming an Islamic theocracy?

    Khaled Abu Toameh writing at Hudson New York: “Those who fund the Palestinian Authority must put pressure on its leaders to respect freedom of speech and refrain from imposing Islamic Sharia laws in the West Bank. Otherwise, it will be only a matter of time before Palestinians in the West Bank are beheaded or have their hands amputated or are stoned to death for adultery and theft. If the Palestinian Authority is not made to understand the repercussions of its actions, the West Bank will be turned into another radical Islamic entity like the one that already exists in the Gaza Strip.”

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Palestinian held for Facebook criticism of Islam

In curt exchange, U.S. faults Israel on housing

Israel Security Agency: Hamas turning Gaza into Islamic sharia law state

Netanyahu raps U.N. body over religious sites’ ruling

Holy site sparks row between Israel and UN

Israel: U.S. Secretary of State condemns burning of Mosque and Quran in Hebron

Arsonists torch mosque, Korans in West Bank village

Israel Police leave Temple Mount as calm returns to Jerusalem

Abbas: We will not recognize Israel as a Jewish state

Hamas armed wing says will launch more operations

Hamas claims responsibility for the killing of 4 Israeli settlers

Israel: Troops arrest Jews who tried to pray at Jericho mosque

Hamas leader says American envoys making contact, but not openly

UK authority: Western Wall not in Israel

Palestinian president warns of ‘religious war’

Middle East Christians face uncertain future

Europe wants to divide Jerusalem

United Nations Human Rights Body Considers Divisive Report on Israel and Gaza

Muslim charity teams up with U.S. Government

Hamas set to compel Gaza women to wear head covering

Love Connection: Hamas gets into matchmaking biz

Palestine: Muslims vandalize Christian graves

Bomb threat to Gaza Bible bookshop prompts call for prayers

    Christian Today reports: “Last week the co-owner of the building where the shop is located demanded that the Palestinian Bible Society vacate the premises. He claims to have received a threat from a militant Islamic group in Gaza to blow …

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Hamas Cleric Predicts ‘Rome Will Be Conquered by Islam’

Palestinian Christians living in constant fear

    There are only some 3,500 Christians, mostly Greek Orthodox, in Gaza. Over the past two years, al-Qaeda-affiliated groups have claimed responsibility for attacks against Christian figures and institutions with the stated goal of driving Christians out of Gaza.

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