“Gay Marriage and Intolerance” | David Bernstein at the Volokh Conspiracy

Yale, In Self Denial | David Hacker at Speak Up Movement University Blog

Supreme Court justices challenge Texas university race policy

Harvard Students Celebrate ‘incest-fest’

Symposium Revisits Landmark Student-Speech Cases

Your Professor Made You Do What?!?

FPC of WV, ADF Stand with Students Praying Before Football Games

    WDTV.com: “Christian students have the right to peacefully express their faith at school. They do not shed their constitutional freedoms at the schoolhouse gate or in the stadium parking lot,” said Jeremy Dys, president and general counsel of the FPCWV. “Misinformed public school officials should not cater to pressure from activists who demand that religious students be silenced; rather, they should understand that the Constitution permits students to pray—and pray publicly—before football games.” . . . “Our government and courts have already spoken: students have a constitutionally protected right to participate in peaceful, public expressions of prayer and worship. Alliance Defending Freedom and the Family Policy Council of West Virginia stand with students across West Virginia as they exercise their religious liberty,” said Alliance Defending Freedom Legal Counsel Matt Sharp.

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Fields of Faith 2012: Preparing Students for the Harvest | Matt Sharp

Feminism and Atheism: An Unholy, But Tenable Marriage | K Martyn at the Daily Nexus (U. of Cal.)

The Family Policy Council of WV, Alliance Defending Freedom stand with students praying before football games

University of CA Student Association condemns entire country of Israel of ‘racism’ in secretive vote

Lucky 36: What It Takes to Land a Supreme Court Clerkship

Lawsuit has potential to reach Supreme Court and affect school community | Biola U. Chimes

Kagan offers a view of a Justice’s working life (video) | Harvard Law

    Harvard Law School (includes video): During the event, their discussion touched on many topics ranging from Kagan’s current reading group at HLS on the Supreme Court’s 2011 Term to courtroom issues—including the role oral argument plays and the use of cameras in the courtroom. Said Kagan when asked about the role of the justices’ clerks: “They’re a fount of ideas, they’re a fount of information. They wander around the building and find out a lot about what other people are thinking. There’s a kind of clerks gossip network, and I encourage them to schmooze.”

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“Notre Dame staff seek gay, lesbian protection”

The 1L Summer Job Search (Unofficially) Starts Now

Justice Thomas Says Law School Rankings Lead to Discrimination

ADF: Free speech victory at Palm Beach State College

Clarence Thomas: Ivy-Leaguers no better than UF law students

Why Biola University Is Suing the Federal Government | Barry H. Corey at National Review Bench Memos

U. of Northern Iowa: Evangelical ‘extremists’ exercise free speech, say sin requires repentance

    Northern-Iowan.org: Although Brother Jed was trying to convert students to Christianity, he said, “Well, we do turn most people off. Jesus turned most people off. He angered most people.” He also disagreed with the Christian students present, saying, “People don’t want to forsake their sin and follow Jesus. That’s the bottom line. A lot of these people that talk about God’s love, they’re claiming they’re still sinning! So they want God’s love, and they want salvation and they want heaven while they continue to sin. And you can’t have both.”

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Law Schools Suffer Deep Loss in Lawsuits

    Balkinization: Of the dozen-plus misrepresentation lawsuits filed against law schools by their former students, in recent months three have been dismissed (several have survived motions to dismiss and are in discovery). The core basis for the dismissal is the same in all three: prospective students cannot reasonably rely upon employment data posted by law schools . . . These three law schools, and others facing similar suits, undoubtedly count these decisions as victories. But I cannot shake the sense that they mark a deep wound to the standing of law schools.

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U. of Tenn. will not stop prayer at football games & other events

Paulsen and Koppelman Debate: Religious Liberty in the 2012 Election at St. John’s on Sept. 27

Persecution Of Christians On Rise – In U.S.

College of the Ozarks suing federal government over Obamacare mandate

Congressman Scolds NLRB for Violating Catholic Colleges’ Religious Freedom

Universities in U.S. threatened, U. of Texas, U. of N. Dakota under evacuation

Maggie Gallagher: Eros and Civilization at Yale

Analysis: U.S. colleges have made huge endowment gains

Franciscan University criticized for including homosexuality in ‘deviant behavior’ course

Justice Kagan Speaks at U. of Mich. Law School

    Michigan Law School: Still, she said, “There are certain substantive matters that we divide on because we approach Constitutional decision-making in a different sort of way, because we bring different methodologies to the table, because we have different views about governing precedents and how broad or narrow those precedents are.” The Court, she added, would be better off “if we had fewer of these 5-4 cases. … I would like to have a Court where there’s more unpredictability of decision-making.”

