Nampa Classical Academy headmaster to resign

New York OKs move to double number of charter schools

Charter school autonomy: A half-broken promise

    Charter School Autonomy: A Half-Broken Promise
    Thomas B. Fordham Institute, Dana Brinson, Jacob L. Rosch, 4.28.2010

    “This Fordham Institute study finds that the typical charter school in America today lacks the autonomy it needs to succeed, once state, authorizer, and other impositions are considered. Though the average state earns an encouraging B+ for the freedom its charter law confers upon schools, individual state grades in this sphere range from A to F. Authorizer contracts add another layer of restrictions that, on average, drop schools’ autonomy grade to B-. (Federal policy and other state and local statutes likely push it down further.) School districts are particularly restrictive authorizers. The study was conducted by Public Impact.”

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Regulate them to death: Teacher unions call for more oversight in face of NY charter school expansion

“Public charter schools culturally divisive, academically dubious”

Cortman: No reason to censor religious books

David Cortman: Does AU favor banning works of Western Civilization from Idaho’s public school and college classrooms?

Idaho: Judge won’t allow school to use religious texts

Proposed D.C. teachers contract makes charter schools nervous – $100k salaries

Charter School Considers Appealing Decision on Religious Texts

Federal judge dismisses Nampa charter school lawsuit against state over religious texts

Idaho: Federal judge dismisses Nampa Classical Academy’s suit over religious texts

ADF considering all options for appeal after bad Nampa textbooks ruling

Hobbling Charter Schools: They often lack the freedom they’ve been promised.

Several states stay off charter-school bandwagon

Law Review: Constitutional & Public Policy Barriers to School Choice in Georgia

    The Universal School Vouchers Roadblock: Constitutional & Public Policy Barriers to School Choice in Georgia
    Amelia A. Ragan, 3 J. Marshall L.J. 423 (2010)

    “Section II of this comment will explain the history of school vouchers legislation in Georgia. Section III will discuss the federal laws implicated by school vouchers programs and how those laws affect the implementation of such programs in Georgia. Section IV will analyze the state constitutional and public policy challenges to universal school vouchers programs using the language of Senate Bill 90 as an example. The author concludes that implementing a vouchers program, such as the one proposed by Senate Bill 90, would violate the Georgia Constitution, would violate public policy, and would not provide Georgia parents with the means to choose a better education for their children. If greater school choice opportunities are to be a realistic goal for Georgia students, the General Assembly should consider only legislation which makes significant changes to and improvements upon Senate Bill 90.”

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Law Review: Why School Choice Efforts Endure Despite a Lack of Improvement on Student Achievement

    Rationality & Results: Why School Choice Efforts Endure Despite a Lack of Improvement on Student Achievement
    Nina Gupta, 3 J. Marshall L.J. 199 (2010)

    “This article will first briefly describe the history of school choice in America, both in private and public education. Next, this article will detail two specific efforts at school choice available in Georgia, charter schools and vouchers for special needs students, with a focus on their effects on student achievement. These programs divert public funds from traditional public schools and redistribute them to largely autonomous public charter schools and private schools via voucher funds. Despite the growing popularity of these programs, evidence of improved student achievement as a result of enrollment at these schools is either nonexistent or inconclusive. Why, then, do these programs remain so politically popular? This article posits that these programs trigger and satisfy a powerful choice and ownership response that would otherwise appear to be psychologically irrational. In other words, these choice programs satisfy an inherent need for control and ownership, but they do not necessarily deliver any increase in student achievement – the first and fundamental purpose of any public education endeavor. This article will conclude with possible reforms for traditional public schools that can both satisfy this need for choice and ownership, while also improving student achievement.”

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Charter Schools’ New Cheerleaders: Financiers

English language learners represent 25% of school age children in the U.S., but are underrepresented in NYC charter schools

    By: Jack Buckley & Carolyn Sattin-Bajaj
    Occasional Paper No. 188
    Columbia U. – National Center for the Study of Privatization in Education

    English language learners (ELLs) comprise approximately 25% of school-aged children in the U.S., a proportion that is rapidly growing. On average, students classified as ELL score far below their English-speaking peers on standardized tests in English language arts and mathematics and graduate high school at much lower rates. In New York City, for example, only 5.2% of eighth grade English language learners performed at the level of proficiency in English language arts. In an age of sanctions and accountability, this statistic is staggering. Because these students are often seen as “harder to teach,” schools that are able to select their students may have incentives to enroll fewer who perform poorly on standardized tests and cost more to educate . . .

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Establishment Claim Against Charter School Proceeds, But Students May Not Intervene

GA: Judge rules state charter schools are constitutional

GA: Seven school districts sue state over local control of charter schools

Charles Murray: Why charter schools “fail” the test

New Orleans charter schools will outnumber traditional schools 2 to 1 next year

Do charter schools really cause segregation?

MD: Montgomery County takes baby steps toward charter schools

NY not keeping pace with demand for charter schools – 43,000 on wait list

KY: Charter schools gaining momentum

KY: Beshear considering charter schools for special session agenda

Church-state issue clouds Ind. schools’ conversion

Kentucky lawmakers invited to visit charter school

AZ: Charter schools nervous over state budget cuts

‘Race To the Top’ Is Great — Unless You’re a Charter School

VA: Politicians rally around Richmond charter school

Why Free Schools Are Better

RI lawmakers to raise limit on charter schools

MN: Islamic charter school families seek to join legal fight over religion at school

DC Opportunity Scholarships: The Up or Down Vote Our Country Really Deserves

Virginia: Senate committee approves McDonnell’s charter school proposal

OH: Church asks Supreme Court for OK to sponsor charter school

Virginia: Committee advances governor’s charter school bill

Alabama: The Real Costs of the Legislature Killing the Charter School Bill

“Va. legislators still weighing charter-school bill”

Charter school for LGBT youth opens in Los Angeles “Educators and community activists in the Los Angeles area have established a new school aimed at preventing cases such as King’s. The new charter school provides LGBT and LGBT-friendly youth the opportunity to earn their high school diploma in a safe environment, free from persecution.
    The first of its kind in Southern California, the new school is a collaboration between Opportunities for Learning (OFL) and the L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center program LifeWorks . . . ”

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LA school board snubs charter school operators

Virginia: Legislative black caucus opposes McDonnell’s charter schools proposal

Districts refusing reforms could hurt California’s chances for grant money

Idaho: Public Charter School Commission says Bible can’t be used

Georgia: Two More Districts To Sue State Over Charter Schools

Virginia: “Education groups criticize McDonnell’s charter schools plan”

“Escalating Evidence on Charter Segregation”

Milwaukee’s Voucher Graduates

CA: Fresno teachers union against new charter school

GA: Another lawsuit against state on charter school funding likely

SC: Battle Over Richland County Charter School Heats Up

Maryland: Pressing for changes to charter school law

NC: Treat Public Schools Equally, Charters Close When They Don’t Perform

CA: Lompoc school board studies up on charter schools

Students in the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program graduate at a higher rate than Public Schools Students

California bill promotes free speech in charter schools

AZ: State board to vote on new charter schools

Charter School Demand Continues to Rise

Mont. Won’t Apply for Federal School Funding

N.Y. fails to agree on charter schools for grant

Parents rage at Albany over charter-busting bill

Mike howls at school fools: Charter plan a ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’

NY: Paterson, lawmakers agree to more charter schools

Ala. Board of Education approves charter school resolution

N.J. Gov.-elect Christie targets teachers’ union with Schundler appointment

Minnesota is the most charter school-friendly state, nonprofit says

Ohio: Charter school advocates say growth limits hurt their chance at federal funds