Florida Department of Education: No First Amendment Problem with Religious Discrimination

Florida: Ocala Commission keeps praying, despite legal question

Labor union limits focus to 8 battleground states

Video: Senator Cornyn Calls For Eric Holder’s Resignation, Holder Responds

Florida, Rick Scott Sue Feds Over Voter Purge

Florida: Controversial Pastor Hangs Obama In Effigy To Protest Marriage and Abortion Stances

Florida AG won’t rule out suing feds over stonewalling noncitizen voter hunt

Fla. Gov. Scott requests review of 3 justices’ actions

Florida Lesbian IVF Parental-Rights Case Draws Attention

Florida to defy DOJ in continuing purge of ineligible voters

Jackson Co., Florida: Area Churches Fighting For Baccalaureate Tradition

“Florida poll: Quarter of voters less inclined to back Obama over gay marriage issue”

53,000 Dead Voters Found in Florida

Volusia County Council OKs domestic partnership registry

11th Circuit: Teacher fired over out of wedlock pregnancy can sue Christian school

Alan E. Sears: ADF Defends the Right of Children to Live Their Faith

Florida: Church, city at odds over ‘prayer and produce’ stand in Lakeland

Easter invitations at heart of lawsuit

Group Says E-mail of Department Head’s Prayer To Employees Violated Establishment Clause

Fla. school creates legal scramble with ban on 4th-grader’s Easter egg hunt fliers

Florida pastor burns Korans; fined for burning without a permit

Florida: Cape council votes to sue church over unpaid sewer, water assessments

Florida: “Clay School Board chairwoman: Proposal could ease tensions over school prayer”

    Florida Times-Union: The board will discuss a proposed policy change on how non-school entities use campus property. It would require the groups to meet at least 30 minutes before or after school lets in or out and also asks for event organizers to provide the board with the names, addresses and birth dates of adult attendees 10 days before any gathering. Board Chairwoman Carol Studdard said that should make it possible for Green Cove Springs pastor Ron Baker to continue praying with students and parents at Clay schools. The board stopped that last fall, and that led to the ongoing public outcry and scrutiny.

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