14 charged in online child exploitation network

Supreme Court calls for new briefs on child pornography

Orange County lawyer disbarred for possessing child pornography

Supreme Court struggles to determine child pornography restitution

Supreme Court hears case on child pornography restitution

Supreme Court ruling due on child pornography victim restitution

Utah law professor to make case for child-porn victims

Sexting common, linked to sex among high-risk youth

Google to warn users of 13,000 search terms associated with child pornography

Google: Searches For Child Abuse Sites Blocked

Canada Says 386 Kids Rescued In Child Porn Bust

Nudist dad facing child porn charges says photos are ‘family portraits’

Supreme Court to Hear Child Porn Restitution Case

Weinstein’s Wild Whining

Teen Sexting Criminalized by States

Pa. Child Porn Victim Sues Viewers For $150k Each

Ice Arrests 255 People In Child Exploitation Cases

Web groups sue to block NJ law on underage sex ads

UK: I’m Not Sure That Google’s New Child Pornography Database Is Going To Work | Tim Worstall at Forbes

UK: Search engines urged to block more online porn sites

In reversal, judge orders child porn suspect to decrypt hard drives

Kansas City diocese settles child-porn lawsuit claims for $600,000

D.C. Circuit Weighs Child Pornography Restitution Case

The Case for Full Restitution for Child Pornography Victims

5th Circuit: Peer-to-Peer Child Porn Storage Supports Distribution Conviction

Utah Appellate Clinic Secures Victory for Child Pornography Victims

2nd Circuit: Judge’s views about Facebook result in new sentence in child porn case

“DOJ agrees with US Sentencing Commission that child porn guidelines are badly broken”

Sixth Circuit weighs in with instructions on restitution sentencing in child porn cases

Second Circuit judges sparring after denial of review of long child porn sentence

The Price of a Stolen Childhood: Child Pornography

PA: ACLU may sue over Greensburg teens’ ‘sexting’ charges

7th Circuit: Restitution to child porn victims owed by possessors is less than amounts owed by distributors

    U.S. v. Laraneta, No. 12-1302 (7th Cir. Nov. 14, 2012) (Opinion by Posner joined by Williams and Sykes)

    The court held that a possessor of child porn images is not jointly liable for the total amount of restitution owed to victims by distributors of such images, because the amount of harm caused by possession is less than that caused by distribution. The Court also held that there is no right of intervention for child porn victims where claims of restitution are denied, but rather the appropriate remedy is to seek mandamus at the court of appeals pursuant to 18 U.S.C. § 3771(d)(3).

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The prayer of a sex trafficked child: Escaping the abuse

In Child Pornography Case, Court Struggles Over How to Compensate Victim

D.C. Circuit Examines Computer Use Restraints in Child Exploitation Case

Circuit Split Watch: Former Federal Judge Seeks Restitution for Child Porn Victims

Woman takes case against Girls Gone Wild to Supreme Court

En Banc 5th Circuit: Child Porn Victims Can Get Restitution from Possessors

Pricing Amy: Should Those Who Download Child Pornography Pay the Victims?

    Lorelei Laird at the ABA Journal: Under the Crime Victims’ Rights Act, the government must notify Amy and other child pornography victims anytime anyone is arrested by federal authorities for possessing their images. Her attorney, James Marsh of New York City, says his office has received at least 1,500 required notices of federal prosecutions for possession of those images. “The day after we were retained in 2008, we had someone open up all these notices she received in the calendar years 2006 and 2007,” Marsh says. “It took two days just to open the envelopes.” Using the restitution provisions of the Violence Against Women Act, Marsh has begun utilizing the courts to request financial restitution from those convicted of possessing images of Amy’s child sexual abuse.

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Split 2nd Cir. Upholds Coach’s 30-Yr. Sentence For Sexting Child Porn, Guidelines Called for Life

Posner on “Staleness” of Digital Evidence in Child Pornography Cases

    Orin Kerr at the Volokh Conspiracy: When the government seeks to establish probable cause that evidence or contraband is inside a home, it sometimes has to deal with concerns of “staleness.” Staleness refers to the possibility that evidence or contraband previously located in the home is no longer there, because over time evidence can be moved or destroyed. In today’s opinion in United States v. Seiver, Judge Posner argues that concerns over staleness are rarely relevant in cases involving digital evidence. The issue arose in a child pornography case . . .

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Minn. Coach’s Child Porn Case Tests Investigators

Executive branch porn problem: Bureaucrats risk national security breaches

    Lori Handrahan at Washington Times: In April, I said the Colombian scandal exposed a national security problem, the epidemic of U.S. government employees viewing porn — child porn — on government networks. I suggested readers type “Transportation Security Administration,” “U.S. State Department,” “Pentagon,” “Immigration and Customs Enforcement” and “child porn” into Google’s search field to understand the scope. I neglected to include “Missile Defense Agency.”

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Legal Periodical: Child Pornography and the Restitution Revolution

Counting Crimes When Defendants Possess Many Images of Child Pornography on Several Devices

Wife Turns Husband in for Child Pornography; Marital Privilege?

2dn Circuit tosses child porn conviction because wrong apartment searched

Sexting: Parents need to understand social pressures and behavior

2nd Circuit: Viewing child cyberporn online can be “possession”

Brazil police say child-porn ring broken up

New York to close loophole over viewing child pornography

18 rescued in child pornography raids, feds say

Feds break international child porn operation

Pope removes Canadian homosexual bishop caught with child porn

N.Y. Senate passes bill to make viewing child porn on Internet a crime

Backlash grows at N.Y. ruling on viewing of child porn

Morality in Media responds to NY Child Pornography Ruling

NY High Court: Viewing child pornography online is not necessarily possession under state law

5th Circuit: Utah law prof. to argue apportionment issue in child porn restitution case

Debate rages over severity of child-porn sentences

UK: A generation of girls is now being sexually corrupted by the web

Child pornographer place on FBI’s 10 most wanted list

10th Circuit: Child Porn Defendant Loses on ‘Viewed’ but not ‘Received’ Claim

Sixth Circuit: 1 Day Child Pornography Sentence Unreasonable

En Banc 5th Circuit to rehear restitution case for child porn victim

Europol says major child pornography ring busted

Canada: Internet Providers Must Now Report Child Porn