Do places with domestic partnerships have fewer marriages?

County Board Reverses Decision and Allows Church to Erect a Cross | Liberty Counsel

FL: Century’s ‘Illegal’ Nativity Scene Named Community Pride Award Winner

Florida: Cape city attorney responds to objections to opening prayer

FL: “To Combat Bullying, Middle School Student Wants Gay-Straight Alliance, But Officials Balk”

“A Florida Teenager Fights Back Against Bible Distribution at His Public High School”

Benefit costs: Boca estimates how much to extend health insurance to domestic partners

FL: National organization objects to Cape council’s opening prayer

Indiana bill would allow public schools to require Lord’s Prayer

“A legal defense of donkey sex” | Salon

    Salon: In a court motion, the defense claims that the state law against bestiality deprives 32-year-old Carlos Romero of his “personal liberty and autonomy when it comes to private intimate activities.” But it’s actually not quite as crazy a move as it might seem.

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“Florida poll takes pulse on tuition, gay marriage”

Miami-Dade commission begins meeting prayer, defers annexation proposals

Florida: Judge Charged With Improper Sale of Religious Material In Courthouse

Abortion Clinic Botches IUD Insertion, Woman Rushed to Hospital

Baby Jesus, donkey stolen from Frostproof nativity scene

Miami-Dade Commission Re-institutes Opening Prayer

Fla. court sides with teen who wants abortion without parental consent

State of Florida offers women gift cards for sex survey

Allen West concedes to Patrick Murphy

Election Officials Miss Deadline To Report Recount Results In Allen West Race

GOP leaders back West’s call for recount

Florida ends funding discrimination against Christian college | Alliance Defending Freedom

S.D. Fla.: “Obama Nominates Out Gay Black Judge To Federal Bench”

Allen West: ‘unconscionable’ Vote Shenanigans

Three Florida State Supreme Court Justices Could Leave the Bench

    FedSoc Blog: On Monday, November 5, SLF, on behalf of another Florida citizen and taxpayer, filed an original action in the Florida Supreme Court asking the Court to issue a writ of quo warranto regarding the actions of Secretary of State Ken Detzner in determining the Justices “qualified” to be placed on the ballot. The argument is not one of conduct, but instead contends that none of the three justices lawfully qualified for the retention election and that the secretary of state failed to properly carry out his constitutional and administrative duties in the matter.

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Allen West Demands a Recount

Florida Voters Defeat Religious Freedom Amendment; Anti-Abortion Amendment

3 Florida justices win retention bids

Ballot Votes to Watch

No Florida Schools Have Used New Authority For Student-Led Inspirational Messages

Florida: Coral Gables votes for domestic partner benefits

Amendment 6: Abortion in Florida at center of debate on ballot measure

Republicans target three Florida Supreme Court justices

ADF Inviting Students’ Religious Expression | One News Now

Court tosses ban on Easter egg hunt invitations | Alliance Defending Freedom

If courts overstep, citizens must act: Are we supposed to do nothing when judges rewrite the law?

“Audit: Us Oversight Of Charter School Funds Lax” | AP

Agencies Work To Unite Foster, Biological Parents

Paul Ryan: Keep Homeschooling Free

Pro-Lifers: Pay Attention to These Key Ballot Measures

“Iowa Court Official Accused Of Gay Marriage Fraud”

Do Lawyers Have a 1st Amendment Right to Be Cross with Judges?

Florida: Amendment 6 would prohibit tax money for abortion

Florida Supreme Court justice calls politics a threat to legal system

Florida School’s Ban On Student Invitations to Church Easter Egg Hunt Is Unconstitutional

“Polls in Fla., Ohio and Va. see same-sex marriage support” | Washington Post

State Legislators Uniting to Protect Religious Freedom | Brian Walsh at National Review

Religious freedom caucuses set up in Kansas Legislature, eight other states

School districts in California and Florida recognize LGBT Month

Abortion issue raises privacy concerns in Florida

Black faith leaders announce campaign goal to strip 25 percent of black vote from Obama

Florida Supreme Court judges fight for their jobs

    Reuters: Facing unprecedented political opposition, three Florida Supreme Court justices are fighting back against Republicans and conservative activists seeking to change the balance in the state’s highest court by getting voters to fire them. Justices Fred Lewis, Barbara Pariente, and Peggy Quince face what is called a “merit retention” vote in November.

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Atheists complain about Fla. Sheriff’s call to prayer in wake of teen’s shooting

    FFRF: As Sheriff, your overt promotion of religion using your official title, badge, and seal gives the unfortunate impression that the County supports and endorses particular religious rituals . . . pparently, the OSCO believes that this prayer will lower crime: “According to Chaplain Willie James Barnes, praying for safer streets is something that works. He was part of a similar project with Orlando police in 2008. ‘It worked. We did it all over the city of Orlando, and I’ll tell you the crime rate went down,’ said Barnes.” The members of the Freedom From Religion Foundation believe that nothing fails like prayer. Prayer is the ultimate cop-out, the ultimate admission that the invoker is giving up, is transferring personal responsibility to an imaginary being. It is particularly vexing to see people congratulate themselves for praying or holding a prayer rally, instead of taking meaningful action, such as working for rational regulation assault rifles and those who purchase them.

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Poll: Bill Nelson With Narrow Lead in Florida Senate Race

Florida: Abortion amendment attracts big-dollar opposition

Florida: Proposed abortion amendment rekindles debate on limits

Republican Party Aims to Remake Florida Supreme Court

Lesbian custody dispute gets messy in wake of novel Florida rulings

Florida Supreme Court Justices cry foul in face of conservative ouster campaign

ADF: Free speech victory at Palm Beach State College

Florida: Groups say abortion amendment would impose religious dogma

Joint Chiefs of Staff General Asks Preacher Not To Back Anti-Muslim Film

Florida Democratic County Official Resigns Over His Remarks About Christian Supporters of Israel

Florida judges objecting to some new court rules The Florida Supreme Court listened but also responded Wednesday as three lower court judges and a high-profile lawyer criticized new rules for the state courts, including term limits for chief judges and new limits on what judges are permitted to say. The high court set off a firestorm in February by adopting rules limiting judges’ comments to lawmakers and others about the court system and setting eight-year term limits for chief circuit and district court of appeal judges.

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Easter Egg Hunts and Religious Freedom

Lawsuit: Students should be able to distribute religious literature

Jacksonville, FL rejects sexual orientation ordinance in face of “Protect First Liberties” stickers

Federal Court: Florida can’t eliminate 4 days of early voting without Federal approval

Federal Court of Appeals Reverse Florida Ten Commandments Ruling in Favor of the ACLU