Hillary Clinton Calls For Election Reform

Burning the house to roast the pig: Can elections be saved by banning political speech?

Symposium: McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission

The Republican Party’s Latino problem — in 1 chart

Democracy and Political Ignorance: Selfish Voters are Not the Problem that Ails Democracy

    Ilya Somin at the Volokh Conspiracy: The problem, however, is that moderate altruism combined with a low probability of decisiveness is not enough to incentivize most voters to acquire more than a minimal amount of knowledge about they’re voting on. Thus, we get an equilibrium where lots of people vote out of a sincere desire to promote the public interest, but most of them have very little understanding of which policies are actually likely to do that. This problem is the focus of my new book Democracy and Political Ignorance.

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How to win the war over Obamacare | Greg Sargent at Wa. Post

Texas fights new voting supervision

Path to GOP winning back Senate majority runs through Arkansas

Oregon Initiative to redefine marriage collects 37K signatures

The electoral college is halfway to being abolished

Objecting to the Declaration of Independence | Bradley Smith at NRO

NC lawmakers approve voter ID law

Measure to Ban Abortions in Late-Term Abortion Capital Gets Enough Signatures

Ore. proponents of marriage redefinition to collect signatures

Grover Norquist open to backing Cheney over Enzi

Senate Judiciary Chairman Vows ‘Immediate Action’ After Voting Rights Ruling

Mass. Voters Head To Polls To Pick New Us Senator

Supreme Court: Section 4 of the Voting Rights Act is unconstitutional

Iowa case cries out for Supreme Court clarity | Des Moines Register Editorial

The Next Citizens United? The Supreme Court tackles a new frontier in campaign finance law.

Cruz offers voting amendment after Supreme Court nixes Arizona law

Iran’s Rowhani Urges ‘path Of Moderation’

Eighth Circuit Strikes Down Political-Committee-Like Reporting and Termination Requirements

Report: Campaign Contributions Influence State Courts

Justice O’Connor’s Hypocritical Crusade Against Judicial Elections

Judicial Selection Reform: All Over The Map

NJ attorney general named to fill US Senate seat

Vote on marriage in Ohio won’t come until 2014

Republicans Fuming Over Chris Christie’s Senate Decision

Armey on Christie’s Decision: ‘Debilitating Stupidity’

Obama, God, and the Profits | Mark Rienzi at Becket Fund

John Boehner: ‘Really is inconceivable’ Obama wouldn’t have known about IRS woes

IRS official who pleaded the Fifth sued Christian Coalition while at FEC

    Fox News: Under her direction, the FEC undertook the largest enforcement action in its history — suing the Christian Coalition for violating campaign laws. The Christian Coalition won, but in one deposition, FEC lawyers asked a defendant if televangelist Pat Robertson prayed for him. James Bopp, the Christian Coalition’s lawyer, said he was “shocked and appalled” by that. . . . “She was in effect being promoted for what she had done at the Federal Election Commission and now was going to be expected … to replicate that at the IRS and now we know that’s exactly what happened,” he said.

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Iran’s Ahmadinejad Denounces Election Decision

Texas Legislature passes bill to force non-profits to identify supporters

IRS Deliberately Chose Not to Fess Up to Scandal Before Election

40% Think U.S. Elections Are Fair, 41% Do Not | Rasmussen

Second Circuit Reinstates Challenge to New York Political Committee Law

IRS scrutiny went beyond Tea Party, targeting of conservative groups broader than thought

RNC urges Supreme Court to strike campaign-finance limits

Sanford wins South Carolina congressional race

PM urged to drop marriage redefinition in face of election losses

Alaska Supreme Court upholds refusal to allow abortion ban on ballot

Opening Brief Filed in U.S. Supreme Court in Challenge to the Federal Biennial, Individual Aggregate Limits on Contributions to Political Parties and Candidates

At FEC, Socialist Workers Party Donors are Anonymous

“Gay couples can’t make joint political donations from individual account, FEC rules”

In Defense of Citizens United | Michael McConnell at Yale L.J. via SSRN

“Senate candidate seeks ruling on contributions by gay couples”

New York City’s Rescue Funding Provision Held Unconstitutional

Patience Roggensack defeats Edward Fallone for second term on state Supreme Court

Mark Sanford wins South Carolina House GOP primary runoff

PA: Merit selection will make picking judges more political, not less: As I See It

Judges, Politics and George Soros: Judicial selection shouldn’t be left to the lawyers guild.

Uruguayan pro-lifers force popular vote on abortion law following petition drive

Priebus Treads Carefully on Primary Reform

    NRO: Reince Priebus, the chairman of the Republican National Committee, acknowledges that reforming the GOP’s presidential primary is one of his top priorities. But he doesn’t want to be heavy-handed about it, he says, in a briefing at National Review’s Washington, D.C., office. “Making those decisions and amending the calendar is a decision the entire RNC has to make,” he says. “That takes 75 percent of the voting body.”

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“Conservatives Don’t Just Oppose Gay ‘Marriage,’ They Strongly Oppose It” | Tony Perkins at CNSNews

PA: Don’t give up your right to elect judges

No more Stephanopoulos? RNC wants role in picking 2016 primary debate moderators

SCOTUS Argument preview: Election integrity, or voter suppression?

The states with the highest and lowest turnout in 2012, in 2 charts

    Washington Post: Which is why we were very excited to see a new and comprehensive study from Nonprofit Vote, a nonpartisan origination that works with nonprofits to encourage voter participation. The study, which you can read in its entirety on the group’s Web site, includes a breakdown of 2012 turnout rates in all 50 states and the District. The percentages were calculated by dividing the number of ballots cast by the voting eligible population.

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Arizona’s voter registration law heads for Supreme Court review

FLASHBACK: Changing demographics in Colorado contributes to Democrats win

Several States Closer to Overthrowing Electoral College

    National Review: Washington’s statement could easily have been aimed at the anti–Electoral College National Popular Vote effort, which is currently working to win support in several states. The measure has been approved by committees in Minnesota and Oklahoma and is pending on the Minnesota House and Oklahoma Senate floor. NPV is still pending in and could soon be approved by Connecticut, Maine, and Rhode Island legislative committees.

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Iowa: Forum debates judicial selection process

Has Power Tipped in Favor of High Court?

Texas Judges Must Face Voters Without Heeding Politics

Major Push To Get Christians To Voting Booth: 12 states ID’d as key to restoring Judeo-Christian heritage

In Significant Action, Supreme Court Refuses to Hear Case to Allow Corporate Contributions Directly to Candidates | Rick Hasen at Election Law Blog

Supreme Court Will Not Hear Campaign Finance Case On Corporate Donations

The Next Citizens United? Scotus Takes First Amendment Challenge To Campaign Finance Law