“I rejected abortion after rape, then the rapist sought custody of my child”

Home schooling and child custody

Twenty-three states allow rapists to demand custody of their victim’s children

Minn. appeals court rejects ban on children attending mother’s church

Iraqi women protest against proposed Islamic child marriage law

Second Circuit to hear same-sex custody case in Conn.

Israel’s Supreme Court Issues Temporary Stay Of Rabbinical Court’s Order Requiring Boy’s Circumcision

Nebraska High Court: 16 Year Old Too Immature To Consent To Abortion, Despite Fear of Religious Foster Parents’ Reaction

“Alabama Supreme Court ruling isolates grandparents, deals blow to children’s rights”

ND grandparents sue to visit their grandchildren

WI: Complaint Filed On Judge Who Changed Baby’s Name, Cited Jesus

ACLU says TN judge can’t ban “Messiah” baby name

Tennessee Magistrate Objects To Child Being Named “Messiah”

British Appeals Court Upholds Asylum Denial; Returning Boy To Be Circumcised and Rasied As Muslim Does Not Violate His Rights

TX: Lesbian couple can’t cohabitate: Why not?

Tennessee Child Custody Law Favoring Parents Who Can Best Prepare Child for “a Life of Service”

MN: In 2-1 Decision, State Appeals Court Says Judge’s Reference To Biblical Passage Was Not A Problem

Kansas sperm donor case: Former same-sex partner seeks involvement

SCOTUS: Hague Convention Appeal Not Mooted by Return of Child to Foreign Jurisdiction in Custody Dispute

Pastor Jailed for Refusing to Testify in Prosecution Arising from Lesbian Custody and the First Amendment | Eugene Volokh

    Eugene Volokh at the Volokh Conspiracy:Of course, under the Free Exercise Clause as interpreted by Employment Division v. Smith (1990), the pastor’s religious belief would likely be constitutionally irrelevant — the duty to testify would likely be viewed as a generally religion-neutral law of general applicability, and even sincere religious objectors would not be entitled to a constitutional exemption. (I generally think this is the right approach.) There are some possible counterarguments. One might argue that the law is not generally applicable because the duty to testify includes a religious exemption for clergy (of any denomination) who refuse to testify about confidential communications that they feel religiously obligated to keep confidential. One might also argue that this case involves a “hybrid rights” claim, involving a supposed combination of a Free Exercise Clause claim and a freedom-from-compelled-speech claim.

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Pastor In Same-sex Parent Dispute Remains Jailed

Foreign Child Custody Disputes Involving People Coming from Countries That Apply Islamic Family Law

Damage Award Denied To Father Who Objected To Foster Care Placement That Violated Children’s Religious Training

Children’s Immunizations, and Disputes Between Divorced Parents

Ohio court: Lesbian mom must share custody of child with ex partner

NJ Court: Child’s surname can be changed by custodial parent according to best interests standard

    Charles Toutant at the NJ Law Journal (subscription only), March 6, 2012: A state appeals court on Tuesday held that a surname picked by the primary custodial parent is presumed in the child’s best interests, creating a clash with a panel that found otherwise. The ruling in Holst-Knudsen v. Mikisch , A-3596-10, applied existing caselaw to reject the contrary holding on Jan. 20 in Emma v. Evans , A-2303-10, that the presumption in favor of the custodial parent should not apply to children born in wedlock. The Holst-Knudsen panel said it did not read two Supreme Court rulings on the issue “as making a distinction between children born out wedlock and those born to married parents.”

    The opinion.

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Same-sex custody battle could change Florida law

OR: Parental Rights to Refuse Sibling-Sibling Visitation

TX: Lawsuit Claims CPS Removed Kids Out of Spite

    “She finally went over the head of the case worker, then over the head of a supervisor to the program director,” said Allen’s attorney Chris Branson. ” She was told in no uncertain terms that that was a bad move on her part and they were going to show her exactly what happens to people who make bad moves.”

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Court Orders Father To End Mormon Education of Children Without Mother’s Consent