Alliance Defending Freedom Brings Key Cases To Current Supreme Court

States weigh in on abortion suit | The Hill

16 states ask Supreme Court to affirm Ariz. law against abortions that cause babies pain | Alliance Defending Freedom

“Vt. joins other states in same-sex marriage appeal”

Can states ban abortions at earlier stages? | SCOTUS Blog

9th Circuit mulls high school’s ban on US flag T-shirts to avoid Cinco de Mayo trouble

Scottsdale group wants US Supreme Court to rule on Gilbert sign restrictions | Phoenix Business Journal

Ariz. town’s law on church signs comes under fire | USA Today

Court refuses to question students’ constitutional rights | One News Now

Supreme Court asked to stop gov’t discrimination against church signs | Alliance Defending Freedom

Appellate Lawyer Representatives Produce Ninth Circuit Practice Guide

Lambda Legal Appeals Nevada Marriage Lawsuit To Ninth Circuit Court Of Appeals

9th Circuit Considers Calif. School’s May 5 U.S. Flag Ban

Can Public Elementary School Require Students to Wear Shirts With Mottoes?

9th Circuit refuses to allow enforcement of AZ law restricting transport of illegals

Vital Signs: Government approves tax-funded abortions | World Magazine

Arizona law riding legal roller coaster in courts | One News Now

CCJ Requests that the Supreme Court Rule in AZ Abortion Law Case

Landmark Late-Term Abortion Limit Appealed to U.S. Supreme Court | AUL

Ariz. appeals abortion law to US Supreme Court | Alliance Defending Freedom

Arizona Takes Battle to Uphold Five-Month Abortion Ban to Supreme Court | Life News

“Gay bias in jury selection: Appeals court to consider issue in fight between drug giants”

Liberty Counsel Asks Ninth Circuit to Rehear Change Therapy Case

Appeals Court Upholds School Discipline for Off-Campus Threats

9th Circuit upholds California Ban on Change Therapy

The Ninth Circuit? Or the Munger, Tolles and Olson Circuit?

Calif v. Idaho Turf War Over Judge Seat Still On

Obama Nominates two to 9th Circuit, including Equality Cal. lawyer

“Court to Decide if Lawyers Can Block Gays From Juries”

9th Circuit: “Same-Sex Couple Wins Federal Health Insurance”

Marriage Decisions of Supreme Court and Ninth Circuit Undermine Rule of Law | Liberty Counsel

Procedural Wrangling Tries To Delay Same-Sex Marriages In California

9th Circuit: MT ban on endorsements and expenditures for judicial candidates is unconstitutional, contributions ban still undecided

CA: Government prayer headed for high court decision

Arizona Will Fight in Court for Its Right to De-Fund Planned Parenthood | Life News

9th Circuit: Swinger blocked from operating Vegas sex club gets another day in court

Ninth Circuit Rules Abortion More Important than Women’s Lives | Mailee Smith at NRO

Liberty Counsel Responds to Court Ruling Overturning Arizona’s Late-Term Abortion Ban

House Republicans, taking on own leaders, promote legislation to ban abortion after 20 weeks

9th Circuit: Arizona cannot prohibit abortion beginning at 20 weeks gestation

NV: Will city council prayer still separate church from state?

Man who stripped at Portland International Airport fights $1,000 fine from TSA

Supreme Court may hear upstate lawsuit over town board prayers

Top U.S. court to decide whether to hear Greece prayer case | Democrat and Chronicle

The First Amendment and the ‘Reparative’ Therapy Cases

“Congressman’s Gay Son Touts Benefit From Reparative Therapy”

9th Circuit To Hear Challenge To “Gay Therapy Ban”

In Gilbert, Arizona, Churches Ride On The Back Of The Free Speech Bus | Jeremy Tedesco at Speak Up Movement

Prayer at town meetings — SUPCO asked to weigh in | One News Now

Two Cases Illustrate The Discriminations Facing People Of Faith Today | Alan Sears

Utah Appellate Clinic Secures Victory for Child Pornography Victims

‘Conversion Therapy’ May Hinge on Pot Precedent

Appeals Court Rules Arizona Day Labor Solicitation Law Is Unconstitutional

9th Circuit: “Wiccan inmates can sue to gain chaplain”

9th Circuit upholds Gilbert sign ordinance in feud with church

“Ira Isaacs Sentenced to 48 Months in Prison in Los Angeles Adult Obscenity Case”

“Decision on gay ‘conversion therapy’ ban depends on other rulings”

A Sixth Sense: 6th Circuit Has Surpassed the 9th as the Most Reversed Appeals Court

Arizona non-profit ordered to turn over donor records by Cal. Supreme Court

9th Circuit: Referendum supporters’ suit to stop Washington from releasing names is moot

    Doe v. Reed, No. 11-35854 ( Before: Harry Pregerson, A. Wallace Tashima, and N. Randy Smith, Circuit Judges. Opinion by Judge Tashima; Concurrence by Judge N.R. Smith)

    Plaintiffs Protect Marriage Washington (“PMW”), John Doe #1, and John Doe #2 (collectively, “Plaintiffs”) seek to enjoin Defendants, the Secretary of State and Public Records Officer of the State of Washington, from releasing the names of people who signed petitions supporting a Washington referendum. These petitions are already widely available on the internet. We dismiss this case as moot because we cannot grant Plaintiffs effective relief.

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Ninth Circuit Treats Supreme Court Individual Mandate Necessary and Proper Clause Ruling as a Binding Precedent

    Eugene Volokh at the Volokh Conspiracy: When NFIB came down, some commentators argued that Chief Justice Roberts’ conclusion that the mandate was not authorized by the Commerce Clause and Necessary and Proper Clause was mere dictum, and therefore not binding precedent for the lower courts. I criticized that view here. It’s worth noting that the Ninth Circuit just treated the Roberts’ Necessary and Proper reasoning from NFIB as if it were binding. In upholding the Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act sex offfender registration requirement, they relied heavily on NFIB’s interpretation of the Necessary and Proper Clause . . .

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9th Circuit Upholds Religious Workers’ Visa Procedures