New hope for ‘state-napped’ homeschooler

Sweden’s high court all but bans homeschooling, family appeals to ECHR

Sweden continues to quash homeschooling

Sweden picks yet another homeschool fight

Malta President signs Civil Unions Bill

The Romeike home-school conundrum

Norway PM advocates for same-sex “marriage” in churches

IVF mix-up leaves woman pregnant with couple’s twins

India court recognizes transgender people as third gender

Malta legalizes same-sex civil unions, adoptions

“Copenhagen to fete Eurovision contest by marrying gay couples”

Italian court orders town to recognize New York same-sex “marriage”

Italian MPs introduce bill to protect parents’ rights against “gender ideology”

Gay-straight alliance motion defeated in Alberta Legislature

Church of Norway votes down same-sex “marriage”

Lawyers warn of global push for “gender identity” language | Catholic News Agency

Italian parents push back against “gender deconstruction” project in schools

Northern Ireland Assembly to debate marriage redefinition

Russian politician plans initiative to defend traditional marriage

    RT: “The head of the Russian Pensioners’ Party has come up with an initiative to change the Constitution and define marriage as only being between a man and a woman. Igor Zotov, who is also a Lower House MP on the ticket of the center-left Fair Russia Party has explained his move by his assertion that Russia’s traditional values were under threat from the latest modern tendencies.”

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Georgia to consider ban on same-sex “marriage”

Australian High Court orders recognition of “non-specific” gender

Maltese president refuses to sign civil unions, same-sex adoption bill

Pope Francis: The family is an icon of the Triune God

    Pope Francis: Dear Brothers and Sisters: Today we conclude our catechesis on the sacraments with the sacrament of Matrimony, which brings us to the very heart of God’s loving plan for the human family. The Triune God created us – men and women – in his image and calls us to mirror the mystery of his love. Married couples carry out this vocation in a full and definitive communion of life. As ‘one flesh,’ they become living icons of God’s love in our world, building up the Church in unity and fidelity. Christian marriage also reflects the mystery of Christ’s own faithful and sacrificial love for his body, the Church. Christian spouses thus receive a special consecration and a special mission. While a noble vocation, marriage is not an easy one: it must constantly be strengthened by a living relationship with the Lord through prayer: mornings and evenings, at meals, in the recitation of the Rosary, and above all through the Sunday Eucharist. Today let us pray for all families, especially those experiencing difficulties, so that by God’s mercy they can always be joyful models of faith, love and generous service in our communities.

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European Parliament President: “Cut aid to African countries with anti-gay laws”

Social conservatives are mobilizing in France, leading to talk of a tea party

Mexico City looks to set the pace in Latin America on same-sex “marriage”

In UK, state has eviscerated marriage and society must rebuild it

“An anti-gay marriage tea party, French style?”

Peter Berger: French movement against same-sex “marriage” focuses on rights of children

Australian same-sex couples can “marry” in UK consulates from June

Britain set to hold first same-sex “weddings”

Austin Ruse: What makes a hate group according to the SPLC?

Kenyan Christian leaders oppose polygamy bill

UK Justice Minister: Only secular weddings should have legal status

Secretary Kerry: “US to send scientists to discuss homosexuality with Ugandan president”

Scottish charity regulator will not appeal ruling in favor of Catholic adoption society

No automatic right to leave for moms in EU using surrogates

Nigel Farage: Ukip would strip Christian weddings of legal status

A Comparative Analysis of Laws Pertaining to Same-Sex Unions

UK Christian guesthouse owners go to Strasbourg over “discrimination” case

Iraqi bill to legalize child marriage criticized

UK: House of Commons chapel will not be used for same-sex “marriages”

UK: Registration opens for first same-sex “marriages”

UK punishes single-earner families, tax report finds

The rich-poor marriage gap in Canada

UK: Lib Dem minister backs “secular marriage”

Iraqi women protest against proposed Islamic child marriage law

Canadian same-sex “marriage” to be recognized in Britain

The surrogacy industry treats women like disposable commodities

Nigeria vows to resist same-sex “marriage” pressure

Croatian Parliament debates “life partnership” bill

Uganda president signs Anti-Homosexuality Bill

Uganda: Museveni “seeks US advice on homosexuality”

German court rules against allowing same-sex couples to adopt

UK Supreme Court judge Lord Wilson backs same-sex “marriage”

India Supreme Court: Religion no bar for adoption

In Germany, polyamory strives for greater acceptance

Court urged to not impose marriage redefinition in Italy | CNA

Scottish adoption row: a victory that should not disguise major concerns

European human rights court allows ADF to defend Italy’s marriage laws

Church of England rules out blessings for same-sex “marriages”

Ugandan president to sign “Anti Homosexuality” bill; President Obama objects

Russia: Singles from countries where same-sex “marriage” legal not allowed to adopt

Meet les sentinelles, the silent watchmen against same-sex “marriage” and euthanasia

Della Wolf is British Columbia’s 1st child with 3 parents on birth certificate

India: Christians must wait one year to file for divorce, court rules

UN panel: Russia should annul homosexual “propaganda” law

Olympic sponsor AT&T condemns Russia’s law banning “homosexual propaganda”

Scotland’s marriage redefinition bill is passed

French gov’t retreats on family policy reforms after big protests

100,000 French protest gov’t “family-phobia”

Scottish Catholic adoption society wins legal victory

Holy See, Malta revise concordat on marriage

Church of England’s bishops defer marriage decision

Costa Rica: Presidential candidates reluctant to endorse same-sex “marriage”