Controversial Seton Hall “gay marriage” course will go on as scheduled

Bring back Atlantic City as a beach resort: poll

NJ: Hatikvah Charter School exposes East Brunswick lawsuit

On eve of federal hearing, Pemberton changes tune on its violation of religious freedom

Planned Parenthood abortion biz found improperly billing Medicaid in New Jersey

N.J. Supreme Court’s refusal to hear marriage case raises question of Christie’s influence

Pro-lifers appeal to Gov. Christie to intervene on behalf of “Choose Life” plates

NJ: South Brunswick schools to close for two Muslim holy days

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie asked to allow Choose Life license plates

Pro-life group presses Christie administration to support N.J. license plate

Gov. Christie’s office pushes for Senate hearing on N.J. Supreme Court nominee “Patterson, an attorney who Christie nominated to the state Supreme Court in May, has been in limbo since then, caught in the middle of a spat between Christie and Senate President Stephen Sweeney (D-Gloucester), the state’s second most powerful elected official . . . Derek Roseman, a spokesman for state Senate Democrats, said Sweeney remains committed to leaving Wallace’s seat open for what would have been the remainder of his term.”

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Advocates of anti-sharia measures alarmed by NJ judge’s ruling

New Jersey Democrats want to override Christie veto of Planned Parenthood $

NJ: Hebrew charter school gets go-ahead from state

NJ Supreme Court rejects demand to redefine marriage . . . for now

N.J. Supreme Court declines marriage case filed by six same-sex couples

NJ: Church sues Pemberton Borough over zoning restriction

NJ: Christie vetoes bill restoring $7.5M grant for family planning

Rep. Chris Smith to introduce “No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act”

NJ: Same-sex “marriage” supporters, protesters prepare for Supreme Court battle

Today, showdown at the State House in Trenton over marriage

NJ: Same-sex “marriage” rallies, pro and con, planned today

NJ: Million Dollar Religious Discrimination Suit Filed Against Borough of Pemberton

Is a Patient Who Believes “Jesus Would Save [Me]” Competent to Refuse Life-Saving Medical Treatment?

“Right-To-Die” Billboard Causes Uproar In N.J.

Muslim Woman Sues NJ Medical Center For Religious Discrimination

Demetrios Stratis: Lawyers Need Not Check Their Religions at the Courthouse Door

NJ: Asbury Park rejects topless beach

N.J. town has Muslim mayor, Jewish deputy

    UPI: “A Muslim and an Orthodox Jew have become mayor and deputy mayor in Teaneck, N.J., a town they jointly call a ‘nurturing incubator.’ Mohammed Hameeduddin and Adam Gussein told ABC News their big problem is bridging the budget gap, not the religious divide. They attended the same middle school and were students at Rutgers University together.”

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N.J. Senate approves interdistrict school choice program

Abortion budget cuts upset NJ Dems

New Jersey town considering a topless beach

N.J. Democrats set stage for battle with Gov. Christie about family planning funds in budget

NJ: Lakewood Township private schools push vouchers

    Asbury Park Press: “Barely any of Lakewood’s public school students will see a voucher; and still, ‘This piece of legislation will help us more than any other town,’ according to Republican state Sen. Robert Singer, who is also a Lakewood committeeman. … In Lakewood, private school students outnumber their public school counterparts four to one — a unique situation enhanced by the fact that they also comprise up to 20 percent of all low-income private school students in the state, far more than any other municipality, according to the latest U.S. Census data. Match that population with an inconspicuous addendum to the bill that reserves 25 percent of the $360 million in school vouchers for low-income students already in private schools, and Lakewood actually stands to win big.”

