DOMA Ruling: As Violent Anti-Gay Marriage Protests Rock France, Will the Same Happen in the U.S.? | Des Moines Register

The academy’s war on free thinking

    Joel Alicia at Washington Times: f our elite law schools are to serve their students and the country well, they must actively seek out the best minds representing all points of view. That does not imply giving conservative candidates preferential treatment when making hiring decisions; all candidates must be held to the same academic standards. It does mean, though, that law schools should be eager to hire scholars who represent perspectives that are absent from their faculties. Law school campuses would have a richer and more vibrant intellectual life as a result, and the country would be the primary beneficiary.

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Christian Fired from State University for Expressing Her Views on Homosexuality in Op-Ed; U.S. Supreme Court Asked to Review Case

Sebelius touts ObamaCare benefits for graduates

Harvard Law Opens Applications to Juniors

    National Law Journal: Harvard Law School has announced a pilot program under which Harvard undergraduates may apply and gain acceptance during their junior year, provided they agree to work for two years in between graduation and beginning their legal studies. If the pilot program succeeds, the law school might expand eligibility to juniors at other universities, assistant dean and chief admissions officer Jessica Soban said.

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Headed to Law School? Lower Your Expectations

FIRE, ADF addressing nationwide epidemic on college campuses

The Administration Says Universities Must Implement Broad Speech Codes

Oregon: Colleges might ask about sexual orientation

Student debt delays spending, saving – and marriage

Poll: 61% of College-Age Students Want Government to Stay Out of Their Lives

LLM: Lawyers Losing Money

DMACC reaches agreement with student in free-speech suit | Des Moines Register (AP)

Iowa college’s free speech table folds | Alliance Defending Freedom

Some New Jersey Legislators Question State Construction Funding Award To Jewish Rabbinical School

The Rule of Lawyers | Richard A. Epstein at WSJ

    Richard A. Epstein at WSJ: Law schools are under siege. Applications have dropped to around 54,000 annually, from around 100,000 in 2004. First-year enrollment has slipped to under 40,000 students, from 50,000 in 2010. Jobs are scarce—especially for students coming from lower-tier law schools. The average annual tuition has risen to just over $40,000 per year, from about $23,000 in 2001. Average debt on graduation has followed suit, jumping to about $125,000 in 2011, from $70,000 in 2001. No wonder many experts expect perhaps a dozen schools to close their doors within a year while other schools slash their class size, faculty and staff to stay open.

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Why Is There a Campus Hookup Culture? Feminism, careerism, and secularism are to blame. | Dennis Prager at NRO

    Dennis Prager at NRO: In our dialogue, we agreed that her book’s subtitle was accurate, but we disagreed as to the cause. Freitas, who holds a Ph.D. in religious studies, blamed it on peer pressure, the sex-drenched social media of young people, and the ubiquity of pornography. I blamed three other culprits: feminism, careerism, and secularism.

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NM: Employees breaking away from unions at two different colleges

Conservatives wanted: Colorado University seeks intellectual diversity at liberal bastion

Carnegie Mellon unsure if naked woman mocking pope violates ‘our community standards’

Is Law Faculty Tenure In or Out? ABA Can’t Decide

Smith Women’s College Targeted After Saying No to Sexually Confused Student

    Edge Boston: trans woman won’t get to fulfill her dream of attending Smith College, a private women’s university in Massachusetts, because on government federal financial aid documents she is registered as a male . . . “We have a petition of over 3,700 signatures,” Schwartz said of the petition, noting plans to present the petition with the signatures to the school’s administration sometime this week. “We have a list of demands created as an organization

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“Federal Student Loan Decisions To Include Gay Families”

First Amendment Amicus Brief Clinic

ABA Panel Struggles for Answers on Law School Reform

The Decline Of Men In One Word – Porn – And How Colleges Aid And Abet It

The End of Meaningless Sex

Utah school rescinds, revises anti-religious policies | One News Now

Former Yale President: What happened to Academic Freedom? | WSJ video

Scalia challenges notion of Constitution as “Living”

EMU Student Government changes mind on exhibit | Eastern Echo

To Serve Women: Do female Ivy League graduates have a “duty” to work outside the home?

Law Schools’ Applications Fall as Costs Rise and Jobs Are Cut

Utah’s Snow College Changes Policies to Restore Students’ Religious Freedom | Citizen Link

YaleWomen conference unites alumnae

Christian Club Drops Lawsuit Against Utah College After School Agrees to Protect Religious Freedom | Christian News Network

The Closing of the British Mind? As a case study shows, freedom of speech in British universities is under threat. | Peter Smith at the Bell Towers

Christianity Under Attack on Campuses

IN: “Shut Up for Gay Rights, Says Dean of Students”

Taxpayer-funded Professors Desperate to Save Abortion, Rant at Students | Speak Up Movement

Religious freedom restrictions thaw at Snow College | Alliance Defending Freedom

College Professor Arrested for Profane Rant at Pro-Life Students

Harvard to offset federal tax burden for employees in same sex “marriages”

Utah college and Christian club settle lawsuit | Salt Lake Tribune

Christian Club’s Suit Against Snow College Settled | Religion Clause Blog

Student files suit against DMACC over flier policy | Des Moines Register

DMACC student sues campus over free speech policy

Baptist Colleges Can’t Accept Baptist Theologians

Yale conference to promote ‘non-human personhood’: will feature infanticide advocate Peter Singer

Iowa college limits free speech to one table | Alliance Defending Freedom

Genocide Awareness Project visits EMU

2nd Circuit: Establishment Clause Claim that “Feminism Is Religion” Dismissed On Collateral Estoppel Grounds

Which Law Schools Had the Most Clerkship Placements?

    Above the Law: An obvious point to make here is that these rankings don’t seem to distinguish between prestige of clerkship. Were these feeder judges or non-feeder judges, circuit courts or district courts, Article III courts or non-Article III courts? In the land of law, these things are very important. Considering how coveted clerkships are and how closely we hold U.S. News rankings to our hearts, this is information we’d love to see.

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Clerkship Hiring Is Getting Earlier and Earlier

Neurosurgeon Ben Carson withdraws as John Hopkins commencement speaker

Campus political leaders sign statement for marriage redefinition

Pro-Life student group at John Hopkins will be fully recognized

Justice Thomas talks at Duquesne University, offers surprises about life journey

A question of balance: Intellectual diversity in law school?

    Harvard Gazette: James Lindgren, a law professor at Northwestern University, began with numbers, citing a study in which only 13.2 percent of faculty at the country’s 100 largest law schools reported being “Republican or Republican leaning.” Of law school faculty that have donated more than $200 to a political party, 81 percent have donated to Democrats (91 percent at HLS), according to the study. “My opinion is that there is some discrimination in law school hiring,” Lindgren said.

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Catholic Colleges Tell Obama Administration: HHS Mandate Continues to Violate Religious Freedom | Cardinal Newman Society

Ave Maria university vows not to comply with HHS mandate despite court setback

Johns Hopkins’s and Planned Parenthood’s troubling extremism | George F. Will at Washington Post

Students seek priest’s ouster from George Washington U. for stance on homosexuality

The Most Overrated and Underrated Law Schools: Religious Discrimination a Factor?

Law school graduates aren’t finding much on the employment docket

University Compares Pro-Life Students to White Supremacists

Johns Hopkins Denies Pro-Life Club, Equates Them to White Supremacists

UNCW professor “looking forward” to having his day in court |

Student Government denies group funds: Students for Life exhibit ‘too controversial’ to support; lawsuit filed | The Eastern Echo

Goldwater Institute jumps into fight between Arizona Board of Regents, student group