Bisexual Candidate Wins Arizona Congressional Primary: Kyrsten Sinema

AZ: Valley woman told she could not hand out free bottled water in summer heat

“American Laws for American Courts” and Civil Jury Trials

ACLU denounces Brewer denial of Arizona benefits to illegals

AZ: Brewer bars public benefits for illegal immigrants

“The Conservative Takeover of State Judiciaries” | Center for American Progress

Court dismisses suit vs Arizona’s Day of Prayer

All eyes on another Arizona lawsuit — this time domestic partner benefits | Jim Campbell

ADF: Arizona town discriminates against church signs

AZ Moves to Protect Mothers, Abortion Lobby Cries Foul | Steve Aden

ADF: Comment on 9th Circuit’s blockage of AZ 20-week abortion regulation

9th Circuit reverses trial court, temporarily blocks Arizona late term abortion ban

Many Claims Dismissed In Establishment Clause Suit On Philosophy Course Content

Judge Upholds Arizona Law Banning Abortions After 20 Weeks | LifeNews

Comment on decision upholding AZ law against abortions after 20 weeks

Wife Turns Husband in for Child Pornography; Marital Privilege?

Arizona Residents Must Fund Planned Parenthood During Lawsuit

Planned Parenthood files lawsuit challenging SBA List legislation in AZ | ProLifeBlogs

Planned Parenthood Sues Arizona to Stop Defunding | LifeNews

Planned Parenthood Files Lawsuit Challenging SBA List Legislation in Arizona

Groups seek to block Arizona immigration law again

Arpaio Investigator: Hawaii is bogus birth-certificate factory, Obama’s is “undoubtedly fraudulent”

Planned Parenthood Files Lawsuit Challenging SBA List Legislation in Arizona

ACLU sues over Arizona ban on abortion after 20 weeks

Can Arizona revoke domestic partner benefits? SCOTUS asked to decide

AZ: Pregnant Mother Killed by Drunk Driver; Baby Delivered

Brewer Seeks Supreme Court Review of Partners’ Health-Benefits Case

Arizona: Expanded accountability for state’s innovative ESA program also strongly favored

Homeland Security suspends immigration agreements with Arizona police

SCOTUS rules in Arizona SB 1070 immigration case, Dissent says ruling intrudes on state sovereignty

Phoenix Catholic Diocese issues advance medical directives for dying

Justice Dept. sues Arizona, Utah polygamous towns

Budget turnarounds: Some states socking cash away

Challenge To Code Enforcement Against Religious Meetings In Home Dismissed On Collateral Estoppel Grounds

Ballot measure would change how AZ judges are appointed

    VerdeNews: Arizona voters are being asked to give Gov. Jan Brewer and her successors more power to choose who they want to serve as judges. Proposition 115 would sharply alter the process voters approved in 1974, which has special screening panels review would-be judges for the Supreme Court, Court of Appeals and the superior courts of Pima and Maricopa County.

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NARAL praises Barber Congressional victory in AZ special election

Avg price of college up 15 percent over 2 years, 40% in some states

CNN Poll: Americans weigh in on health care, immigration

Abortion Clinics Arrange Illegal Sex-Selection Abortions

Arizona Passes Exemption for Religious Employers | NC Register

Arizona verification of Obama’s birth

Arizona Flooded By Emails On Obama Eligibility

NY Times publishes hit piece on highly successful state school choice scholarships

Hawaii says AZ Obama birth certificate request is defective

Hawaii stalling on AZ Secretary’s request for birth certificate

    Washington Post: He added that Hawaii officials had responded with a request of its own, asking Bennett to cite the state laws authorizing him to make such a request. Bennett said his office responded via e-mail and that he has not heard back from Hawaii officials for two months.
    “All they’ve got to do is email me back saying ‘yes’ and it’s over,” he said. “But they haven’t for eight weeks, and I’m just stunned that they’re making this so hard.”

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AZ Secretary of State: Obama won’t be on ballot absent verification from Hawaii

AZ: Governor Brewer Signs Education Savings Account Expansion

Arizona Categorically Bans Consideration of a Person’s Religiously Motivated Acts in Government Appointments

Arizona Expands Groundbreaking School Choice Program To Students Attending Failing Schools, Foster Care Children

AZ Sheriff Joe Responds To DOJ Lawsuit: Racial profiling or Obama coverup?

Arizona Governor Signs 2 Bills Aimed At Protecting Religious Liberty

Arizona Ron Paul supporters boo Romney’s son off stage

Justice Dept. plans to sue Arizona sheriff Arpaio for alleged racial profiling

Arizona Bans State Funds for Planned Parenthood | New American

AZ defunding of P. Parenthood continues trend | Baptist Press

Dysart Unified School District reverses ban on religious fliers | AZ Republic

Arizona Gov. Signs Bill De-Funding Planned Parenthood

AZ: Good news for Good News Club

School District Reverses Ban On Religious Fliers | WND

Ariz. Christian Student Club Wins; Can Distribute Religious Fliers

AZ Senate votes to de-fund Planned Parenthood

SCOTUS Blog says Scalia view is radical: The notion that sovereign states can enforce their own borders

AZ Legislature passes expandanded religious exemption to contraceptive mandate

High court seems favorable to Arizona immigration law

Arizona Senate Votes to Defund Planned Parenthood

ADF comment on passage of AZ bill to defund Planned Parenthood

Cathi Herrod: Man-woman nuptials is essential to a free society

Chemerinsky: Arizona Immigration Case Closes a Momentous Court Term