ADF seeks investigation of Planned Parenthood for failing to report rape

Christian legal group calls for investigation into Planned Parenthood

ADF: Planned Parenthood must report sexual assault of children

Ruling looms in Arizona same-sex marriage case

Marriage law backers say it’s to keep marriages strong

Arizona points to procreation to defend marriage law

Planned Parenthood abortion biz: Reporting rape of teen girl not worth the hassle

Groups rally to call for investigation of Tempe abortion clinic

Marriage law defended because same-sex couples can’t procreate

Local faith-based group using new law to demand Planned Parenthood investigation

State attorneys cite reproduction potential for defense of marriage law

Press conference Thursday to call for investigation of Planned Parenthood Arizona

Gilbert church receives a sign from (close to) heaven

Planned Parenthood didn’t report rape of teen girl, allowing rapist to rape others

Quartzsite church avoids foreclosure after raising donations

No trial expected in state same-sex marriage case

Supreme Court will hear church’s challenge to Gilbert’s sign ordinance

Supreme Court will hear Gilbert church-sign case

Gov’t officials clash with church over signs advertising worship services – and the case could become the next important religious freedom battle

Supreme Court takes case on church free speech rights

US Supreme Court agrees to take up govt speech discrimination against churches

Arizona church facing foreclosure raises $68,000 to stay open

Ariz. church threatened with unjust foreclosure raises $68,000 to keep doors open

You heard, you responded – And a church is saved

ADF asks court to uphold Ariz. marriage laws

Ariz. closes church for unpaid taxes despite exemption

Why the Supreme Court could soon review regulations on chemical abortion

Could Ninth Circuit send abortion back to the Supreme Court?

Appeals Court to continue blocking Arizona abortion law

Court lets Planned Parenthood put women’s lives at risk with dangerous abortion drug

Do politicians have greater free speech sign rights than preachers?

Arizona County shutting church down for money Arizona says it doesn’t owe

Church raises funds, but not enough, to fend off foreclosure

‘Illegal Tax Bill’ could shut down Arizona church

Ariz. county forcing closure of church that helps homeless

Unisex school bathrooms in Ariz. miss the point

Arizona students pray at graduation despite District’s discontinuance at ceremony

Supporters of 2011 Arizona law hope to counter NAACP attempts to eliminate the statute

AZ school district latest to cave on either-sex bathroom policy

AZ school district latest to cave on either-sex bathroom policy

Ariz. school district’s bathroom policy jeopardizing children

Gov. Brewer signs bill on abortion-clinic inspections

Arizona bill targets assisted suicide

AZ governor signs bill allowing surprise inspections of abortion clinics

AZ Senate backs snap inspections of abortion clinics

Court extends stay on new Arizona abortion rules

Arizona AG seeks end to stay on abortion ruling

9th Circuit orders Arizona not to enforce abortion law during appeal

Judge keeps AZ rules intact limiting use of abortion-inducing drugs | AP

Multiple losses for Planned Parenthood in Ariz, Ala., Kan.

Tucson judge rejects bid to delay new abortion rules in Arizona

AZ Supreme Court: State funds for private schools legal

    AZ Daily Sun: “Arizona’s controversial voucher-like system of using state funds to send children to private and parochial schools is legal, the Arizona Supreme Court ruled Friday. Without comment, the high court refused to disturb a Court of Appeals decision which said the program, officially dubbed ‘empowerment scholarship accounts,’ does not run afoul of a state constitutional provision that bars public funds from being used to subsidize private and parochial schools.”

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Jury sides with family in polygamist sect lawsuit

Tom Patterson: SB 1062 could have stimulated debate on religious freedom

Cooke attorneys question cop’s testimony in polygamous town civil rights trial

Candidates for AZ secretary of state weigh in with views on SB 1062

Priest lauds Catholic class offerings at ASU

    EWTN: “Arizona State University’s partnership with a Catholic college providing theology courses to students won praise from scholar Father Robert Spitzer as ‘an experiment in the logic of complementarity.’ . . . Fr. Spitzer said the partnership between Arizona State and North Dakota’s University of Mary breaks down an older model that created an ‘artificial separation’ between the public university and religious studies that could come from within a specific church.”

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Ariz. lawmakers renew push to dump Common Core education standards

    Arizona Daily Star: “Unable to kill outright the Common Core program, state senators now are moving to let schools opt out of the national education standards. On a voice vote Wednesday, the Senate approved SB 1395 and SB 1396. While the wording and methodology are different, both essentially allow local school board and charter school operators to decide they do not want to implement the standards.”

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Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer won’t seek reelection

NAACP appeals dismissal of suit against race, sex abortion ban

Arizona legislators defend support for SB 1062

Arizona senators still don’t back same-sex “marriage”

Senate Bill 1062 debate a political milestone

Santorum: I’d absolutely vote for Arizona religious liberty bill (video)

When is refusing service legal and when is it discrimination? | Inside Tucson Business

Arizona school district may violate state law to allow Planned Parenthood sex-ed class | LifeNews

ADF letters rebut Planned Parenthood claims, ask for recusal of school board member