9th Cir. tosses ban on partisan endorsements in Montana judicial elections

Walter Weber: 9th Circuit: “Women Have the Right to Engage in Self-Abortion, Sort Of”

9th Circuit “Narrows Bar on Enforcing Idaho Abortion Statute”

9th Circuit Hears Oral Arguments In Religious Workers’ Visa Case

All eyes on another Arizona lawsuit — this time domestic partner benefits | Jim Campbell

ADF: Arizona town discriminates against church signs

Despite GOP protests, 9th Circuit to go through with costly Hawaii conference

9th Circuit Conference Back On

9th Circuit comes to Boise to hear parent rights case

9th Circuit Cancels 2013 Judges’ Conference

Can Arizona revoke domestic partner benefits? SCOTUS asked to decide

Ninth Circuit Weighs Idaho’s Law Against Self-abortion

Brewer Seeks Supreme Court Review of Partners’ Health-Benefits Case

WA state budget cuts divide 9th Circuit

Grassley Chides Kyl in Dispute Over Pro-Abortion Judge; Rare Intraparty Rebuke

Sen. Grassley demands re-vote on 9th Circuit judge nomination

1/3 of all cases before SCOTUS are from the 9th Circuit

Senate confirms another pro-abortion judge to the 9th Circuit

Senate Defeats Filibuster Against Pro-Abortion Obama Judge

Senate Gears up for Fight Over Pro-Abortion Ninth Circuit Judicial Nominee

9th Circuit Affirms Dismissal of Establishment Clause Challenge To Waldorf Schools

9th Circuit Setback for U.S. on DOMA

Pro-lifers angered by GOP support for pro-abortion 9th Circuit nominee

GOP Senators Compare Planned Ninth Circuit Conference in Hawaii to ‘Vacation’

Democrats Seek to Force Vote on Watford 9th Cir. Nomination – Monday

Jacqueline H. Nguyen of L.A. confirmed to U.S. 9th Circuit Court

9th Circuit: Arizona can demand voter identification, but not proof of citizenship

9th Circuit to begin review of Cebull incident

Attorney: Full 9th Circuit hearing a plus for Prop. 8

Marriage Decisions and the Importance of Judicial Reason

Senate Cmte Votes to Put Architect of Roe on 9th Circuit with GOP support

Senate Judiciary advances Hurwitz nomination to 9th Circuit

Senate to vote Thursday on Obama 9th Circuit nominee credited with helping craft Roe v. Wade

Matthew J. Franck: The Ninth Circuit’s Desperate Targeting of Justice Kennedy

Romney, Gingrich blast Prop 8 ruling

Santorum: Prop. 8 ruling hurts ‘foundation of our society’; “rogue” 9th Circuit should be “abolished”

ADF: Prop. 8 defenders will appeal decision upholding Hollywood, S.F. attack on marriage

ADF comment on 9th Circuit decision in Perry v. Brown (CA Prop. 8)

“Ninth Circuit to 7 Million California Voters: You Are Irrational Bigots” – Coverage Roundup

Obama Appoints Architecht of Roe v. Wade to Appeals Court

9th Circuit: Washington state $800 recall campaign contribution limit likely unconstitutional

Federal court rejects ‘birther’ challenge to Obama presidency on standing grounds

Senate approves nomination of former Planned Parenthood attorney, Morgan Christen, to 9th Circuit

“Appeals court chilly toward challenge to gay judge” | Reuters

9th Circuit says some bone marrow donors can be paid, overturning law that made compensation a crime

9th Circuit vacates lower DADT ruling

Supreme Court to the Ninth Circuit: No, We Really Mean It

Obama nominates Paul Watford to 9th Circuit Court of Appeals

9th Circuit Denies En Banc Review of Mt. Soledad Case, Over Dissents

9th Circuit judge: district court ‘sacrifice(d) the rule of law’ in striking down DADT

9th Circuit panel backs law against unauthorized wearing of military medals

9th Circuit: Fair Housing Act Religious Exemption Protects Homeless Shelter

9th Circuit rules in case of teacher who posted “In God We Trust”, other banners in classroom

“Judges: Arizona must cover gay state workers’ partners during dispute”

Idaho May Ban Bible From School Curriculum, 9th Circuit Affirms

    The New American: David Cortman, senior legal counsel with the Alliance Defense Fund (ADF), the legal advocacy group representing Moffett and the charter school, told the Idaho Press-Tribune in an e-mail that he is prepared to appeal the case to the Supreme Court. “In our opinion, the court failed to perform any meaningful analysis of any issue in the case,” Cortman wrote, “including the seminal one: whether there is any educational purpose to ban all religious documents from objective teaching….” In addition, he charged, the 9th Circuit panel ignored the right of local school districts to choose their own texts and curricula. “Censoring books, including religious books, is not the proper way to educate children,” Cortman said in an ADF statement, adding: The court’s opinion requiring the removal of religious books to comply with the so-called “separation of church and state” conflicts with established U.S. Supreme Court precedent stating that “the Bible may constitutionally be used in an appropriate study of history, civilization, ethics, comparative religion, or the like.”

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9th Circuit: University Can Force Christian Groups Open to Non-Christians

Court rejects religious groups’ appeal of SDSU policy

Religious clubs not entitled to funds, court says

9th Circuit: Court OKs ‘bubble’ law for abortion protests

Ninth Circuit Recognizes Church’s Right to Equal Treatment Under the Law

9th Circuit: “New order: No gay discharges allowed”