Abortion should be like contraception – abortion chief

Paralysed man walks after pioneering surgery

Buying sex to be outlawed, after historic NI vote

Scrapping adultery law ‘sad and reckless’

“She was compatible with life inside me”

Voters leaving us over same-sex marriage, says Tory MP

Cut abortion limit, says mother of 23-week baby

Hundreds gather in multi-faith ceremony to honor ‘hero’ British aid worker beheaded by ISIS

A pro-life “Doctor Who”?

Schools ‘could be sued’ under new regulations

Dr. Death opens an office in London

Britain warned, as euthanasia rate in the Netherlands soars

PM reaffirms support for same-sex marriage in BBC interview

The U.K.’s gloomy marriage forecast

British sex survey 2014: “the nation has lost some of its sexual swagger”

New Scientist: Three-parent babies are ‘ethically troubling’

State is ‘fake church’ imposing its own form of morality on all

UK survey looks at clash of belief and work responsibilities

‘My 24 week baby exposes horrifying abortion law’

CPS announces prosecution for assisted suicide

Redefining marriage was unnecessary – Farage

Disabled ‘edited out’ of assisted suicide debate

Clergyman in legal fight against C of E over same-sex marriage

Life, marriage, and family must be affirmed at UN General Assembly session

    Zenit: The General Assembly, fondly referred to as “the GA” by U.N. aficionados, is most known for bringing the leaders of the world together under one roof. But beyond this, the GA is responsible for the creation of several hundred documents outlining the position of Member States on a myriad of issues ranging from women’s rights to sustainable farming, and everything in between. Every year, a handful of these documents touch on controversial life and family issues. While the spotlight shines on the heads of state, the real excitement of the GA extends behind closed doors as country delegates battle over references to reproductive and sexual “rights.”

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Pro-life group banned from university freshers’ fayre

BBC faces criticism over assisted suicide drama

Pro-life clinic to rival private abortion service in Belfast

“Some arrived in their pyjamas” – practically demonstrating God’s love to Iraq’s refugees

‘Christians won’t be bullied into accepting same-sex marriage’

Christian Aid calls for end to identity-based violence in Iraq and UK

British actress Maxine Peake: People who have children are selfish

“My mum shows why Berry’s wrong on assisted suicide”

UK mother leaves children behind to join ISIS; Threatens Christians with beheadings on Twitter

MPs raise ‘grave concerns’ over plans for GM babies

Registrar sacked for refusing to conduct same-sex marriage wins appeal

MPs debate “Three-person IVF” (again)

More babies surviving birth at 23 weeks

British Muslims join Islamic State terrorist army

Ex-Attorney General: Brits forced to hide faith in public

Another surrogate-produced product returned

Politicians speak out against anti-Semitism

Push to make suicides easier will never stop

PM praises same-sex marriage in major family speech

My son has Down’s syndrome and I wouldn’t change a thing

Travelodge removes Bibles from its rooms

Guess what hotel chain is banning Bibles now

Britain’s Equality Commission seeks public input on religion and belief issues

‘Step forward’ for adult stem cell research

Government trying to ‘dupe the public’ over GM babies

Legal challenge: Trojan Horse reaction ‘flawed and unlawful’

Almost 400,000 kids not living with both parents, stats reveal

Fathers irreplaceable, says Bishop Nazir-Ali

Male prisoners ‘exploiting’ transsexual policy

Bishops urge David Cameron to grant asylum to Iraqi Christians

Christian bakery criticized by new NI minister

UK’s Supreme Court makes unprecedented advances to legalize assisted suicide

Government dishonest over GM babies, warn scientists

Poll: Assisted suicide opposition grows as evidence revealed

UK broadband users reject porn filters, watchdog finds

BPAs criticised over ‘morning-after pills to new mums’ call

Marriage now gender-neutral in Chambers dictionary

Poll: Voters support Christian bakery

Christian bakery: We are staying true to our beliefs

Baroness Campbell’s speech on assisted suicide

The Guardian: Cherish life, don’t back assisted suicide bill

Assisted suicide strongly criticised in House of Lords

‘Assisted suicide bill would tell people they’re worthless’

Euthanasia case rejected by UK’s highest court

Disabled people ‘strongly oppose’ assisted suicide