Texas Legislature Passes Bill On Winter Holidays In Schools

TX: Lesbian couple can’t cohabitate: Why not?

Abortion Doc Who Twists Off Babies’ Heads Killed Woman in Failed Abortion

Texas Legislature passes bill to force non-profits to identify supporters

TX: Marion school board sticks with prayer that group says is illegal

Abortion Clinic Workers Blow Whistle on Abortion Doc Killing Babies Born Alive

Texas’ Gosnell Douglas Karpen under criminal investigation for allegedly murdering newborn babies | Life News

Another Gosnell: Report Shows Texas Abortion Doc Kills Babies Born Alive

Texas House passes ‘Merry Christmas’ bill

Texas Trial Court Says Cheerleaders Can Use Run-Throughs With Religious Messages

Kountze Cheerleaders Granted Victory in Bible Banner Case

Final Ruling Expected In Bible Banner Case; Kountze Cheerleaders Hold Press Conference

Texas: Abortion bill faces long odds in regular session

Mayor Mike Rawlings calls marriage equality resolution political and a misuse of Dallas council’s time

Tocqueville, Texas, Marriage, and Zombie Catholicism | Robert Zaretsky at NYT

Austin mayor: No changes on same-sex benefits

Texas AG: Same-sex “marriage” benefits unconstitutional

Legal defense ministry CEO to speak | TylerPaper.com

    TylerPaper.com: Alan Sears, president, CEO and general counsel for Alliance Defending Freedom (formerly Alliance Defense Fund), will speak at the “Breakfast of Champions: Leadership Lessons for Men” from 6:30 to 7:30 a.m. May 3 at Green Acres Baptist Church . . . “What I’m going to do during my time with you is talk about some of the severe challenges that we face as Americans, as followers of Christ, and what the impact will be in shaping what tomorrow looks like in America,” Sears said in a release about the event. “But I’m also going to give you some really good news. I’m going to talk about some of the incredible victories that God has given in areas where no one thought a year or two, or five years ago, that it was possible to have any success.”

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Texas Senate Democrats bottle up abortion facilities bill

Higher-Education Groups Split Over Workplace-Retaliation Case at Supreme Court | Chronicle of Higher Education

Supreme Court Hears Arguments In Title VII Retaliation Case Brought By Doctor Claiming Ethnic and Religious Discrimination

Liberty’s Mateer Testifies to Support Texans’ Religious Freedom

Texas Senate committee votes to repeal sodomy law

Texas Senate panel OKs new rule for abortion doctors

TX: Kountze ISD takes action on Scripture banner case

Rowlett City Council invocations summoning prayer and debate

Texas: Legislators Looking at New Measures to Protect Homosexual Teens

Texas: State House Committee Mulls Abortion Ban

Austin schools to offer insurance benefits to domestic partners | Austin American Statesman via InsuranceNews.net

Texas Legislature Weighing 5 Key Proposals To Limit Abortions

    KUHF FM: There are five key bills that many are watching. Here is what they would do:
    Ban all abortions after 20 weeks (the “Preborn Pain Act”).
    Force abortion clinics to be licensed as “ambulatory surgery centers.”
    Require a doctor (not a nurse) to dispense the medical abortion pill RU-486.
    Require that doctors performing abortions have admitting privileges at a nearby hospital.
    Ban any health insurance plan, including those offered in the upcoming “exchanges” under the federal health law, from offering abortion coverage, unless purchased as separate coverage and paid for with a separate premium.

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ACLU says Texas school reverses course: sexually confused boy can dress like girl for the prom

“3 Texas Democrats in DC not jumping on gay-marriage bandwagon”

Texas Senate’s sexual orientation discrimination bill is still pending

5th Circuit: Prison restrictions on inmate beards violate RLUIPA

Perry doubles down against ObamaCare’s Medicaid expansion

Federal judge rules that Dallas’ homeless feeding ordinance violates ministries’ religious freedoms

Austin schools to offer insurance benefits to domestic partners

Cruz chewed out by colleague Mary Landrieu over abortion amendment

TX: Atheists Challenge Rowlett City Council Prayer Policy Before Meetings

Texas Law Causes Decrease in Abortions

Texas Ultrasound Law Cuts Abortions 10-15 Percent in Two Years

Texas: Anti-abortion advocates push to get Planned Parenthood out of schools

Abortion wars heating up at Texas Legislature

Texas Lawmakers Urge Boy Scouts to Maintain Traditional Values

TX: School Board Seeks Feedback on Faith Banner Ban

Texas Judges Must Face Voters Without Heeding Politics

Texas: “Group fights to get homosexual conduct law off books”

Private School Choice: Options for Texas Children

Texas senator moves to tighten abortion pill rules

Grand Opening of ‘Largest-Ever Church Building Project’ Will No Longer Star Tim Tebow

TX: Parent’s Claim In School “Candy Cane” Dispute Dismissed On Qualified Immunity Grounds

Baby and mom win, family on track together | One News Now

Judge rules that Texas teen can keep her baby in forced abortion case

Texas: Police look for fetus after woman’s abortion

14 Texas abortion clinics cited for health violations: only one fined

Texas Teen Sues Parents Over Abortion Fight

Americans United Tries to Pressure City Council Into Dropping Invocation | Doug Napier at Townhall

Texas Legislator Proposes Offsetting State Tax Refund For Contraceptive Coverage Refusal

TX: Sexual orientation activists postpone meeting with Waco board

TX: More school choice would save state billions

TX: Waco advocates urging ban on sexual orientation bias

Kelly Shackelford tells crowd about Liberty Institute’s defense of prayer

Middle TN lawmakers take on Planned Parenthood

Abortion back on Texas Legislature’s agenda

“Report shows Bible courses in Texas public schools are biased, lack strong curriculum standards”

Liberty Institute Investigates Demand to Remove School’s More Than 65-Year-Old Display Containing Jesus Portrait

TX: AG’s Input Sought Re: Benefits For ‘Gay’ Partners | One News Now

Tea Party-Backed Cruz Joins Senate Judiciary Committee

Judge Rules Texas Can Move Ahead With Measure Defunding Planned Parenthood | The News American

    The New American: Among the pro-life groups applauding the ruling was Alliance Defending Freedom, which is representing a former Texas Planned Parenthood clinic director, Abby Johnson, who has charged that the abortion giant is guilty of defrauding the Texas Women’s Health Program of more than $5.7 million. ADF said that the case against Planned Parenthood of Southeast Texas represents just a fraction of more than $100 million in waste, fraud, and abuse the conservative legal advocacy group exposed in a report it presented to the U.S. Congress last February. “Texans shouldn’t be forced to fund abortion industry giants like Planned Parenthood, so the court got this right,” said ADF Senior Counsel Mike Norton in response to the latest court ruling. “Texas law reserves taxpayer money for real healthcare for women and protects Texans from being financially coerced into abortion advocacy.” He added that women “deserve better than Big Abortion’s predatory business model and taxpayers deserve better than to be victims of Planned Parenthood’s waste and abuse of public dollars.”

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Texas Supreme Court To Decide Fate Of Episcopal Properties

Texas court got it right; taxpayers shouldn’t be victimized by predatory abortion businesses | Alliance Defending Freedom Comment