Reihan Salaam: Tax the childless

    Reihan Salaam at Slate: “By shifting the tax burden from parents to nonparents, we will help give America’s children a better start in life, and we will help correct a simple injustice. We all benefit from the work of parents. Each new generation reinvigorates our society with its youthful vim and vigor. . . . The U.S. Department of Agriculture has found that raising a child born in 2012 will cost a middle-income family a cumulative total of $301,970 over 18 years.”

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ACLU-TN protects student’s right to read Bible at school

UK: Northumberland County Council mulls student transport for religious purposes

David Harsanyi: Vouchers are not about Creationism

University of California-Santa Barbara professor charged in confrontation with pro-life teen

Finland: Summer hymn singing in schools may be forbidden

Louisiana Senate kills attempt to remove “creationism statute” from state law

Indiana ends Common Core education standards

Canada: “Catholic school student takes complaint of gay discrimination to human rights tribunal”

AZ Supreme Court: State funds for private schools legal

    AZ Daily Sun: “Arizona’s controversial voucher-like system of using state funds to send children to private and parochial schools is legal, the Arizona Supreme Court ruled Friday. Without comment, the high court refused to disturb a Court of Appeals decision which said the program, officially dubbed ‘empowerment scholarship accounts,’ does not run afoul of a state constitutional provision that bars public funds from being used to subsidize private and parochial schools.”

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CT high school Students for Life group wins free speech battle | Breitbart

Greg Lukianoff: Free speech gets torn up and run over on college campuses

Michigan school district baffled by union clause giving hiring preference to non-Christians

Mass. Senate passes updates to anti-bullying law

Victory: CT high school restores pro-life student free speech | ChristianNewsWire

Hawaii’s moral challenges prompt ministry | Baptist Press

UT volunteers to change speech policy – after lawsuit filed | OneNewsNow

Arkansas: “School superintendent defends decision to censor gay student’s profile”

NY: Church-backed education tax credit gains support

Colorado court to hear school voucher appeal

Canadian teachers fight government’s religious gag order | WORLD

Consent decree bars Louisiana school district’s promotion of religion

International Christian School in China bans faculty same-sex relationships

Why are atheists up in arms over fifth-grade graduation? | Charisma News

Indiana lawmakers query Ball State on intelligent design

South Dakota governor signs Pledge of Allegiance bill into law

ADF: Atheist group’s objections to SC school’s graduation ceremony unfounded

Priest lauds Catholic class offerings at ASU

    EWTN: “Arizona State University’s partnership with a Catholic college providing theology courses to students won praise from scholar Father Robert Spitzer as ‘an experiment in the logic of complementarity.’ . . . Fr. Spitzer said the partnership between Arizona State and North Dakota’s University of Mary breaks down an older model that created an ‘artificial separation’ between the public university and religious studies that could come from within a specific church.”

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New Zealand: School changes course, reinstates Christian studies program

Pro-life high school club claims its rights were violated | WFSB

Canadian Catholic school being pressured to teach all religions are equal | Christian Post

Canadian legal brief backs Catholic school’s religious liberty | EWTN/CNA

Ariz. lawmakers renew push to dump Common Core education standards

    Arizona Daily Star: “Unable to kill outright the Common Core program, state senators now are moving to let schools opt out of the national education standards. On a voice vote Wednesday, the Senate approved SB 1395 and SB 1396. While the wording and methodology are different, both essentially allow local school board and charter school operators to decide they do not want to implement the standards.”

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Students for Life fights 1st Amendment battle in CT high school | Breitbart

Christians ordered to teach Wiccan, pagan rites | WND

State employees, students could take off religious holidays under Wash. bill

Canadian Supreme Court to decide if govt can force Catholic school to teach contrary to its beliefs

Branford High Students for Life club’s censorship claim draws national attention | New Haven Register

Conn. high school blocks pro-life student group from handing out information | Christian Post

Bill shields Tenn. school religious displays from suits

Hawaii Rep. opposes SPLC “tolerance” training program for teachers

MA: Northborough K-8 School Committee leery of nixing religious holidays

Arizona school district may violate state law to allow Planned Parenthood sex-ed class | LifeNews

Wisconsin: Shorewood adopts transgender student guidelines, protections

Florida may allow expansion of private school vouchers

Seattle: Former vice principal fired for same-sex “marriage” to file lawsuit

Sasha Volokh: North Carolina judge strikes down vouchers

Philly schools accused of religious beard bias

ADF letters rebut Planned Parenthood claims, ask for recusal of school board member

DHS allows German home-schooling family to stay in US

OK House approves bill focused on religious freedom in schools

De Blasio’s attack on charter schools tells us the left’s priorities

Canada: University president to speak on “anti-gay” policy before Nova Scotia bar society

Boston parochial school pulls out of St. Pat’s parade to avoid “condoning homosexual lifestyle”

New Zealand: No change to religious instruction policies

New Zealand: More complaints over Christian education in schools

Supreme Court denies review in home school asylum case

Settlement fixes vague UT-Knoxville speech policy

VA school prayer bill passes, but not by veto-proof vote

Study: Co-location does not harm traditional public schools

Hindus in New Jersey school district want a day off for Diwali

Legal-Courts Can recycled tires really further religion? | OneNewsNow

PA: Students’ right to free expression spelled out in new policy | PennLive

NLJ: The go-to law schools

    National Law Journal: “We’ve ranked the top 50 law schools by the percentage of 2013 law school graduates who took jobs at NLJ 250 firms—the nation’s largest by headcount as identified in The National Law Journal’s annual survey. We’ve also identified the law schools that saw the most alumni promoted to partner during 2013, and compared how each law school’s cost compares to its large firm hiring record.”

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Public university professors don’t have the right to evangelize, judge rules

College faith groups need religious liberty protection | The Gazette

Use and Abuse of Religious Exemptions from School Immunization Requirements | Hastings Law Journal

NC: Judge blocks law allowing use of tax money for tuition at private or religious schools

Washington high school denies censoring pro-life student group

When school’s not in session, church is . . . and that’s a problem apparently | OneNewsNow

Montana: Catholic coach fired for work at Planned Parenthood

Christ-centered colleges join forces against ObamaCare mandate | OneNewsNow

Australia: Religion out at Cranbourne South Primary School

Oklahoma legislature approves Religious Viewpoints Antidiscrimination Act