Outgoing Cuccinelli issues opinions on same-sex “marriage,” abortion

“Federal recognition of Utah same-sex marriages shows need for State Marriage Defense Act”

Bishops lament federal disregard for state marriage laws

Maryland AG: “Utah same-sex marriages are valid in Maryland”

Mormon church: “Lay bishops cannot perform or permit same-sex marriage on church property”

‘Gays’ move over – here come polygamists

Federal government to recognize same-sex marriages in Utah

ADF: Gov’t seeking to impose ‘new belief system’ on client | One News Now

“Advocacy Group Asks U.S. and 18 States To Recognize 1300 Utah Same-Sex Marriages”

Wedding Bills Ring on Capitol Hill | FRC

    FRC Washington Update: Of course, the Obama administration has tried to fill in the blanks by ordering states to recognize all unions, regardless of what their individual constitutions say. In doing so, the Obama administration has created what the Supreme Court specifically condemned: “two contradictory marriage regimes within the same state.” While the court didn’t strike down every state marriage law, the President has tried to — using the power of his federal agencies to offer Social Security, veterans, Medicaid, and other benefits to every couple (regardless of where they live) in a backdoor attempt to expand same-sex “marriage” to every state in America. But, as Rep. Weber points out, that doesn’t jive with the Supreme Court’s opinion, which insists that states have the “historic and essential authority to define the marital relation.”

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The State Marriage Defense Act | Gerard Bradley at Public Discourse

“Calif. Caterer Refuses to Do Gay Wedding Based on Christian Beliefs: ‘I Hope You Appreciate My Honesty’”

Hearing set in Virginia marriage challenge

States May Recognize Same-Sex Marriages, But Navajo Nation Won’t

“HRC urges U.S. AG to ensure validity of Utah same-sex marriages”

Signature Count Begins in Effort to Overturn Calif. Law That Lets Boys Use Girls’ Bathrooms, Play on Girls’ Sports Teams

The ACLU Strikes Back – Will Sue To Preserve Utah’s Same-Sex Marriages

Christian Baker Files Religious-Freedom Appeal in Wedding-Cake Ruling | NC Register

“3 Big Questions About The 1,360 Same-Sex Couples Married In Utah”

Christian baker files religious freedom appeal in marriage ruling | Patheos (CNA)

Christian Bakers File Appeal in Same-Sex Wedding Cake Case | Charisma News

Confusing Advice from Utah Governor on Marriage Laws | Ed Whelan at NRO

Same sex “marriages” performed in Utah are void | Ed Whelan at NRO

“Colorado bill would recognize gay marriage in taxes only”

Utah Gov. issues guidance to agency on status of same-sex “marriages”

Utah case has no bearing on Oklahoma’s ban on same-sex marriage, Tulsa County says | NewsOK.com

State ‘imposing’ its ‘gay’ beliefs on cake artist | World Net Daily

Cake Shop Owner Files Appeal After Judge Rules He Must Sell Wedding Cakes for Same-Sex Ceremonies | Christian Post

Interstate Recognition of Same Sex “Marriage” After Windsor

GOP Gov. won’t push for NM marriage amend., says court ruling is law of the land

“Dallas council briefed on discrepancies with gay marriage at federal, state levels”

Michigan: Odawa Tribal Council refuses to allow popular vote on marriage

Bypass Sought on Bill to Redefine Marriage in Pennsylvania

“Germany’s first lesbian minister comes out”

Supreme Court stay a promising sign for democracy, federalism, families | Deseret News Editorial

“Colo. Cake Maker Appeals Order To Serve Gays” | AP

Opinions vary on impact of Supreme Court decision to put stay on same-sex marriages in Utah | Los Angeles Daily News

Colorado Baker Jack Phillips Threatened with Jail for Not Baking Cakes for Same-sex Weddings | Virtue Online

