Legal Organization Files Federal Lawsuit Against UB for Charging Student Group Security Fee for Abortion Debate | University Herald

“University Fires Employee for Op-Ed Standing Against Gay Rights as Civil Rights” | Charisma News

No free speech for university employees? | Alliance Defending Freedom

University policy meant to deter sexual harassment could deter free speech, too | One News Now

ABA Proposal Alarms Law School Diversity Advocates

Large Firms in a Hiring Mood Again

DOJ Bans ‘Unwelcome Speech’ on Montana Campus — and Wants to go Nationwide | Kevin Theriot at Townhall

Christian Legal Group Complains About Assignment

At Tenn. community college, ‘diversity’ for me but not for thee?

NALP: Law Grads’ Jobs Rate Falls for Fifth Straight Year

MIT adopts new policy to mitigate federal tax burden for same-sex couples

Did a Tennessee College Professor Really Force Her Students to Wear a Rainbow Ribbon? | Patheos

Christian Concern and Law Society reach agreement to all marriage conference

Florida professor’s terrorism class: Muslims taught to hate ‘from the cradle’

Washington-area Law School Deans Weigh in on Civil Rights

“Columbia State professor’s assignment about gay rights sparks protest” | Democrat and Chronicle

“Community college professor allegedly tells students: support gay rights or else” | Daily Caller

“TN students say assignment forced them to support gay rights” | NBC Nashville

Tenn. Professor Requires Students to Support Gay Rights, Calls View of Those Opposed to Assignment ‘Ignorant’ | Christian Post

College Investigating Claims Of First Amendment Violations | News Channel 5 (includes video)

“Group: Students ordered to wear gay rights ribbon” | Columbia Daily Herald

“Teacher Allegedly Forced Students to Wear Gay Pride Ribbons” | Politix

“Professor forces students to be gay rights activists for a grade”

Christian legal group complains about assignment | News 12 WDEF (AP)

“Professor Orders Students to Support Gay Rights” | Todd Starnes at Fox News

“Tenn. Professor Requires Students to Support Gay Rights, Calls View of Those Opposed to Assignment ‘Ignorant’” | Christian Post

Community college professor allegedly tells students: support gay rights or else | Daily Caller via Yahoo News

“Professor Orders Students to Support Gay Rights” | Todd Starnes at Townhall

College assignment flunks First Amendment by forcing students to promote professor’s views | Alliance Defending Freedom

Defending the Defenseless – Talking with Alumnus Greg Terra

Law School Application Reductions, Last Minute Scholarships

Chen Guangcheng: Chinese Communist influence in academia ‘far greater’ than people believe

Obama admin. seeks to take unconstitutional college speech codes nationwide | Alliance Defending Freedom

“Revisiting the ‘Preponderance’ Debate” – Standards to Discipline College Students

ADF attorney: Universities heeding our call to protect religious rights | One News Now

Suspicions Confirmed: Academia Shutting Out Conservative Professors | Rachel Alexander at Townhall

    Rachel Alexander at Townhall: Sociologist George Yancy asked professors if they would be more or less likely to hire someone if they were a Republican, evangelical or fundamentalist. Three-quarters said political affiliation would not affect their hiring decision. But the one-quarter that did say it would influence their decision virtually all said they would favor a Democrat over a Republican. Almost half of the sociology professors surveyed said they would look unfavorably upon evangelicals and fundamentalists trying to get a job in their department!

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Winners and Losers Of The Great Law School Application Reduction

Foundations of Freedom: David Hacker scheduled for Wallbuilders Live

Biola U. Feuds With Pro-Life Student Over Graphic Abortion Display

Alliance Defending Freedom prompts big changes at universities in 15 states

    Sonoran News: “Public universities should encourage, not censor, the free exchange of ideas,” said Senior Counsel Kevin Theriot. “This effort has given public universities and colleges the opportunity to respect the constitutionally protected freedoms of their students without any costly litigation. The objective has been to inform officials of how their policies conflict with the Constitution, as reinforced by numerous federal court rulings, so that the schools can make changes.” “The success of this effort so far means we will continue pressing forward to help schools protect their students as well as help students who often end up the victims of unconstitutional policies,” Theriot added

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Ex-Profs: Phoenix Values Profits Over Students, Faculty

Religious Freedom Busts Out on Campus | Christian Post

The Ongoing Battle for Free Speech on Campus

Pro-Abortion Activists Permitted to Disrupt Pro-Life Display at SUNY-Buffalo; AFLC sues

30 Public Universities Adopt More Christian-Friendly Policies After Legal Group’s Campaign | Christian Post

Illegal Flirting? Feds Revisit ‘Sex Harassment’ | WND

Alliance Defending Freedom prompts big changes at universities in 15 states

Canon Law Case Against Georgetown Submitted to Cardinal Wuerl

Do Dept. of Labor rules prevent law students from working for free?

DMACC reaches settlement with student in lawsuit over fliers | Radio Iowa

DMACC To Pay $14K To Settle Free Speech Lawsuit | WOI-TV (AP)

Iowa college to pay $14K to settle speech lawsuit | Muscatine Journal

DOMA Ruling: As Violent Anti-Gay Marriage Protests Rock France, Will the Same Happen in the U.S.? | Des Moines Register

The academy’s war on free thinking

    Joel Alicia at Washington Times: f our elite law schools are to serve their students and the country well, they must actively seek out the best minds representing all points of view. That does not imply giving conservative candidates preferential treatment when making hiring decisions; all candidates must be held to the same academic standards. It does mean, though, that law schools should be eager to hire scholars who represent perspectives that are absent from their faculties. Law school campuses would have a richer and more vibrant intellectual life as a result, and the country would be the primary beneficiary.

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Christian Fired from State University for Expressing Her Views on Homosexuality in Op-Ed; U.S. Supreme Court Asked to Review Case

Sebelius touts ObamaCare benefits for graduates

Harvard Law Opens Applications to Juniors

    National Law Journal: Harvard Law School has announced a pilot program under which Harvard undergraduates may apply and gain acceptance during their junior year, provided they agree to work for two years in between graduation and beginning their legal studies. If the pilot program succeeds, the law school might expand eligibility to juniors at other universities, assistant dean and chief admissions officer Jessica Soban said.

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Headed to Law School? Lower Your Expectations

FIRE, ADF addressing nationwide epidemic on college campuses

The Administration Says Universities Must Implement Broad Speech Codes

Oregon: Colleges might ask about sexual orientation

Student debt delays spending, saving – and marriage

Poll: 61% of College-Age Students Want Government to Stay Out of Their Lives

LLM: Lawyers Losing Money

DMACC reaches agreement with student in free-speech suit | Des Moines Register (AP)

Iowa college’s free speech table folds | Alliance Defending Freedom

Some New Jersey Legislators Question State Construction Funding Award To Jewish Rabbinical School