Victory for the cross

New Jersey man ordered to remove cross from his front yard

Livingston man should not be hassled for wooden cross in yard “There’s no question that this was provoked by a complaint by an irate neighbor,” said Joseph Infranco, one of a coalition of Christian lawyers with the Alliance Defense Fund, which is representing Racaniello. “I’m fairly certain that if he had posted a lost dog sign, that the neighbor would have done nothing. There’s evidence indicating that it may well have been about the content,” Infranco said.

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NJ Appeals Court abstains from ecclesiastical dispute where member is excluded from church property

Battle Brewing In Livingston Over Cross Erected On Patrick Racaniello’s Front Lawn

Putting up cross in backyard sparks legal battle in Livingson, New Jersey

Man fights for yard cross

Cross Spurs First Amendment Debate

Cross on Livingston resident’s lawn becomes First Amendment flashpoint He also contacted the Arizona-based Alliance Defense Fund, a coalition of Christian lawyers that, according to its website, advocates on behalf of “the spread of the Gospel.” The alliance told the township it may take the matter to court if officials don’t allow Racaniello to put the cross wherever he wants on his property.
    “We believe this is private property, and therefore he has a right to engage in this expression,” Jonathan Scruggs, a lawyer for the alliance, said in an interview. “We believe that either cross is protected by the First Amendment.”

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Vegetarian Hindus Can Sue N.J. Restaurant Over Meat

Ohio City Grants Free Speech for Independence Day

Town Can’t Ban Cross Display, Says Conservative Legal Group

Religious discrimination charge over crosses

New Jersey Democrats Want Christie Planned Parenthood Veto Override

Jersey Man Double-Crossed for Displaying Faith

NJ man double-crossed by town for displaying two crosses in front yard

ADF: Renewed attack on marriage in NJ should be quickly dismissed

“Christie Says He’s ‘Not a Fan’ of Gay Marriage After New York Passes Bill”

NJ Appeals Court: Adoption doesn’t preclude visitation by natural grandparents

“N.J. Senate President Sweeney apologizes for voting against gay marriage”

NJ Senate passes public employee benefits bill

    AP: Bucking the state’s powerful public employee unions, the New Jersey Senate on Monday passed a bill requiring sharply higher contributions for health benefits and pensions from more than a half-million government workers, while suspending unions’ ability to bargain over health care.

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N.J. lawmaker pushes for passage of legislation to redefine marriage, Christie viewed as key barrier

NJ: Point Beach to Settle Lawsuit with ACLU After Changing Prayer

Judges for Higher Taxes: The New Jersey Supreme Court passes an appropriations bill

NJ Senator calls in to confront Gov. Christie on radio over Planned Parenthood funding

New Jersey Votes for Planned Parenthood Funds, Not Veto-Proof

Christie: Won’t defy ruling to give schools more

N.J. Sen. Doherty slams Planned Parenthood hours before vote on bill to restore $7.5M to family planning clinics

NJ: Sexting Case At Middle School Could Lead To Arrests

ACLU wants cross atop auditorium covered up for NJ graduation

NJ: ACLU may sue Neptune over tradition of holding graduation at Ocean Grove’s Great Auditorium

N.J. attorney general faces questions on Christie’s threat to defy Supreme Court over school funding A late afternoon Assembly budget hearing flared into an all-out constitutional debate Thursday when legislators asked Attorney General Paula Dow to settle the predominant legal question in Trenton: Can Gov. Chris Christie defy the state Supreme Court? The governor has threatened to ignore the justices if they order him to find an extra $1.7 billion for school districts, but he has refused to elaborate on his controversial stance.

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Sweeney, Christie end impasse over N.J. Supreme Court nomination

NJ suburb sued over denial of mosque proposal

Anti-abortion billboard in N.Y. leads N.J. mother to sue Life Always

Cornell University Asks for GED or State-Approved Diploma

NJ: A Lawsuit’s Unusual Question: Who Is a Man?

    NY Times: “In a case with a truly unusual set of factors, Mr. Devoureau filed a discrimination lawsuit on Friday that could break new ground in New Jersey and across the country, turning on the question of who is or is not a man. An employer fired Mr. Devoureau because it said only a man was allowed to do his job: watching men urinate into plastic cups at a drug treatment center.”

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“NJ school district unblocks gay, lesbian, transgender sites under ACLU pressure”

NJ transgender man sues over drug-center firing

“Themed” Charter Schools in New Jersey Draw Criticism

In memory of a great ADF ally and friend, Scott Shields

Lautenberg: Pro-Life People “Don’t Deserve Freedoms in Constitution”

Appeals court rules N.J. woman must adopt boy conceived through in vitro to be considered mother

Rutgers University Poll Misleads on Chris Christie, Abortion

New Jersey Poll Claims Christie Standing Worse After Pro-Life Speech

Next time, try reading the Constitution

Christie yanks nomination of N.J. assemblyman as Superior Court judge

NJ: Protesters Suspended for Calling Out Sick

NJ: Court Nixes Infertile Wife’s Status as Parent of Husband’s Surrogate Chil

N.J. unions to rally at Statehouse in support of Wisconsin public workers

Want to Opt-Out of Vaccinations Requirements? Explain your religion; 2 states consider legislation

Christie’s ‘revolution’ against judicial activism

NJ: Judge rules Beach must pay ACLU $11,000 for reciting the “Lord’s Prayer”

Four states granted ObamaCare waivers: FL, NJ, OH, TN

NJ: Woodbridge to study sex shop zoning

N.J. Assembly panel advances pilot school choice bill

Three More Videos Show Planned Parenthood Helping Sex Traffickers

New Jersey Gov. Christie Vetoes Planned Parenthood Funding Bill

State Health Department to Probe Abortion Center in Video

Second Video Shows Planned Parenthood-Sex Trafficking Coverup

NJ: Point Beach residents keep praying at meetings despite court order

N.J. Gov. Christie speaks out on sanctity of life on Roe anniversary

Bill would let “sexting” NJ teens avoid charges

Christian homeschooling family broken apart by NJ agency

Gov. Christie nominates 9/11 attorney Sohail Mohammed for Superior Court judgeship

NJ Senate to vote on creation of state’s first school voucher program

Planned Parenthood to implement abortion mandate by 2013

Planned Parenthood may double the number of NJ abortion clinics while expanding nationwide

NJ: 35 year old Hammonton man indicted for child pornography on his cell phone

NJ: Ex-military camp leader pleads guilty to child porn

Codey calls on NJ Supreme Court to discipline Justice Rivera-Soto

N.J. Supreme Court Justice Rivera-Soto tempers stance on abstention

NJ: Officials not fazed by prayer ruling

NJ: Gov. Christie signs “anti-bullying bill of rights”

NJ governor signs bill allowing 2 smaller casinos