ADF may appeal ruling against CPCs | Baptist Press

Why anti-Catholic prejudice ought to bother everyone

    Rev. Robert Barron at National Review: “The attitude demonstrated by the son of Mario Cuomo suggests that there is a short path indeed from the privatization of Catholic moral convictions to the active attempt to eliminate those convictions from the public arena. I would hope, of course, that it is obvious how this aggression against Catholics in the political sphere ought deeply to concern everyone in a supposedly open society. If the legal establishment can use the law to aggress Catholics, it can use it, another day, to aggress anyone else.”

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NYC settles discrimination lawsuit against Hasidic stores

NYC pregnancy centers win free speech appeal

NY: Assembly bill would end workplace discrimination based on religious attire

Meet key witness in NYC Human Rights Commission case against Jewish business owners

Doctor-free pregnancy centers must admit that

NYC pregnancy centers win free speech appeal | WORLD

Court strikes down New York City law targeting pro-life pregnancy centers | LifeNews

Pro-Life? Not welcome in Andrew Cuomo’s New York

Court revives NY law on crisis pregnancy centers | Associated Press

Appeals court strikes down most of NYC anti-pregnancy center law

The threat to NYC charter schools

Islamic law and Saudi law in American courts

    Eugene Volokh: “The American legal system generally does a good job of dealing with arguments for consideration of foreign and religious law (including Islamic law). Sometimes it does take into account foreign law and parties’ felt religious obligations, and sometimes it doesn’t — but indeed our legal system sometimes should take such things into account, and sometimes shouldn’t. There’s no need for broad new bans on such consideration, whether as to foreign law, religious law, or Islamic law in particular.”

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Judge censured for asking staffers to pray, run errands

Cuomo restates support for abortion

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