NAACP Renews Lawsuit to Stop Ban on Race-Based Abortions of Black Babies | Life News

Federal Disability Rights Support Arizona 20-Week Abortion Ban | Life Legal Defense Foundation

Alliance Defending Freedom Brings Key Cases To Current Supreme Court

States weigh in on abortion suit | The Hill

16 states ask Supreme Court to affirm Ariz. law against abortions that cause babies pain | Alliance Defending Freedom

Mesa boy’s parents sue state to allow him to be medicated with cannabis oil drops

Can states ban abortions at earlier stages? | SCOTUS Blog

Scottsdale group wants US Supreme Court to rule on Gilbert sign restrictions | Phoenix Business Journal

Ariz. town’s law on church signs comes under fire | USA Today

Supreme Court asked to stop gov’t discrimination against church signs | Alliance Defending Freedom

Arizona church continues fight against lingering tax bill | One News Now

Ariz. church appeals to state’s high court over $50K tax bill | Alliance Defending Freedom

AZ: Mesa teen arrested in discarded baby case

Arizona’s Education Savings Accounts

NAACP Tries, Fails to Legalize Race, Sex-Selection Abortion in Arizona | Amy Ridenour’s National Center Blog

9th Circuit refuses to allow enforcement of AZ law restricting transport of illegals

Vital Signs: Government approves tax-funded abortions | World Magazine

Federal judge rejects challenge to Arizona law banning abortion based on race, sex | The Bugle

Judge Tosses Out Lawsuit Challenging Arizona’s Ban on Race, Gender-Based Abortions |

Race, sex abortion lawsuit dismissed; ADF gives thumbs up | One News Now

Challenge To Law Banning Abortions Based On Race Or Sex Of The Child Thrown Out | 91.5 KJZZ

AZ Offers to Pay to Keep Grand Canyon Open, ‘Make It Hurt’ Feds Say ‘No’

Federal Judge Dismisses Suit Over Race, Sex Based Abortion Ban | Opposing Views

Judge Tosses NAACP Lawsuit Against Arizona Ban on Race-Based Abortions

Court throws out NAACP challenge to Ariz. law against sex, race-based abortions | Alliance Defending Freedom

Arizona law riding legal roller coaster in courts | One News Now

CCJ Requests that the Supreme Court Rule in AZ Abortion Law Case

Landmark Late-Term Abortion Limit Appealed to U.S. Supreme Court | AUL

Arizona Appeals Court Upholds School Voucher Program

Ariz. appeals abortion law to US Supreme Court | Alliance Defending Freedom

Arizona Takes Battle to Uphold Five-Month Abortion Ban to Supreme Court | Life News

AZ Supreme Court: Legislature lacks authority to restrict voter approved inflation adjustments for schools

Church Denied Relief On Denial of Property Tax Exemption

Obama Makes Another Judicial Nomination Push

Valley cities’ prayer policies may face scrutiny

AZ: “Gay marriage backers rally to change public attitudes”

GOP legislators sue Gov. Brewer over Medicaid expansion

    Maricopa Monitor: Outvoted by their colleagues, 36 Republican legislators are now asking a judge to invalidate the Medicaid expansion plan that they were unable to block politically. The lawsuit filed Thursday in Maricopa County Superior Court against Gov. Jan Brewer contends the levy she pushed lawmakers to approve on hospitals to fund the expansion is a tax or, at the very least, a new state fee or assessment. And that, challengers say, means it needed a two-thirds vote, something it did not get.

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Obamacare Comes Full Circle in Arizona, Goldwater Institute sues

AZ high court tosses new judge nomination law

AZ: Sedona to vote on same-sex civil union ordinance

AZ: Glendale City Council OKs prayer during meetings

Arizona’s New Frontier for Education | Lindsey Burke at Heritage Foundation

“Same Sex Marriage Initiative Folds Due to Lack of Support” | Center for AZ Policy

NAACP President Resigns, Turned Civil Rights Org Into Pro-Abortion Group

U. Arizona seeks to boost transgender studies program

“ICE to recognize gay marriage from other states as valid in AZ”

Arizona initiative to redefine marriage languishes

Phoenix Catholic Bishop: Jesus ‘Not an Elective’ for Catholic Universities

9th Circuit upholds California Ban on Change Therapy

Arizona loses bid to cut Planned Parenthood funds | San Francisco Chronicle

Court: Planned Parenthood can’t be cut from Medicaid | Howard Fischer Capitol Media on AZ Daily Sun

Accepting Scalia’s Offer, Arizona Sues Obama Administration On Voting Rights

Kansas, Arizona sue to change voting forms

Winning Key Victories In The Legal Struggle To Preserve Life In America | Alan Sears

Judges OK 75% of Waivers for Arizona Teens to Get Abortions Without Parental Consent

Arizona Health Dept. Numbers Show Hopeful Drop in Abortions | The New American

Ariz. abortion rate drops 7.4 percent | Alliance Defending Freedom

AZ: 200 charter schools plan to sue state over funding

Does the NAACP Really Believe the “Right to Life” is the “Most Fundamental of Civil Rights?” | Casey Mattox at LifeNews

Republicans in Arizona Are at Odds on Medicaid

Hot in Arizona: Voters engage battle to repeal Obamacare expansion

NAACP Says Trayvon Martin’s “Right to Life” Denied, But Supports Abortion | LIfeNews

City of Tucson, Constitution group battle over religious shrines

Going over Horne’s head in abortion battle | Verde Independent

Alliance Defending Freedom speaker at Nazarene Church | Payson Roundup

Attorney asks to defend gender, race abortion ban | AZ Daily Sun

NAACP, ACLU attack AZ bill prohibiting gender- and race-selection abortions, motion to intervene filed | Alliance Defending Freedom

“Ten states to tackle gay marriage next” | NBC

“Arizona voters could decide same-sex marriage” | ABC 15 (includes video)

Tucson approves civil unions for same-sex couples