Cross in Mojave Desert honoring American war dead stolen

CA: Dems sue to block election for Maldonado seat

Santa Rita Art Teacher: American Flag and ‘God Bless America’ ‘Offensive’

TX: JPL scientist gives keynote speech at Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast

Tensions High at California High School Following Flag Flap

School District: American Flag Clothing Incident “Extremely Unfortunate”

UC Irvine to open new stem-cell research center

Oakland steps toward removing 1879 law against cross-dressing

Students Disciplined for Praying Settle Case Against College

CA: Students Kicked Off Campus for Wearing American Flag Tee

    NBC: “Galli says he and his friends were sitting at a table during brunch break when the vice principal asked two of the boys to remove American flag bandannas that they wearing on their heads and for the others to turn their American flag T-shirts inside out. When they refused, the boys were ordered to go to the principal’s office.
    ‘They said we could wear it on any other day,” Daniel Galli said, “but today is sensitive to Mexican-Americans because it’s supposed to be their holiday so we were not allowed to wear it today.’”

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ACLU defeated in Mojave Desert veterans memorial cross case

CA: Lancaster faces lawsuit against its policy of opening meetings with prayers

    Contra Costa Times: “The City of Lancaster faces a lawsuit against the city council’s policy of opening meetings with sectarian prayers. Plaintiffs Shelley Rubin and Maureen Feller filed suit Tuesday in Los Angeles Superior Court asking a judge to prohibit ‘any session of (the) city council to include a prayer wherein the name of Jesus Christ is invoked.’ The suit was filed three weeks after more than 75 percent of voters on a Lancaster ballot measure expressed support for the prayers.”

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David French: Playing sexual politics with blood donation

California Therapist Association Pressured to Disbar Members Who Treat Unwanted Homosexuality

9th Circuit: Muslim woman loses hijab removal ruling

Joe Martins: San Jose State University chooses sex over life & liberty

US Supreme Court: Mohave Cross may stand on public land

Constitutional Law Attorney John Eastman wins major first amendment case at Ninth Circuit

No on 8 groups relent; turn over documents

California same-sex “marriage” ban trial to close in June

Two church-state rulings reach opposite conclusions

American Legion: Hill praises High Court for cross ruling

Veterans memorial given Supreme clearance

Mojave cross can stand

Mojave symbol should stay, high court rules

Court backs Mojave cross deal; case sent back to 9th Circuit

Supreme Court decides Mojave Cross Memorial can stay

Supreme Court OKs Mojave War Memorial cross transfer

High court gives cross backers partial win

Supreme Court: Mojave Desert veterans cross stays!

Supremes raise bar for non-Christians “offended” by faith

“Suspended Gay Calif. Priest Laments: Abp. Gomez a ‘Sharp Thrust to the Right’ for LA Diocese”

Despite ruling, ACLU will continue to argue that Mojave cross land transfer violates Establishment Clause

ADF: U.S. Supreme Court says Mojave Cross veterans’ memorial can stay

US Supreme Court: Mojave cross in Calif. can stay

Contempt order looms in Prop 8 trial

Sonoma County embroiled in lawsuit over same-sex couple’s rights

Jordan Lorence: Is Justice Kennedy writing the Mojave Cross decision?

CA Assembly modifies law seeking “gay cure”

CA: Hindu prayer to open Lincoln City Council meet

San Francisco archdiocese files suit over $21.7M property tax bill

Casey Mattox: “Opposing view on campus clubs: Protect unpopular voices”

High Court hears arguments over Christian student group’s case

Sameness and ‘Diversity’ on Campus: Why a California dean would force a black group to admit white supremacists.

SD: Victim of Domestic Violence Abused by Government Error

    Pacific Justice Institute: “A victim of domestic violence has now found herself unemployed thanks to a mistake by a government agency she turned to for help. The woman, a South Dakotan identified as “Vickie” to protect her identity, called police in 2006 after assaulted by her then-husband. She was also interviewed by a social worker. Shortly thereafter, an official notice was sent to the couple’s home that, because their children had witnessed the abuse, he was being placed on the state’s official registry of child abusers. A judge gave Vickie a protective order, and the couple later divorced. Now, nearly four years later, Vickie was recently fired from her job at a daycare center after her employer learned that she is also listed on the state’s child abuse registry – apparently through an error by the county.”

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Justices split over college rejection of Christian student group

CA: Pleasanton couple donates frozen embryos, then sues to regain control

Calif. Dems kill resolution honoring the Boy Scouts

9 Calif porn agencies targeted in labor complaints

Calif. city may face legal action over prayer vote

Same-Sex Couples Sue CalPERS, IRS Over Partner Health Benefits

9th Circuit panel dismisses California Equality and ACLU appeal of order compelling them to disclose Prop. 8 campaign communications

“FFRF Calls Out Mayors on Prayer Breakfast Ties”

California Senator Says “Hearsay” Is a Reliable Indicator of Child Abuse

Ballot to overturn Cal. marriage amendment fails

CA: Lancaster to vote Tuesday on prayer policy at city meetings

Mo., Calif. couples sue over control of embryos

CA: Ministerial Exception Precludes Wage and Hour Suit Against Scientology

CA: Elizabeth A. Grimes confirmed as Div. Eight Justice

Santa Rosa council approves “gay and lesbian retirement community”

California Considers Repealing Law to Study, Cure Homosexuals

David Hacker: UC system considering new speech code

Oakland taking steps to fight sex trafficking

CA Senators scheduled to vote on bill that undermines Proposition 8

CA: Carly Fiorina outlines her anti-abortion stance

U.S. Supreme Court will consider First Amendment rights of Christian club

Marriage issue affects Cal. GOP Senate race

California adoption bill embraces ‘gay’ agenda

PC(USA) Minister Faces New Charges for Same-Sex Ceremonies

City Drops Bid to Shut Down Home Bible Study, But Threat to Others Remains

Supreme Court cases test speech rights and more

Oakland Greek Orthodox church vandalized with graffiti

San Francisco bailout of “gay center” up for a vote

Calif. High Court Upholds LAX Solicitation Ban Challenged by Krishnas