“Gay marriage opposition leads to ‘unnecessary humiliation’” | The Badger Herald

Constitutionality of Wisconsin’s domestic partnerships probed | Isthmus

    Isthmus: On the issue of severability, Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson asked whether the law would be constitutional if the requirement that domestic partners be same-sex couples were struck down, along with the prohibition against close relatives forming such a partnership. “I believe it likely would be,” responded attorney Austin R. Nimocks, who is representing the plaintiffs in Appling v. Doyle. In other words, he argues that it would be legal for rights and benefits to be provided to domestic partner relationships as long as those partnerships are not sex-specific; they could include such domestic pairings as two sisters who live together. That way, says Nimocks, the status of legal marriage would be preserved. “The [same-sex] relationship in and of itself would not be marriage-like, and that is what is important to make things constitutional,” says Nimocks, an attorney with the Alliance Defending Freedom, a conservative Christian nonprofit organization based in Scottsdale.

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Activists celebrate as equality surges forward from coast to coast | Wisconsin Gazette

Justices hear same-sex registry appeal | WSAU.com

Legal Unions Imitating Marriage | Video of Oral Arguments at WI Supreme Court

WI: State Supreme Court hints it may strike down part of domestic partnership law | Journal Sentinel

Wisconsin Partnership Law Fought as Too Like Marriage | Bloomberg

Wisconsin Supreme Court to Hear Arguments on Legal Unions Imitating Marriage | Charisma News

Wisconsin School Board Backs Away From Sacred Music Rule After Outcry | Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty

Pro-separation, pro-religious freedom groups lobby School Board | Wausau Daily Herald

Wausau School District threatened with lawsuit over music policy | WSAU

Advocacy groups weigh in on Wausau Schools music issues

    WSAU.com: Rory Gray from the Alliance Defending Freedom says they support defend religious liberty, right to life, and marriage and family issues. Gray says a Wausau parent contacted them. “We were actually contacted by a mother who’s opposed to the new policy, and we were also called by the Family Policy Council in Wisconsin about this issue to get some legal advice, and so we decided to send a letter to the school board why the new practice is really not a good idea and is completely unnecessary.” He says schools across America play religious music in their curriculum, because it’s part of culture and history, and because many great works of music had religious themes. “Courts have uniformly approved having those in public schools, so we were rather concerned and confused as to why the district thought that was an issue.”

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Court upholds domestic partner registry | Green Bay Press Gazette

Wisconsin Court Upholds Domestic Partner Registry

Wisconsin Supreme Court rules unanimously to uphold gay “marriage” ban

Wisconsin Supreme Court upholds marriage protection amendment

WI Supreme Court rejects single subject challenge to marriage amendment

“Wis. high court upholds gay marriage ban”

Wisconsin Supreme Court upholds traditional marriage amendment

Senate Passes “Unhealthy Youth Act” to detriment of WI youth

Wisconsin Senate to vote on “Unhealthy Youth Act” tomorrow!

Wisconsin Supreme Court rejects challenge to state’s homosexual partnership law

Wisconsin: “Unhealthy Youth Act” passes in Assembly Committee; hearing scheduled in Senate

Wisconsin: Bill targets churches, ministries would expand statute of limitations

    The Wisconsin Family Council has issued an update that includes this alert:

    ***Bill that would remove all statutes of limitation for civil lawsuits in child sex-abuse cases aimed at churches & must be stopped
    Assembly Bill 453 is scheduled for a public hearing at 11 a.m. today, Wed., 10/21. WFA will provide testimony and updates via Twitter and Facebook. This bill could be a disaster for churches, private schools, Christian ministries, camps, Boy Scouts, etc. We need your help to stop this bill! We need phone calls by the hundreds pouring into state senators and representatives asking them to vote “no” this bill. Click here for background information. Click here to contact your legislators. We already know that in California, where a very similar bill was passed in late 2002, that by 2005, over 1000 lawsuits had been brought under this law, the vast majority of them against the Catholic Church. It is important to note that because the Catholic Church is a major target right now, this in no way means that protestant churches and ministries won’t also be sued under the provisions of this bill. All churches, ministries, and organizations dealing with young people are vulnerable. Please take some time to help with this. Of special help is forwarding this message to your pastor and urging him to make a phone call or send an email!