    Virtue Online: Phillips’s lead lawyer is Nicolle Martin, who is representing him pro bono as part of the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF), a network of over 2,000 Christian attorneys nationwide who defend people in their local communities when their religious liberties are violated . . . According to Phillip’s lawyer, Nicolle Martin, “American citizens should not have to live in fear of a prison sentence merely for disagreeing with the government’s opinion. All Americans should remain free to honor God in our lives and in our work. The government has no business threatening Americans with jail time for simply exercising their constitutionally-protected freedoms of religion and speech. Every American, whatever you think about this issue, should fear a government that ignores the First Amendment in order to exercise this kind of power over its citizens.”

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“Utah Gay-Marriage Ban Was a Predictable Disaster” | Noah Feldman at Bloomberg

“Utah AG Studying Status of Same-Sex Marriages Already Performed In the State”

“Holyfield Reprimanded For Comments On Gays”

Cake Artists Are Citizens, Not Government Servants | Caffeinated Thoughts

“Colorado Baker Fights Judge’s Order to Serve Gay Couples” | TIME

“Christian group defends shop owner who refused to make cake for gay wedding” | Irish Examiner

Suit filed to redefine marriage in Arizona

California Referendum to Overturn Student-Gender Bill Moves Forward

‘Barbarities’: Ecuador’s president castigates ‘absurd’ and ‘dangerous’ gender ideology

The Rule of Law Gets Another Chance in Utah Marriage Case

Cake artists are citizens, not government servants | Alliance Defending Freedom

ACLU, Sutherland Institute react to Utah same-sex marriage halt

“Duck man Phil Robertson’s Bible cannot limit American liberty” | LA Times

DoD overhauls military identification policy for same sex couples

“Transgender Issues Follow Path Blazed By Gay Rights” | NPR

    NPR: It may have been “the gayest year ever,” as some gay and lesbian activists put it — 2013 saw the Defense of Marriage Act struck down by the Supreme Court and the number of states offering marriage rights to same-sex couples doubled, to a total of 18.
    But as 2014 begins, another issue is gaining traction: transgender rights.

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“Maybe He’s Not Gay: Another View on Homosexuality” pulled from Amazon

A brief article on homosexual parenting

Utah’s Motion to Stay Ruling Against Marriage Laws | Ed Whalen at NRO

Conn. Requiring Health Insurers To Cover Gender Transition

Was 2013 the Beginning of the End of Marriage? | Nathan Kellum at the Christian Post

Christian Consumer Group Says It Will Monitor A&E’s Public Service Campaign

“Court ruling on gay marriage opens door to same-sex divorce in Utah”

Lambda Legal urges federal court to redefine marriage in WV

Marriage died in 2013 | Keith Ablow at Fox News

“We’ll always have Utah?” Marriage redefinition proponents look to courts for red states

“Gay Couples Sue to Overturn Kansas Tax Filing Policy”

BP’s most-read stories of 2013 | Baptist Press

The Constitution in 2014: the state of same-sex marriage | Lyle Denniston

Utah: Procreation argument dropped in stay application

“In first year after Maine legalized gay marriage, 16 percent of couples who tied knot were same sex”

Utah asks Supreme Court to stay decision on marriage

10th Circuit sets ‘expedited’ schedule for appeal of Amendment 3

Boy Scouts Complete Cave-in to Homosexual Demands

    David Bohon at the New American: hat was followed by the release in October 2012 of nearly 15,000 pages of files detailing decades of sexual abuse of young Scouts by male Scout leaders. The pages, dubbed the “perversion files” by the media, included letters, memos, news clippings, and other documents related to both alleged and confessed sexual abuse by trusted Scout leaders during a 20-year time period between 1965 and 1985. Nonetheless, following intense pressure by homosexual activist groups, as well as by leadership within the Scouting organization, Boy Scout officials reversed course . . .

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Utah Federal Judge Takes Wrecking Ball to Marriage Laws | MO FPC