Major legal scholars send letter to Ariz. governor in support of SB 1062

Cathi Herrod: Ariz. bill protects religious freedom

“Would Jesus bake a cake for a gay wedding in Arizona” | Christianity Today

Supreme Court: AZ can’t strip Planned Parenthood of Medicaid funding

If Arizona bill becomes law, will NFL move Super Bowl? | USA Today

Should a baker be required to bake a Westboro Baptist cake if it’s against their religious beliefs? | Christian Post

Freedom or oppression? That’s the question for Arizona’s SB1062 | CNN

“Religious freedom bills trouble gay rights supporters” | Deseret News

Culture clash roils Arizona | WSJ

CNN distorts AZ’s right-to-refuse bill | National Review

NFL could pull Super Bowl if Arizona religious rights bill passes

Romney to Brewer: Veto of religious liberty bill “is right”

Business leaders fear loss of Super Bowl over SB 1062

Brewer to hold meetings over religious liberty bill | Arizona Daily Star (AP)

Bipartisan law profs warn Brewer: SB1062 “egregiously misrepresented”

Senate Republicans mum on Arizona religious liberty bill

Rush Limbaugh: Jan Brewer being “bullied” to veto

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer back in Phoenix; speculation on SB 1062 action escalates

Ryan T. Anderson: On religious liberty, AZ gets it right and NYT gets it wrong again

Apple presses AZ governor to veto SB1062

Andrew Walker: How now shall we bake?

Business opposition to Arizona’s religion bill continues to mount | The Arizona Republic

“Arizona senators want veto of bill allowing refusal of service to gays” | The Post-Standard

Arizona business groups overwhelmingly opposed to SB 1062 | The Arizona Republic

SB 1062 forcing Brewer to consider issues tied to faith, discrimination | The Arizona Republic (video)

Chris Cuomo doesn’t get how religious freedom works | National Review (CNN video)

Pressure builds for Brewer to veto Arizona decline-to-serve bill

“Religious right in Arizona cheers bill allowing businesses to refuse to serve gays” | NYT

“Arizona heading off fights over homosexual weddings” | WND

    Bob Unruh at WND: “The state’s constitution doesn’t recognize ‘same-sex marriage,’ but officials with the Alliance Defending Freedom said it simply was the government imposing ‘a new belief system upon [bakery owner] Jack [Phillips], one that is fundamentally at odds with his conscience and his liberty.’”

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“Freedom to discriminate? Controversial Arizona bill takes step toward becoming law” | RT

    RT: “The Arizona Republic reported that the bill, which has a counterpart in the state House of Representatives known as HB 2153, was written by the conservative Center for Arizona Policy and Alliance Defending Freedom – a non-profit Christian lobby group that dedicates funding to the pro-life movement and has long opposed marriage equality.”

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Arizona bill would allow snap inspections of abortion clinics

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Nebraska AG says he will defend fetal-pain law despite court ruling

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States May Recognize Same-Sex Marriages, But Navajo Nation Won’t

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