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Domestic partnership battle wages on in Wisconsin

“Gay groups defend Wisconsin domestic-partner law”

    Advocate: “Lambda Legal and the American Civil Liberties Union are seeking to intervene on behalf of Fair Wisconsin and five same-sex couples in a lawsuit attempting to end newly enacted domestic-partnership protections for same-sex couples in the state . . . [A]ntigay group Wisconsin Family Action, in partnership with the Alliance Defense Fund, filed a lawsuit claiming that the registry violates the state’s constitutional ban on same-sex marriage and civil unions, which was approved by voters in 2006.”

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Wisconsin: Groups seek to defend domestic partner law

Wisconsin: “Gay rights group fights lawsuit to invalidate domestic partnership law”

Wisconsin: “State group seeks to defend domestic partner law”

“The importance of Wisconsin’s domestic registry law”

“Wis. attorney general won’t defend law providing gay, lesbian couples spousal rights”

    Los Angeles Times: “Wisconsin’s attorney general said Friday he will not defend a new law that grants same-sex couples spousal benefits such as hospital visitation and inheritance, saying lawmakers went against voters’ decision not to extend such privileges . . . Attorney Brian Raum, who is representing the conservative group, said Van Hollen’s decision strengthens the group’s case. ‘I certainly think it helps,’ he said. ‘The attorney general’s opinion in regard to the registry’s unconstitutionality may be a positive factor in helping the court to make a decision on this.’”

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“Wisconsin LGBTs confident of court victory for domestic partnerships”

Wisconsin domestic partnerships begin, as does legal challenge

“Despite suit, gay partner law begins in Wisconsin”

Domestic partnership registry opens Monday despite lawsuit

Wisconsin: Domestic partnerships begin August 3rd

Wisc. governor skirts marriage amendment

“Eau Claire lesbian couple upbeat about new domestic partnership law”

Lawsuit challenges Wisconsin same-sex “domestic partner” scheme

Group challenges constitutionality of Wisconsin domestic partner law

WI: Challenge to benefits for domestic partners

WI: Groups challenge domestic partnerships as unconstitutional

Marriage amendment defended in Wisconsin

    CitizenLink: “Wisconsin Family Action, with the help of the Alliance Defense Fund (ADF), has taken the extraordinary step of filing a lawsuit with the state Supreme Court to stop the governor and Legislature from violating the state’s marriage amendment . . . ‘Politicians shouldn’t be trying to skirt the will of voters who legitimately amended the Wisconsin Constitution in a fair election,’ ADF Senior Counsel Brian Raum said.”

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Wisconsin: Lawsuit filed against domestic partnerships

“Foes sue over gay partner law in Wisconsin”

Urgent lawsuit filed with Wis. Supreme Court to stop violation of marriage amendment

Lawsuit challenges Wis. domestic partnership law

Wisconsin Family Action asks WI Supreme Court to declare Gov. Doyle’s statewide, same-sex domestic partnership registry unconstitutional

Wisconsin domestic partner registry could face legal challenge

WI: County clerk expects rush after gov signs partnership bill

Wis. Supreme Court to rule on marriage amendment

Wisc. Supreme Court Accepts Marriage Amendment Case

Marriage rates drop in Wisconsin

Constitutionality of same-sex marriage registry plan questioned

Will WI Supreme Court uphold the will of the people on Marriage?

Wiscosin: “Critics: domestic partner benefits unconstitutional”

ADF attorneys advise La Crosse officials regarding constitutionality of invocations

Opening prayers under attack again in Wisc.

Wisconsin: Groups coalesce around fight to block second-trimester abortion service

U. of Wisconsin Hospital: Opponents pledge opposition to plan for abortion clinic

Wisconsin: “Welcome mat out for gender-neutral restrooms”

Wisconsin: UWO Professor challenges the marriage amendment

Divorce, unwed parenting costs taxpayers $112 billion per year

ADF files in defense of Wis. marriage laws

Wisconsin Marriage Amendment Could Hinge on High Court Election