“Gay-Marriage Foes” Make Their Case

Prop. 8 trial meets halfway mark

Prop. 8 Supporters Make Their Case, Expected to Rest by Midweek

Lawyers for plaintiffs rest case in Prop. 8 case

Public Employee Unions Are Sinking California

    Wall Street Journal: “Approximately 85% of the state’s 235,000 employees (not including higher education employees) are unionized. As the governor noted during his $83 billion budget roll-out, over the past decade pension costs for public employees increased 2,000%. State revenues increased only 24% over the same period. A Schwarzenegger adviser wrote in the San Jose Mercury News in the past few days that, “This year alone, $3 billion was diverted to pension costs from other programs.” There are now more than 15,000 government retirees statewide who receive pensions that exceed $100,000 a year, according to the California Foundation for Fiscal Responsibility . . . ”

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Video: Pastors say Prop. 8 could lead to polygamy

Prop. 8 Trial Court Transcripts Online

Federal Court Has Become the New Feelings Forum

    Debra J. Saunders writes at Townhall: “That’s another way of saying that the law isn’t as important as feelings in this trial. Feelings rule — and not just because the measure’s foes somehow believe that Californians haven’t been taught enough about gay people. Anti-8 attorneys have chosen to argue that Proposition 8 is unconstitutional in light of a 1996 U.S. Supreme Court decision that overturned a Colorado ban on gay-rights measures because it was motivated by animus toward homosexuals. If they can convince Walker that the Proposition 8 people are haters, he may overturn the will of the majority of California voters . . . ”

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College defends prof who mocked Christians

A Q&A with The Recorder’s Prop 8 courtroom reporter

Plaintiffs wrap up challenge to same-sex “marriage” ban

Catholic League: Role of Religion Skewed in Prop 8 Trial

“Prop 8 trial witness: Being gay not a choice”

Wesley J. Smith: Proposition 71 a “Failure”

ADF Senior Legal Counsel Austin R. Nimocks: Prop. 8 Trial Update for Thurs. Jan 21, 2009

Calif. Democrats revive single-payer health care

ADF Update on Prop 8 Trial: Day 7

Marriage testimony in California calls religion a “hindrance”

Catholic League: “Prop 8 Challenge Puts Religion on Trial”

GBLT community weighs in on same-sex case

Trial airs Mormon Church’s role in fight over Prop 8

NY Times: Same-Sex Marriage Case, Day 7: Choice

Prop. 8 trial Day 7: Live coverage from the courtroom

NYT: “Children Speak for Same-Sex Marriage”

    NY Times: “While opponents of same-sex marriage worry that schools will teach that gay and straight relationships are equal, many supporters focus on a different, but still child-centered, issue: What about the children now being raised in families headed by gay men and lesbians? How does the lack of marriage benefits for their parents affect them? . . . ‘The real question is whether same-sex relationships benefit children to the same extent that living with a married mother and father does, and we believe they do not,’ said Peter S. Sprigg, senior fellow for policy studies at the Family Research Council, the conservative Christian organization. ‘Children do best when raised by their own biological mother and father who are committed to one another in a lifelong marriage.’”

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ADF Update on Prop 8 Trial: Day 6

Lambda Legal sues Office of Personnel Management for same sex benefits

“How San Diego mayor shifted on gay marriage”

ADF CA Marriage Trial Update: Day Six

Oakland: Should a 96-Year-Old Proposition 8 Supporter Lose a Public Post?

Same-sex “marriage” case, Day 6: Civil unions

    The Bay Area, New York Times: “Brian Raum, the senior lawyer for the Alliance Defense Fund, handled the cross-examination for the defense. His questions explored whether it is possible to be against same-sex marriage and not be motivated by prejudice. Specifically, Mr. Raum asked questions about the mayor’s former support of civil unions. ‘You didn’t think that was a hostile position to the gay and lesbian community,’ Mr. Raum said. ‘You don’t believe that you communicated hatred to the gay and lesbian community, did you?’ ‘I feel like my thoughts were grounded in prejudice, but I don’t feel like I communicated hatred,’ Mr. Sanders said. Mr. Raum, in his questioning, pointed out that many California voters had cast ‘good-faith’ votes against Proposition 8, in the belief that civil unions were a proper alternative.”

