AZ legislature takes up “transgender” bathroom debate

Arizona Leads Nation in School Choice

Arizona’s voter registration law heads for Supreme Court review

Phoenix Human-Relations Ordinance Causes Catholic Concern | NC Register

Phoenix mayor, council open the women’s bathroom door for men | Joe LaRue at American Thinker

Retired Supreme Court justices still judge — and get judged

Idaho Ruling Marks News Phase in Abortion Battle

To Place Graduates, Law Schools Are Opening Firms

    NY Times: When Douglas J. Sylvester, dean of the law school at Arizona State University, was visiting the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota a couple of years ago he mentioned the shifting job market for his students — far fewer offers and a new demand for graduates already able to draft documents and interact with clients. The Mayo dean responded that his medical students and graduates gained clinical experience in hospital rounds closely supervised by attending physicians.

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Judge blocks Arizona from cutting off Planned Parenthood funds because of abortions | Ahwatukee Foothills News

Appeals Court Rules Arizona Day Labor Solicitation Law Is Unconstitutional

Phoenix expands anti-bias measure to include LGBT community

Phoenix expands anti-bias measure to include LGBT community | KPHO (includes video)

Couple Denied Utilities May Pursue Religious Discrimination Claim Against FLDS Town

Judge stops funding block to Planned Parenthood

Phoenix commissions approve LGBT and disability protections | KTAR (2/14): “There is a potential concern for businesses that have offices in multiple cities across our state to have unequal enforcement of the law throughout our state,” Legal Consultant Joseph La Rue, with the Alliance Defending Freedom said. La Rue said the new proposals may make hiring decisions difficult for multi-city companies. The Alliance Defending Freedom is a nonprofit religious rights group dedicated to defending religious freedom, marriage and family, and pro-life issues. La Rue also opposed the new proposals because of potential costs to small businesses if further protections are added to the city ordinances. “What we’ve seen in other places where amendments like these are passed is the cost to small business owners goes up,” La Rue said. “There is the threat of litigation anytime [businesses] fail to hire someone who is a member of the protected class.”

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Court Forces Arizona to Fund Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz | Life News

US judge blocks Arizona law targeting Planned Parenthood over abortions

9th Circuit upholds Gilbert sign ordinance in feud with church

Arizona Legislature Introduces Increased Accountability Measures For Education Savings Account Program

Homosexual adoption, discrimination bills introduced in Arizona legislature

Arizona Pledge Of Allegiance By Public School Students

U.S. feels like 1973 with hot abortion issue

Court: Ariz. education spending must account for inflation

Arizona Gov. Opts For Federal Medicaid Expansion

Arizona seeks to cut funds to Planned Parenthood

AZ: Secularist lobby group takes on Christian-based center

Court case could challenge Kansas fetal pain law

Arizona against Grant of Funding to Planned Parenthood

Arizona goes to court to halt gov’t funding of Planned Parenthood | AZ Daily Star

Ariz. divorce case hits snag after marriage’s validity questioned because husband gave birth | AP on Cox News

Ariz. divorce case hits snag after marriage’s validity questioned because husband gave birth

Gathered Crowd Shows Support for Courthouse Lighting Ceremony | Prescott News

FFRF In A Fuss Over Christmas Lights

Christmas lighting ceremony in Prescott under attack

Atheists attempt to short circuit Christmas celebrations in Arizona

Anti-Christmas atheists try to short-circuit AZ tree lighting celebration | Alliance Defending Freedom

Boehner to members: Leadership is watching their voting patterns, already punished four

Testing: Lawyers have cornered the Justices on marriage | Tom Goldstein at SCOTUS Blog

“Supreme Court to decide if it will hear Arizona’s case against partner benefits for gay workers”

Rendering unto Caesar? | Alliance Defending Freedom

Thousands sign petition for Arizona to secede from the Union

AZ: “Kyrsten Sinema Becomes Nation’s First Openly Bi Congresswoman” |

Voters retain all AZ judges

Bipartisan Victories Fuel Strong Election Night Performance For Arizona Educational Choice Champions

Arizona Law Criminalizing Abortions Questioned by Judges

Court Upholds Sale Of Polygamous Church Assets

Arizona Law Criminalizing Abortions Raises Roe v. Wade Argument

Arizona non-profit ordered to turn over donor records by Cal. Supreme Court

Arizona Supreme Court Justice Pelander fights effort to oust him

AZ: Group seeks election ouster of Supreme Court justice

“Audit: Us Oversight Of Charter School Funds Lax” | AP

AZ taxpayers pay for 53% of births, nationally medicare pays for 40%

    AZ Republic: he share has since continued to inch higher. In 2011, the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System, Arizona’s Medicaid program, paid for 53 percent of the state’s 84,979 births, while private insurance paid for 42 percent, according to state statistics. The remainder were paid for by individuals.
    In 2000, the numbers were reversed: AHCCCS paid for 42 percent of the 84,985 births.

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Planned Parenthood gains court victories | Baptist Press

Rally for Religious Freedom in Phoenix Park protests Obama administration policy

Christian Post report on Arizona abortion litigtion includes video

Brewer appoints Republican Timmer to Arizona Supreme Court

ADF Supports Arizona Abortion Law

Doctors Maintain Unborn Babies Feel Pain | One News Now

SCOTUS will hear AZ proof of voter citizenship case

Doctors tell 9th Circuit: pre-born babies feel pain at 20 weeks | Alliance Defending Freedom

Liberty Counsel Asks Court to Allow Defunding of Planned Parenthood

State Legislators Uniting to Protect Religious Freedom | Brian Walsh at National Review

Religious freedom caucuses set up in Kansas Legislature, eight other states

ADF: “Will court dismiss lawsuit against AZ’s ‘Whole Woman’s Healthcare’ act?”

Obama Administration Challenges SBA List & ADF Women’s Health Legislation in Arizona

Obama Admin sues to force AZ to fund Planned Parenthood

Republican governor fills AZ court with Republicans

9th Circuit rejects ACLU effort to block Arizona immigration law

Debate over prayers at Phoenix-area public meetings continues

    Tucson Citizen: The Alliance Defending Freedom, a Scottsdale non-profit group, is representing councils in other states in challenges to legislative prayer. Their focus is to “defend the exercise of religious liberty and the right of government to recognize religious heritage and continue with traditional American practices,” said senior counsel Brett Harvey. “We think it’s a constitutional right to do this,” said Harvey, citing the Marsh vs. Chambers case. “We do feel there’s a benefit to seeking divine guidance and asking for wisdom and blessings for the decisions that are made. The Supreme Court has made it clear that it’s constitutional. We see no reason why our local officials should not be able to exercise those same rights exercised by our founders.”

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Abortions Drop 8% in Arizona Year to Year | Center for AZ Policy

Police can start enforcing Ariz. immigration law, judge rules

Report: Arizona abortions jump 25 percent

Dobson Blasts ‘Vicious’ GOP Opposition To Akin