Ex-gay group files sexual orientation discrimination complaint with Department of Justice

Parents group urges Va.: Don’t fund gay-transvestite student centers with taxpayer dollars

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MD: Ex-Gays File Complaint Against School Superintendent for Sexual Orientation Discrimination

Sending different message on ‘Day of Silence’

Peter Sprigg: Censoring the ex-homosexual message: Montgomery County schools deny help for those wanting to go straight

Citizens ask Maryland State Ethics Commission to Correct: “Use the Wrong Pronouns and You’re Out” Ruling

Video PFOX President: “Gays can be rehabilitated to become straight”

    DC50TV.com: Greg Quinlan is the president of PFOX–Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays & Gays (PFOX). It’s a national non-profit organization that supports families, advocates for the ex-gay community, and educates. Quinlan argues that ex-gays should be considered a ‘protected’ class against hate crimes. He also says that persons who are gay can be rehabilitated to become straight–which is derived in large part from his own experience in doing just that.

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