Uproar over McConnell challenger’s comments on legal implications of same-sex “marriage”

UK Supreme Court judge Lord Wilson backs same-sex “marriage”

Pa. lawyers defend state’s marriage amendment

27 liberal groups oppose Obama judicial nominee

AZ Senate: “Business owners can cite religion to refuse service to gays”

Maxie Dunnam: Can we trust the United Methodist Church on marriage?

    Maxie Dunnam at Canon & Culture: “Can we trust the church in its understanding of marriage? If we can’t, then what can we trust the church with? . . . In his teaching, Jesus Christ underscored the importance and sacredness of lifelong marriage between one woman and one man. . . . This is the corporate, and continuing witness of the Church throughout history. We need to keep in mind that how we think must not be restricted to random feelings and even individual interpretation of Scripture. We need to be in harmony with the whole Body of Christ and all the saints now and forever.”

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Conservative Political Action Conference welcomes GOProud

Alaska AG: State will continue to defend marriage amendment

Federal civil rights lawsuit seeks to overturn Ohio’s marriage amendment

Same-sex “marriage” advocates denied marriage licenses in Philadelphia

Idaho couples ask judge to rule on same-sex “marriage”

Nine couples seek to overturn Colorado’s marriage amendment

“The evolutionary puzzle of homosexuality”

Second judge ponders Virginia’s same-sex “marriage” ban

Do religious liberty protections amount to “homosexual Jim Crow laws”?

Andrew Walker: Of conscience and cakes

    Andrew Walker at First Things: “The instances of cake bakers, florists, and wedding photographers being asked to lend their services to same-sex unions seems harmless enough. But they have a duty to obey what their conscience tells them is true. But also consider: If Christians can be compelled to lend a craft to something their conscience objects to, what can’t they be compelled to participate in? We’re talking about precedent; and the cases before us are bellwether test cases about whether private actors can be forcibly mandated to go against their conscience.”

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Idaho: Religious freedom bill heads back to committee

Scottish adoption row: a victory that should not disguise major concerns

Senator declares Kansas marriage bill dead

Manufacturing consent on same-sex “marriage”

Some Kansas GOP lawmakers would rather religious freedom bill would go away

Tenn. senator abandons “refusal of service” religious liberty bill

Indiana moves closer to constitutional ban on same-sex “marriage”

Ryan T. Anderson and Leslie Ford: Bake us a cake, or else!

OK: Same-sex “marriage” laws, religious business owners on collision course | Tulsa World

Dennis Prager: Judicial hubris is winning in marriage debate

    Dennis Prager at Townhall: “All these judges have a hubris that is simply breathtaking. They not only know that they read the Constitution more accurately than the vast majority of the residents of many of America’s states, but they are also entirely comfortable with forcing great majorities of Americans to accept this new definition of marriage. That it is conceit rather than legal reasoning is easily shown when one peruses the opinions of these judges.”

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Va. marriage ruling prompts little reaction from Cuccinelli

Washington to convert domestic partnerships into “marriages”

Church of England rules out blessings for same-sex “marriages”

Indiana: State Senate expected to vote on HJR3 today

Chelsea Clinton: “LGBTQ rights the unfinished business of the 21st century”

Kansas Senate leaders say they’ll alter language in religious freedom bill

TN bill would let wedding vendors refuse service if same-sex “marriage” ban struck down

Ugandan president to sign “Anti Homosexuality” bill; President Obama objects

“Obama applauds Missouri gay player for coming out”

Virginia the latest state to be impacted by court ruling on same-sex “marriage” | Aleteia

Fight over same-sex “marriage” moving to federal courts | AP

Federalism as a Way Station: Windsor as Exemplar of Doctrine in Motion

Couples ask judge to allow same-sex “marriage” in Kentucky

ADF, county clerk considering appeal of decision against Va. marriage amendment

Kansas Senate balks at religious liberty bill

Avoid “tyrannical imposition” of Western secular moral values, says Nigerian prelate

Russia: Singles from countries where same-sex “marriage” legal not allowed to adopt

Sens. Cruz and Lee introduce State Marriage Defense Act

“Norfolk federal judge rules gay marriage ban unconstitutional” | WVEC

Virginia judge strikes down same-sex “marriage” ban | USA Today

Federal judge overturns Virginia’s marriage amendment

Indiana marriage fight delayed, not over | AP

Louisiana: “Same-sex couple clear adoption hurdle”

Young Hoosiers believe marriage is not subject to whims of time

SPLC files suit challenging Alabama marriage protection laws

Virginia AG asks court to note Kentucky marriage ruling

Wendy Davis backs redefinition of marriage

Nevada groups launch push to redefine marriage

Facebook offers new gender options for users

Four couples challenge Louisiana’s marriage amendment

Della Wolf is British Columbia’s 1st child with 3 parents on birth certificate

Judge issues no decision on Texas marriage amendment

“Advocates hail lightning speed momentum with same-sex marriage” | ABC

Kansas House passes bill allowing service refusal to same-sex couples

ACLU to sue Missouri over marriage amendment

Gerard V. Bradley: Eric Holder and the spirit of Windsor

Judge hears challenge to Texas marriage amendment

Federal judge: Kentucky must recognize out-of-state same-sex “marriages”

Judge to hear challenge to Texas marriage protection amendment

IN Senate committee passes same sex “marriage” amendment 8 to 4 | WNDU

Reno: Marriage, sex, and politics

    R.R. Reno at First Things: “Gay rights and sexual liberation more broadly are relatively cost-free commitments for today’s Democratic Party. . . . No rhetoric is too extreme, because it’s not in the slightest degree politically dangerous. The sorts of people who don’t want gay marriage are already on the other side. The Selma Analogy is an easy applause line in the current Democratic Party coalition. . . . Prosecuting a culture war that powerful business interests either agree with or think irrelevant provides a point of unity and feel-good commitment that helps party leaders avoid divisive issues. That’s why same-sex marriage and all it represents has become so important in domestic politics today, or at least a significant part of the reason why.”

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LDS Church, other faiths say traditional marriage is crucial to children, society

Nevada withdraws brief defending its marriage protection amendment

Couples sue to force Ohio’s hand on same-sex birth certificates

“Idaho Supreme Court sides with Boise lesbian couple in adoption case”

Mormon church to weigh in on Utah marriage protection amendment

Indiana: Senate rules committee to debate marriage protection amendment