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Judge Walker’s wild witchhunt—Part 2

    Ed Whelan: “In other words, rather than decide whether the traditional definition of marriage necessarily reflects an irrational animus against homosexuals, Walker is purporting to conduct a factual determination of the subjective intentions of the more than seven million California voters who supported Proposition 8 . . . Given how insane and unworkable Judge Walker’s factual inquiry into voter animus is, it should be no surprise that it’s contrary to established precedent.”

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Doug Napier on AFR Focal Point: Update on the Cal. marriage trial

Prop. 8 trial Day 6: Live coverage from the courtroom

Circus Trial Begins Over Proposition 8

Prop. 8 trial looks at personal, social changes

ADF update on Prop 8 trial: Behind the scenes

“Same-sex marriage judge dealt with other gay cases”

Prop. 8 trial Day 5: Live coverage from the courtroom

    Contra Costa Times: “Judge Vaughn Walker, over the objections of Prop 8 lawyers, has decided to allow the testimony of Helen Zia, a San Francisco writer and lesbian who married in 2008 before the marriage ban took hold in the state . . . Prop 8 lawyer Brian Raum tried to argue that her testimony is irrelevant, and that it is inappropriate to have one person ‘taken off the street’ to testify on a same-sex marriage, saying such evidence should come into the trial through scientific studies of more couples . . . Prop 8 attorney Brian Raum cross-examined Zia, depicting her as an activist who has campaigned against Prop 8 and took part in the earlier state court challenge to California’s prior ban on gay marriage, struck down by the California Supreme Court.”

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“Personal focus as same-sex-marriage trial opens in California”

NY Times: “Same-Sex Marriage Case, Day 5: Children”

Witness: “Gay marriage made her feel like family”

“Prop. 8 trial: Cambridge Professor says gays raise well-adjusted kids”

    LA Weekly: “At the Proposition 8 trial in San Francisco on Friday, Cambridge University psychology professor Michael Lamb told the court that gay and lesbian couples raise ‘well-adjusted’ children . . . And while such pro-gay marriage outfits as Courage Campaign and American Foundation for Equal Rights have been regularly blogging about the trial, The Christian Post has been posting updates from the Alliance Defense Fund on its Web site. ADF is helping to bankroll the defense of Proposition 8, and its posts are unlike anything you’ll read on the gay blogosphere.”

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Will democracy prevail in Prop. 8 trial?

ADF update on Prop 8 trial: Day 5

“Tweeting the gay marriage trial, day 4″

7 Years to Fire 1 Bad Teacher

NY Times: Same-Sex Marriage Case, Day 5: Children

David French on efforts to air the Prop. 8 Trial on TV

David French: “The virus can’t be contained”

“Can gays raise kids right? U.S. marriage trial asks”

ADF update on Prop 8 trial: Day 4

Prop. 8 Ruling: High court’s broadcast ruling under microscope

ADF update on Prop 8 trial: Day 3

Columbia prof says Prop 8 adds to gay health woes

Church Which Helps Homeless Faces Eviction

FIRE files amicus brief in support of Jonathan Lopez

John C. Eastman: Prop 8 trial set up aids “gay marriage” side

Rush Limbaugh: “Five Years Later, Embryonic Stem Cells Have Failed to Cure Anything”

Hollingsworth v. Perry, Bush v. Gore, and Manipulating Procedural Rules in High-Profile Litigation Impacting the Political Process

Dale Carpenter on Cal. marriage trial: “All in all, it’s a bad start for the judicial challenge to Prop 8.”

Same-sex “marriage” foes accuse twitter of censorship

Andy Pugno on Prop. 8 Trial: A Successful Day Three

Children key in Prop 8 trial

    Bay Area Reporter: “During cross-examination Brian Raum, a lawyer for the Yes on 8 campaign, questioned how Katami could conclude that the anti-gay group’s ads were hostile to gay people. ‘There was nothing in the ad that says Proposition 8 will protect children from you because you are bad. Would you agree?’ asked Raum. ‘It didn’t say same-sex couples are bad?’ Katami responded that the ads didn’t have to be explicit because the message was clearly implied. ‘It insinuates there is some disapproval of gay people and they should be feared,’ he said. Raum pressed Katami on the issue, stating that ‘the fact is you don’t think kids need to be protected from being exposed to same-sex relationships.’ To which Katami replied, ‘Yes. There is nothing wrong with it.’”

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San Francisco “gay marriage” court case could have national impact

Comparing Prop. 8 trial tweets

9th Circuit Upholds UC’s Rejection of Certain Christian School Courses

Prop. 8 backer questioned about child sex comment