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Summit Board of Education Hears from Residents Regarding Sex Ed Curriculum

A refreshing dose of honesty, Chris Christie: The Day of reckoning is here! Standing today, for our children tomorrow

America’s Municipal Debt Racket

    NCPA Policy Digest: “New Jersey officials recently celebrated the selection of the new stadium in the Meadowlands sports complex as the site of the 2014 Super Bowl. Absent from the festivities was any sense of the burden the complex has become for taxpayers, says Steven Malanga, a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute . . . ”

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Seton Hall: No decision yet on same-sex “marriage” course

Entire N.J. judicial panel resigns to protest Gov. Christie’s non-tenure of Justice Wallace

    The Star-Ledger: “The month-long controversy over Gov. Chris Christie’s decision to replace Supreme Court Justice John Wallace took a new turn today. Christie, who has faced a series of rebukes from critics who say the move jeopardizes the independence of the Judiciary, lost the services of a state advisory panel today after its members resigned in protest.”

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Catholic Seton Hall University considers same-sex “marriage” course

NJ: Planned Parenthood reps removed from sex-ed class

Casey Mattox: Progress on 5 university speech codes

NJ: Galloway Township suspends nonsecterian prayer invocations at meetings, searches for way not to offend

Hastings Law School Loses New Jersey

N.J. students, teachers rally in favor of school voucher bill at Statehouse

NJ: Don’t kill the New Providence Christmas Walk

New Jersey’s civil union law harms children, says court brief

NJ: School ban on “gay anthology” challenged by free speech organisations

NJ: State Dems react to Christie’s Supreme Court decision

Newark archbishop not happy with college course on same-sex “marriage”

Cross-Dressing Teen Sparks Prom Debate In NJ

Court: NJ school wronged pro-life student

Federal Court: NJ school board can’t abort student pro-life event

Court rules in favor of pro-life student expression

Federal court says school district was wrong on Christian flyer distribution

New Jersey school shouldn’t have barred student from pro-life event court says

Federal court says NJ school board can’t abort student pro-life event

NJ voters reject 59 percent of school budgets

Campus “speech codes” restrictive, unconstitutional

N.J. Elementary School Cancels ‘Cross-Dressing’ Fashion Show After Complaints

New Jersey Choose Life license plates revived by Federal Appeals Court after lawsuit

Fight over “Choose Life” slogan on NJ tags revived

NJ ‘Choose Life’ license plates case renewed in courtroom

ADF reminds colleges & universities of their free speech obligations

ADF to five universities: ‘Speech codes’ give officials too much latitude to define ‘offensive’ conduct

N.J. Supreme Court rules conversation between pastor, man accused of sexual abuse is protected

Same-sex marriage fight in N.J.? Not again!

Shock Jocks’ Homosexual Inferences Not Defamatory, Judge Rules

    NJ Law Journal ( “U.S. District Judge Joel Pisano predicted the state Supreme Court, which insisted on equal protection for same-sex couples in 2006, would be unlikely to ‘legitimize discrimination against gays and lesbians’ by treating a homosexual reference as a slur. The ruling, in Murphy v. Millenium Radio Group, 08-cv-1743, is a loss for freelance photographer Peter Murphy, who complained that Craig Carton and Ray Rossi, hosts of the “Jersey Guys” show on WKXW 101.5 FM, ‘derogatorily inferred’ he was a homosexual during a 45-minute segment.”

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“NJ Rep. Michael Carroll says gay unions of no societal consequence”

NJ activists seek new marriage definition

N.J. lawmakers oppose same-sex “marriage”

Three NJ lawmakers want in on same-sex “marriage” suit

    On Top Magazine (“gay advocacy website”): “Three Republican lawmakers filed a motion to intervene Monday to defend against a New Jersey lawsuit to win gay marriage. Senators Gerald Cardinale and Anthony R. Bucco, along with Assemblyman Michael Patrick Carroll, are being represented by the Christian-based group Alliance Defense Fund (ADF) . . . ‘There’s more to marriage than just any two people in a committed relationship,’ ADF Senior Legal Counsel [Austin R. Nimocks] said in a statement. ‘At this time in history, we should be strengthening marriage, not tearing it down. Instead, activists are seeking to redefine marriage for all New Jersey citizens by resurrecting an already-resolved, three-year-old lawsuit with the goal of forcing legislators to redefine marriage against their will.’”

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Conservatives wonder how N.J. Attorney General Paula Dow sided against the Christians