Prom dress code has New Jersey moms up in (bare) arms

NJ suit questions the line between offensive speech and harassment

Senate Approves New Jersey Judge For Appeals Court

“Gay conversion therapy sparks culture war in N.J.” | USA Today

N.J. ACLU under new leader renews push to redefine marriage

Christie spokesman says Gov. believes ‘people’s sexual orientation is determined at birth’

NJ: Are they really bullies?

Chris Christie mum on ‘gay conversion’ bill

Sexual Orientation Therapy Ban: Where Is Tolerance?

NJ’s Christie Committed To Sports Betting Fight

NJ: Christie signs bill legalizing Internet gambling

NJ: Muslim accused of beheading 2 Christians in U.S.

Christie again vetoes NJ’s Internet gambling law

“New Jersey Gay Nuptial Strategies Take Shape”

NJ Teacher Suspended for Giving Student a Bible, Sharing Verse Read | Christian Post

Teacher Dismissed After Sharing Bible with Student

Rosa Cee Honors 12 Nurses for Defying Hospital Abortion Mandates

NJ: Council to vote on resurrecting prayer at meetings

“Diversity” and its definition at issue in Christie’s picks for high court

NJ: Menorah Placement at Town Hall May Be Unconstitutional, Says Atheist Group

NJ Lawmaker Wants To Put Marriage Question On Next Year’s Ballot

Twelve nurses who risked their jobs rather than help with abortions | Live Action News

Christie introduces 2 new nominees for N.J. Supreme Court

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie Vetoes Bill To Create Obamacare Health Insurance Exchange

3rd Circuit Upholds School Board’s Refusal To Submit Religious Content Issues To Voters

“7 states that could legalize gay marriage next: New Jersey, Minnesota and others”

“Gay marriage takes next steps”

NJ Supreme Court: Infertile men, women not treated same

“Push Expands for Legalizing Same-Sex Marriage” | NYT

NJ Supreme Court: A woman with no genetic connection to baby is not the mother unless she adopts

NJ rules against Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Assoc. in civil union case

NJ Court: Woman may not sue ex-boyfriend for coercing her into abortion

Jindal, Christie Tapped To Lead Gop Governors

New Jersey Increases Burdens on Religious Freedom with Vaccination Requirement | Liberty Counsel Action

Christie calls on GOP to reject Akin

NJ: “Adoptive Father’s Rights Not Imperiled by Move to Gay-Unfriendly State, Court Says”

    NJ Law Journal: Settling a dispute between same-sex adoptive parents, a New Jersey judge says one can’t be prohibited from moving to a state hostile to gay marriage simply because the other fears impairment of his rights. The Sept. 21 ruling, in A.G. v. R.R., BER-FM-02-2258-09, means that Anthony Galde can move to Georgia over the objections of Richard Rinko, with whom he adopted a child while they were living in New Jersey.

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2 N.J. appellate judges reassigned to state Supreme Court to cover shortage

Public outrage may trump judicial independence in referendum on judges’ salaries New Jersey will be the stage for what’s likely to be a brutal campaign this fall, but it won’t have anything to do with the presidential election. For the first time in the state’s modern history, the New Jersey Supreme Court — an institution meant to be isolated from politics — will be subjected to a popular referendum reeking of politics.

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NJ Lawmaker Announces Effort To Ban Controversial Practice Of “Conversion Therapy” For Minors

Senate Approves Bill Altering Evaluation of Prenuptial Pacts (subscription)

NJ: Religion promoted at Jacqueline Harris Preparatory Academy, ACLU alleges

N.J. judge postpones ruling on driver’s license requirements

NJ: Christie Vetos Gestational Surrogacy Enabling Legislation

The myth of New Jersey’s ‘balanced’ court But Nicholas Scutari (D-Union), head of the Senate Judiciary Committee, said recently he would hold hearings for Christie’s next two nominees only “as long as one’s a Democrat” and “as long as the need for partisan balance is recognized and continued.” While “partisan balance” sounds like a noble aspiration, in practice this unwritten rule has more often than not served to entrench a 4-3 Democratic majority. Over the 65-year history of the modern Supreme Court, Republicans have held a sustained four-member majority only twice.

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Nearly unanimous NJ legislature and governor: Voters to decide question of judicial benefits despite Supreme Court The bipartisan action was a swift and decisive smackdown of last week’s state Supreme Court decision saying a law requiring higher payments was unconstitutional for Superior Court judges and Supreme Court justices. Only three of the 93 Assembly and Senate members who came to Trenton on Monday voted no.

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N.J. lawmakers look to bypass court’s judge pension ruling in special session

U.S. Senate Confirms Shipp to District Court of NJ

He’s Watching That, in Public? Pornography Takes Next Seat

Christie’s likely choice for high court has a way with Democrats and Republicans alike

As Partisan Rancor Persists, Senate Votes to Confirm New Jersey Judicial Nominee

Christie set to nominate former federal, state prosecutor to N.J. Supreme Court

Gov. Christie says he plans to submit new Supreme Court nominee this month

NJ: School Board’s Rejection of Proposed Referendum on Religion In Schools Upheld

NJ: ACLU wades into controversy over city ordinance requiring groups to have insurance

NJ: Summary Judgment Denied In Zoning Dispute Over Use of Rabbi’s House for Religious Services

Komen Announces New Funding for Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz

N.J. Supreme Court: Homeowners group can’t order resident to remove political signs

What price is N.J.’s judiciary system paying for Gov. Christie’s battle with Senate Dems?

NJ Muslims file federal suit to stop NYPD spying

N.J. Senate Panel Rejects Christie Supreme Court Nominee Harris

NJ: High court pick has ‘his work cut out for him’

Muslim leaders to meet with NJ attorney general

Axotl Tanks or Brood Mares: NJ bill would legalize commercial surrogate pregnancy

Gov. Christie’s N.J. Supreme Court nominee will not clear Senate Judiciary Committee, sources say

Another NJ high court nominee faces skepticism, marriage at issue

States should fold on Internet gambling

    Christian Science Monitor: California and New Jersey, each seek more revenue, are leading the states toward Internet gambling, starting with online poker. But this all-too-easy form of gaming would come with at a high cost to society – and government . . . Californians should especially worry about the undue influence of money on lawmakers. Six online-gaming operators have spent $7.7 million on political contributions, gifts to officials, and lobbying in Sacramento over the past two years, according to the Los Angeles Times.

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Court Defers To Church Hierarchy In Dispute Over Control of Church Funds

On Gov. Christie’s Judicial Nominations

Anti-Semitic Comments Against Non-Jew Actionable Under NJ Law