School vouchers prompt court fights in US

NJ church gives sanctuary to 2nd Indonesian Christian facing deportation

Panel chosen by Christie endorses N.J. Supreme Court nominees

Abortion conflict puts pro-life health professionals in limbo | Deseret News

NJ spycam case stirs debate over hate crime laws

Jeff Jacoby: “On Trial at Rutgers: Hate Crime or Thought Crime?”

Unheard Voice in NJ Surrogate Case — the Birth Mother’s

NJ: Gov. Chris Christie says he is for “gay rights” not marriage redefinition

Christie Expects to Win Passage of Limited School-Voucher Program in 2012

“Poll: N.J. Voters Want Gay-Marriage Referendum”

NJ standoff on marriage – What happens now?

NJ court allows 14th Amend. claim in marriage challenge

2,500 attend Trenton rally supporting school voucher program for N.J. students in failing districts

Video: Christie explains same-sex “marriage” veto

NJ: “Christie vetoes gay marriage bill”

New Jersey bill to redefine marriage delivered to Chris Christie

NJ Senate votes to redefine marriage, bill goes to Assembly on Thursday

“Optimism on gay nuptials in N.J., despite a likely veto from Gov. Christie”

N.J. senator introduces bill to allow voters to decide on marriage

Christie calls on union chief to resign over school voucher comment

Money Issues in New Jersey Marriage Fight

AFC Condemns Insulting Comments From NJ Teachers Union Leader

“Christie Says Gay Supreme Court Nominee Won’t Rule on Same-Sex Marriage”

Christian Ministry Censured for Failing to Host Same-Sex Ritual | Missouri Family Policy Council

“N.J. gay rights advocates fight a vote on same-sex marriage”

N.J. will need money to fund new anti-bullying law, council rules

Chris Christie’s “gay” judicial nominee wrote an e-mail supporting marriage redefinition

N.J. marriage referendum could be costly, advocates warn

“Cuomo Stays Quiet on Christie’s Plan to Put Gay Marriage on Ballot”

NJ: “Effectiveness of civil unions argued in Senate committee hearing on same-sex marriage”

NJ Gov. to veto marriage redefinition bill, but would agree to put before voters

N.J. Supreme Court: Towns can reject sexually oriented businesses, citing locations in other states

    In evaluating the adequacy of alternative channels of communication when deciding an as-applied constitutional challenge to the State’s statute limiting the places where sexually-oriented businesses may operate, trial courts are not precluded from considering the existence of sites that are located outside of New Jersey but that are found within the relevant market area as defined by the parties’ experts.

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N.J. Senate: Legislation to Redefine Marriage Nears Veto-Proof Support

GOP NJ Sen. Kyrillos to run for US Senate

NJ Senate President Stephen Sweeney: Time for N.J. to allow same-sex marriage

NJ governor signs sports betting bill into law

Judge Rules Christian facility cannot ban same-sex civil union ceremony on its own premises | LifeSiteNews

Complaint filed against Christian ministry for not allowing same sex marriage | Examiner

Judge: Ocean Grove Church Violated Law by Preventing Civil Union |

Court says church must allow lesbian ‘wedding’ ceremony | One News Now

U.S. Rep. Robert Menendez right to meet with blocked judge

NJ judge rules against church in civil union flap

National Organization for Marriage Pledges Major Fight in New Jersey to Prevent Passage of Same-Sex Marriage

“Democrats Line Up the Votes to Pass Gay Marriage Bill”

Kathleen Hunker: Conscience Protections Are Necessary in a Diverse Society

Same-Sex-Marriage Is Trenton Democrats’ Priority

N.J. Hospital Reverses Requirement for Pro-Life Nurses | Baptist Press

Sen. Menendez, a Democrat, blocks federal judge’s appointment to 3rd Circuit

US nurses retain right to refuse to assist abortions

Abortion doctor accused of murder returning to Md.

New Jersey Congressman Urges Vigilance at Hospital that Wanted Nurses to Assist at Abortions

12 pro-life nurses win victory in New Jersey hospital case

Pro-Life Nurses Win Over Hospital Abortion-Assistance Requirements

Victory for New Jersey nurses told to participate in abortions

Twelve New Jersey Pro-Life Nurses Successful in Negotiated Settlement with Hospital

Nurses Were Right to Resist Pressure to Assist Abortions | Life News

NJ casino regulators say strip club would be OK at Taj Mahal; Scores still needs a license

NJ: Church-State Barrier Held Violated by Judge Ordering Husband To Give a ‘Get’

Legal settlement: New Jersey’s pro-life nurses will not be forced to assist with abortions | LifeSiteNews

Deal: NJ Nurses Can Skip Aiding Hospital Abortions | Salon (AP)

Court: New Jersey Nurses Don’t Have to Assist in Abortions |

ADF: Will NJ hospital be allowed to continue forcing nurses to help with abortions?

“N.J. gay couple fight for custody of twin 5-year-old girls”

‘Keep Christ In Christmas’ Sign Stirs Controversy In South Jersey Town

Indonesian Christian immigrants carol in Manhattan, urging feds to allow them to stay in New Jersey

N.J. bill allowing same-day marriage pushes forward

Earlier Court Date for Pro-Life Nurses Fighting Involvement in Abortions | NRL News

Cathy Ruse: 12 New Jersey Nurses Stand Up to Obama’s Abortion Crusade | Human Events

Letter spurs hearing in NJ abortion lawsuit | Asbury Park Press