“Protecting religious liberty from gay marriage and protecting gay marriage from religious liberty”

“California’s gay marriage trailblazers look East for signs of progress”

Vermont: House panel wants education in sexting bill

Bill O’Reilly: Kids Gone Wild

    Bill O’Reilly writes at Townhall: “Supporters of the sexting law say it’s necessary so that teenagers will not be prosecuted as sexual offenders and have their lives ruined. There is some validity to that as dopey kids do dopey things. However, the sane solution would be to categorize sexting as a misdemeanor breach of the peace, thus sending a message that it is unacceptable for kids to send other kids sexual images.”

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Vermont is fourth state to approve same-sex “marriage”

Vt. gov.: No to decriminalizing teen sexting

Patrick A. Trueman: Vermont’s proposed “sexting” remedy would make matters worse

Vermont: HSLDA Wins Hearing Defending Family’s Right to Homeschool

‘Safe sexting’ – permission over principle

New England: “Demographic winter heralds same-sex marriage spring”

Vermont legislature considers legalizing sexting

The Vermont Legislature, Inventor of the “Civil Union,” Grants Full Marriage Rights to Same-Sex Couples: Why It Decided Civil Unions Were Not Sufficient to Ensure Equality

Defining moments in marriage

Media’s mantra ignores reality: The people have rejected same sex “marriage” 100% of the time

“Advocates on Both Sides Seek Momentum on Same-Sex Marriage”

Poll and “New York lawmakers react to Vermont gay marriage bill”

    Capital News 9: “But according to a Quinnipiac poll released Tuesday, only 41 percent of New York voters support legalizing gay marriage. Civil unions get 33 percent support while 19 percent want no legal recognition . . .” The report further quotes a spokesperson for Senate Majority Leader Malcolm Smith ‘. . . at the present time he does not believe there are sufficient votes in the Senate to pass the marriage equality bill.’”

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“What Is Taking Them So Long?”

    Tips-Q.com: “. . . But apparently the Right’s standard talking points about ‘activists judges’ and ‘the will of the people’ aren’t going to work this this time, now that the Vermont has enacted marriage equality through the legislative process and so it seems as if they are struggling on how to respond.
    Hours have now passed and we have not heard a peep out of any of the groups who traditionally use such developments as a cudgel with which they can wage their culture war – not the Family Research Council; not the Eagle Forum; not the Traditional Values Coalition; not the Alliance Defense Fund; not Concerned Women for America … not even Peter LaBarbera and his Americans for Truth . . . ”

    FACTS: ADF covered the news immediately as it broke in the ADF Alliance Alert and issued a press release in short order. In addition, ADF attorneys appeared in numerous media outlets throughout the day.

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“Pro-Family Leaders Warn Battle Over Marriage Will Reach Federal Level”

Vt. overrides veto, legalizes ‘gay marriage’

Vt. Legislature says OK to imposing system that deprives children of mom, dad

Vermont legislature overrides veto, votes to redefine marriage

    WCAX.com: “Vt. House and Senate have voted to override the governor’s veto of the same-sex marriage bill– legalizing gay marriage in Vermont.”

    The Vt. Senate voted to override the governor’s veto of the same-sex marriage bill. This morning, the Senate voted 23 to 5 to override that veto . . .

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“Vermont Gov. Douglas Vetoes Gay Marriage Bill”

Iowa marriage ruling puts New England in focus

Vt. House committee OKs same-sex “marriage”

ADF: Vt. governor on firm ground to veto same-sex ‘marriage’ bill

DNC Chair backs marriage redefinition in Vermont

Vt. governor says he’d veto same-sex “marriage” bill

Same-sex marriage bills gain in N.E.: Vt. Senate passes plan; votes set in N.H., Maine

Same-sex “marriage” vote worries Vt. politicians

Vermont Senate votes to legalize same-sex “marriage”

    “The bill, which passed the 30-member chamber by a 26-4 margin, moves to the Vermont House, where it is also expected to be approved. Republican Gov. Jim Douglas, however, has said he doesn’t support the bill . . .”

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Vermont Senate panel approves bill to redefine marriage

Vermont begins hearings on bill to redefine marriage

Vermont Gov opposes same-sex “marriage”

“American Courts on Marriage: Is Marriage Discriminatory”

Vermont: Professional organizations back marriage redefinition

Vermont lawmakers to push for marriage redefinition before the end of May

Virginia and Vermont Conflict over Civil Unions Heads Back to the Virginia Court of Appeals

Ranking says Pa. most pro-life state

Vermont Teacher Sued For Proselytizing

Vermont: “Gay Marriage Bill Presented at Statehouse”

Ben Stein “Expelled” from University of Vermont

“V. Gene Robinson to testify on bill allowing gay marriage in NH”

Ben Stein gets the boot over Expelled?

