Pro Abortion Movement in a Quandary Over Shortage of Abortion Doctors

A ‘Religious Right’ to Not Counsel Gays? | Care2

Tennessee Counseling Bill Would Let Student Psychologists Reject Gay Clients Without Punishment | Huffington Post

Law School Rankings Don’t Matter. Or Do They?

Comparing U.S. News Faculty Reputation Rank with “Scholarly Impact”

OH: School Revises Student Demonstration Rules In Settlement of Case

Cross-dressing student sues Baptist university after being expelled for lying about his sex

Liberty’s Obamacare Challenge Provides Glimmer of Hope | Robert Knight at Townhall

Law Schools Starting Small Firm Incubators – Good Idea?

    Findlaw: Beyond that, most law schools just don’t prepare students for running a firm. Some would argue that schools don’t prepare them for practicing law, though that particular concern is slowly eroding as more schools add practice-based education and clinical opportunities. The New York Times highlights a few of these efforts, such as Hastings’ Lawyers for America initiative and trend of academic credit for externships. They also point out another more promising trend: the small firm incubator.

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Legal scholarship highlight: A clinic’s place in the Supreme Court bar

Top Law School Cuts Admissions

TN bill would let graduate-student counselors reject clients on religious grounds

Two law schools offer a money-back guarantee — with strings attached

Northwestern Creates Mandatory Diversity Program

    Ed News: Northwestern University students will be expected to complete a quarter-long course in the “Social Inequalities and Diversities Curriculum” as a graduation-requirement. According to a report released on February 26, they will also be subject to a vaguely defined “Co-Curricular Requirement,” or a weekly discussion outside of class on the topic of social inequality. Students will be expected to complete both within their first two years at the school.

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“Gay Activists Bully Tebow, Christian University” | Todd Starnes at Townhall

To Place Graduates, Law Schools Are Opening Firms

    NY Times: When Douglas J. Sylvester, dean of the law school at Arizona State University, was visiting the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota a couple of years ago he mentioned the shifting job market for his students — far fewer offers and a new demand for graduates already able to draft documents and interact with clients. The Mayo dean responded that his medical students and graduates gained clinical experience in hospital rounds closely supervised by attending physicians.

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Bill will put Utah marriage commission into statute

When Even Members of the T14 Don’t Comply With ABA Standards, Will Law Schools Ever Be Truly Transparent?

Witherspoon Institute Law Seminar

“Pepperdine University announces LGBT scholarship”

College Says Christian Student Groups Must Accept Non-Christian Leaders

Personal Liability for College Administrators Violating Student Rights | Heather Gebelin Hacker at Speak Up Movement

Harvard Law Debate Stresses Meaning and Purpose of Marriage

Va. OKs bill protecting campus religious groups

Student Fees Gone Wild | David Hacker at Speak Up Movement

(More) confusion about “discrimination” | Rick Garnett at Mirror of Justice

    Rick Garnett at Mirror of Justice: In my view, the expressed concern about “taxpayers” is something of a red herring. The issue here (as in the Christian Legal Society case) is one of recognition and equal access; any financial “subsidization” is almost certainly de minimis. The bigger problem with the Pilot’s complaint — as I try to explain in this paper — is that there isn’t necessarily anything wrong (there isn’t necessarily any reason for “taxpayers” to worry) with groups “discriminating” or being “exclusive” in their membership.

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Muslim students to sue British university for ‘restricting freedom of expression’

Harvard Law Review Increases Online Presence

Georgetown University May Elect First Openly Homosexual Student Body President

Pro-Choice Motion defeated yesterday at Edinburgh!

Why Clarence Thomas Uses Simple Words in His Opinions

    The Atlantic: “What I tell my law clerks is that we write these so that they are accessible to regular people. That doesn’t mean that there’s no law in it. But there are simple ways to put important things in language that’s accessible. As I say to them, the beauty, the genius is not to write a 5 cent idea in a ten dollar sentence. It’s to put a ten dollar idea in a 5 cent sentence” . . . The quote that was likely most disheartening to his law student audience: “I wound up the court 17 years after I graduated. And I made my final payment on my student loan my third term on the court.”

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The Job Market: Is College Overrated?

Virginia Legislature Protects Mission of College Religious Groups

It Takes a B.A. to Find a Job as a File Clerk

Army Will Bill West Point Student Who Left Criticizing Proselytizing

Kansas: “Bill addresses abortion training for med students”

GWU Adding Sexual Orientation Question to Law School Application

West Virginia college students overwhelmingly reject Planned Parenthood campus group

The Collapse of the Judicial Law Clerk Hiring Cartel

Christian Group Booted From Michigan University | The New American

Washington and Lee Law School’s “Experiential Curriculum” a Hit?

Crop of New Law Schools Opens Amid a Lawyer Glut

Fixing the Judicial Clerkship Crisis

Law Schools’ Applications Fall as Costs Rise and Jobs Are Cut

“John Roberts bankrupts law students” | Paul Campos at Salon

Are Colleges and Universities Rewriting American History? | Heather Gebelin Hacker

‘Free Speech Wall’ at Canadian university torn down within hours by homosexual activist

A Supreme Court Clinic’s Place in the Supreme Court Bar | Jeffrey L. Fisher at Stanford

Canadian Law Deans Oppose New Christian Law School Because of Its Bar On Same-Sex Relationships

Anti-religious Groups Not Done With West Point | One News Now

A Survey of Law School Teaching Materials On Religious Liberty, Law and Religion

West Point Prayer Battle Sparks Church Vs. State Debate Over U.S. Military ‘religious Coercion | The Blaze

Stanford Law School Launches Nation’s Only Religious Liberty Clinic

Exposing Avenues of Campus Indoctrination | Travis C. Barham

GOP lawmaker slams federal grant to ‘introduce Muslim cultures to Americans’

Prayer at West Point under fire | Alliance Defending Freedom

MD: Gallaudet U. reinstates diversity officer who signed marriage petition

The Julea Ward Settlement: A Win for Religious Liberty | Jeremy Tedesco at Townhall

Same-Sex Marriage and Social Change: Exceeding the Speed of Thought | Matthew J. Frank at Public Discourse

We Must Break the Law School Cartels

Americans U. for Sep. of Church and States says West Point prayer policy is unconstitutional

6 of 10 universities can’t figure out 1st Amendment

All Many Christian Students Want For Christmas This Year Is Their Freedom | Alan Sears

A resounding, and lasting, victory for religious liberty on college campuses | Jeremy Tedesco at Speak Up Movement

UC Berkeley group protests proposed ban of Salvation Army bins

UC Berkeley bans Salvation Army bell ringers

“Gay students increasingly vocal at evangelical colleges” | Inside Higher Ed

Tinkering with Inconsistency: First Amendment Student Speech

    The First Amendment’s protection of freedom of speech applies to the states through its incorporation into the due process clause of the Fourteenth Amendment. Students in schools retain First Amendment rights; however, school officials, acting as parens patriae, have latitude to discipline students for their speech in some instances. This analysis will focus on the First Amendment rights of students, with particular emphasis on off-campus speech. Part one will discuss the Supreme Court precedent on the issue of student speech on and off the school campus. Part II will analyze the inconsistencies among the lower courts when addressing student speech cases. Part III will summarize the current state of student speech litigation, and Part IV will examine the New York City Department of Education’s policies related to student speech.

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5 Things You Should Know About Religious Freedom On Campus

Let there be light: UC drops its new, much-reviled logo