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Speak Up University e-newsletter

David Hacker: FIRE’s Best Colleges for Free Speech

Wheaton College appeals suit versus contraceptive mandate

The Legitimacy Crisis in Federal Law Clerk Hiring

Grace College sues US over health mandate

Government ‘Moving Goalposts’ in HHS Contraceptive Mandate Controversy, Lawyer Charges

HHS Mandate: More Legal Hassle, No Religious Liberty Resolution

University rejects misconduct charge against gay parenting researcher

More Challenges to HHS Mandate | One News Now

ADF: Same-sex study author vindicated

Law School Tuition increases vastly exceed inflation again – biggest factor gov’t loans

    The National Law Journal: Average tuition and fees at private law schools will increase approximately 4 percent over last year to $40,585, according to an examination of published rates by The National Law Journal . . . The single biggest factor in the ability of law schools to raise their prices is the availability of government loans, Organ said. As long as students can easily borrow the full cost of their tuition, schools will face less pressure to contain their costs. This year’s tuition increases “tell you the extent to which federal loan money makes students less price sensitive and gives pricing power to law schools,” he said. “I think the current system is pretty fragile. It’s completely dependent on the federal government making loans available.”

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Obama Admin Revises Pro-Abortion HHS Mandate a Third Time

Contraceptive Mandate Challenge Dismissed For Lack of Standing and Ripeness

Evangelical Colleges File New Lawsuits Against HHS-Abortion Mandate

Two More Evangelical Colleges Oppose HHS Anti-Conscience Mandate

Do Law Schools Consider Applicants “Holistically”?

    Volokh Conspiracy: Prof. Mike Dorf has a post at Dorf on Law describing the brief he coauthored on behalf of the Association of American Law School in Fisher v. University of Texas. The gist of the brief is that if the Supreme Court reasons that Texas may not engage in affirmative action preferences because its race-neutral ten-percent plan already created a “diverse” class, this could mean that all institutions of higher education, including law schools, that seek racial and ethnic diversity would need to replace their current admissions policies with a rote, percentage-based admissions system to comply with the Constitution and federal law.

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Christian opposition to abortion pill mandate grows: Alliance Defending Freedom represents Grace College and Seminary, Biola University

Lawsuits Mounting against Birth Control Mandate

ABA Decides We Need a Rule to Stop Law Schools Lying About Jobs

Saudi Arabian students flock to American universities

Filipino bishops: We will strip Catholic status if schools defy Church teaching

At Muslim Ceremony, Illinois Governor Signs Bill Giving College Students Religious Attendance Accommodation

Atheist group asks U. Tenn.-Chattanooga to stop game day prayer

Cal. AG urges SCOTUS to allow race consideration in academic admissions

Hate Crimes vs. Hate Speech: What Universities Can Learn From The Attack On The Sikh Temple | Jordan Lorence

DOJ backs U. Texas on use of race, Kagan recuses

NC: Davidson College suspends Chick-fil-A from campus

The College-Cost Calamity: Tuition rises from 23% of median earnings in 2001 to 38% in 2010

Psychologists: “We’re Tolerant, Unless You’re Conservative” | Travis Barham

PA: Catholic college denies petition for homosexual club

Unlawful to give Christian business the boot

Scholarly Impact and Catholic Legal Education

David Cortman: Chick-fil-A can’t be banned from campus over speech | Washington Times

Tough Choices For Law Schools Amid Jobs Crisis

    AP: The University of Virginia, a top-ranked law school, hired 17 percent of its 377 graduates in 2011. The school has a 95 percent rate of fulltime employment in positions requiring bar admission. Subtract those graduates whose salaries are being paid by their alma mater, and it drops to 78 percent. “It’s a Ponzi scheme, in almost a literal sense,” said Paul Campos, who teaches at the University of Colorado Law School in Boulder. “You’re taking money from current students and paying it to unemployed graduates.”

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Male Oxford students free to wear skirts to exams

Dramatic increase in federal seizure of Social Security benefits for delinquent student loans

Matt Sharp: Playing Chicken With the First Amendment