    Apparently the choice of media personality Ben Stein to be the commencement speaker at the University of Vermont generated such a brouhaha that Ben Stein bowed out. ON Monday, the UVM President Dan Fogel announced that Stein, whom Fogel had initially invited to come, would not be the speaker after all. Fogel said that Stein’s selection had generated an intense protest, that he had received hundreds of angry emails over the weekend and that after he had shared those “profound concerns” with Stein, Stein “immediately and graciously declined our commencement invitation.”

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Judges threatens natural mom in child custody dispute with former lesbian partner

Court rules Christian mom’s child must visit lesbian: State threatens to take daughter by force, if necessary

Lawmakers cool to casinos at Vermont ski resorts

    AP: “Vermont’s state auditor is hoping that downhill skiers might turn into high rollers. Auditor Thomas Salmon said the state should consider putting a casino at Killington – or other resort area – to raise money to repair the state’s …

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Same-sex ‘marriage’ enthusiasts target New England

Dueling marriage proposals introduced in Maine

Mother Refuses All Further “Parental” Visits with Daughter by Former Lesbian Partner

Bill to redefine marriage reintroduced in Vermont

    WCAX.com reports: “Now Vermont could be on the cusp of becoming the next state to grant same-sex couples the right to marry. Senator John Campbell, D-Quechee, has introduced a bill that would do just that. It also grants religious institutions …

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“Gay marriage backers target New England”

Vermont’s Tuitioning Program

    EdNews reports: “Two weeks ago this space summarized a Maine program permitting many publicly funded students to attend a school of their choice from a variety of sources, both public and private.  A similar tuitioning program in Vermont involves fewer …

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Judgments Threaten To Bankrupt Vermont Catholic Diocese

    The Rutland Herald reports: In a potentially bankrupting slam to the state’s largest religious denomination, a jury ruled Wednesday that Vermont’s Catholic Church should pay nearly $3.6 million for negligence in hiring and supervising a pedophile priest . . .  …

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Today! ADF attorney on Fox News Channel to discuss Vermont John 3:16 license plate case

NPR: Vt. Man Fights For Bible Verse Vanity Plate In Court

U.S. Supreme Court refuses to hear “only one mommy” case pitting laws of Vermont vs. Virginia

2nd Circuit: ADF argues against Vermont’s ‘John316′ license plates ban

Vermont governor opposes marriage redefinition bill

Vt. Senator to reintroduce bill to redefine marriage

The Defense of Marriage Act as an Efficacious Expression of Public Policy: Towards a Resolution of Miller v. Jenkins and the Emerging Conflict Between States over Same-Sex Parenting

“Lisa Miller Held in Contempt of Court for Refusing Child Visitation to Former Lesbian Lover”

Mother to Face Contempt Charges for Refusing Custody of Daughter to Former Lesbian Lover

Feds sue Vt. for underreporting overseas ballots

    The AP reports: The federal government is suing the state of Vermont for failing to report the amount of absentee ballots sent to Vermonters overseas for the 2006 general election. The U.S. Department of Justice complaint accuses Vermont Secretary of …

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New York Trial Judge Rules That Lesbian Co-Parent Can Seek Custody and Visitation Rights

Former lesbian partner seeks to remove custody from natural mom due to visitation denial

Virginia: Visitation denial in lesbian partner custody case dismissed again

The Virginia Supreme Court Enforces Vermont’s Custody and Visitation Order Regarding a Same-Sex Couple’s Child: Why an Anti-Same-Sex-Marriage State Recognized a Same-Sex Union For This Purpose

At Vermont lake, new controversy over nude beach

Civil union laws spread across state lines: Vermont lesbian wins custody of Virginia ex-partner’s child

Revisiting Roe: The Language of Privacy and Isolation in U.S. and Vermont Case Law

    As the Court has shifted and reframed its logic in the last thirty-five years, a telling trend has emerged: the more willing justices are to invade and describe a pregnant woman’s private experience, the more likely they are to restrict access to abortion.

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Vt. school recognizes Bible club after ADF files suit

Vermont Commission releases marriage report

Vermont: Same-sex “marriage” report due

VA Supreme Court Hears Arguments Regarding Recognition of Same-Sex Civil Unions