Arizona legislators defend support for SB 1062

Judge: Michigan marriage ruling within two weeks

Canadian same-sex “marriage” to be recognized in Britain

Georgia religious liberty bill dies

Senate Bill 1062 debate a political milestone

Lesbian couple accuses Vermont town of discrimination

Same-sex “marriage” tests state Attorneys General

Indiana couples file federal lawsuit to recognize same-sex “marriage”

Santorum: I’d absolutely vote for Arizona religious liberty bill (video)

Heritage event on state AG’s failure to defend marriage laws

Fate of Michigan marriage amendment now rests with federal judge

Sarah Posner and Matthew Lee Anderson discuss religious liberty on

Damon Linker: “Who are the real gay marriage bigots?”

    Damon Linker at The Week: “[G]ay marriage has gone from being an oxymoron to a lived reality in several states and an institution accepted by majorities or pluralities in most demographic categories. If that isn’t a cultural revolution, then nothing is. . . . And yet, that appears to be insufficient for some gay marriage proponents. They don’t just want to win the legal right to marry. They don’t just want most Americans to recognize and affirm the equal dignity of their relationships. They appear to want and expect all Americans to recognize and affirm that equal dignity, under penalty of ostracism from civilized life.”

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When is refusing service legal and when is it discrimination? | Inside Tucson Business

Transgender athlete sues CrossFit for banning her from competing as female

Florida: federal judge denies motion to dismiss Gay-Straight Alliance suit

Public accommodations provision in Md. transgender rights bill draws outcry

Craig James’ religious discrimination claim to be investigated in Texas

“Boston St. Pat’s parade rescinds invite to gay group”

Nigeria vows to resist same-sex “marriage” pressure

Amnesty International campaign to promote “abortion and homosexuality”

Seattle: Former vice principal fired for same-sex “marriage” to file lawsuit

Priebus: March for Life a wake-up call for GOP

The unintended foreign policy consequences of the homosexual agenda

Ross Douthat: Believers should prepare more for disfavor than for persecution

    Ross Douthat at The New York Times: “The reality . . . is that there are all kinds of ways that church and state can tangle . . . that don’t fall into a ‘Canossa or the catacombs’ binary. I don’t know what religious life in the United States will look like in fifty years if current trends . . . accelerate, but I do know that beliefs can be pressured without being persecuted; disfavored without being explicitly discriminated against; challenged without being subjugated. And preparing for that complexity, rather than for a perfectly clarifying, ‘all priests to jail’ moment, seems to me to be the task facing believers now.”

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Three reasons religious liberty laws are nothing like Jim Crow

How gender-neutral Bible translations prepared the way for Christian acceptance of same-sex “marriage”

    Louis Markos at The Imaginative Conservative: “I would propose a third cause for why so many Bible-believing Christians are embracing, or at least not openly opposing, the eventual legalization of marriage between people of the same sex. They are doing so because the ground has been carefully laid and watered by a subtle but pervasive change in our cultural perceptions of men and women. Rather than identify, nurture, and celebrate masculinity and femininity as distinct but complementary God-given realities, our culture has been coaxed—by forces within the public school system, the media, the academy, and (alas) the seminary—to view boys and girls, men and women, husbands and wives as ultimately interchangeable.”

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Rod Dreher: A culture war Versailles

Michele Bachmann pans SB 1062 veto

Center for Arizona Policy: “We’re not going anywhere”

UK: High Court judge wants more evidence from Boris Johnson over ex-gay bus ad ban

WaPo poll: “Support for same-sex marriage hits new high”

Portland cabby violated lesbian couple’s rights, state finds

Wyoming couples sue to overturn marriage amendment

Rand Paul: “I believe in the historic and religious definition of marriage”

Illinois: Kane County won’t license same-sex “marriages” before June

Conor Friedersdorf: “Refusing to photograph a gay wedding isn’t hateful”

Judge refuses to block Wisc. marriage amendment, proposes speedy trial

Colorado governor endorses redefinition of marriage

NM: Curry County judges stop performing marriages, others step in

Jonathan S. Tobin: Smearing religious liberty’s defenders

Illinois AG: County clerks can issue same-sex “marriage” licenses

Washington Times: “In Arizona, gays show intolerance of expressions of faith”

Western U.S. Republicans to urge 10th Circuit to redefine marriage

Kentucky AG explains refusal to defend marriage amendment

Mark Regnerus testifies in Michigan marriage case

Rich Lowry: A response to Kirsten Powers on Arizona

Al Jazeera’s The Stream: Christianity’s culture clash over homosexuality (video)

    Al Jazeera / The Stream: “US Christians are facing a culture clash within their faith over gay rights. In the past few months, seven states have ruled bans on gay marriage as unconstitutional. Growing support for gay rights across the country has Christian churches divided over how to respond. On Monday, The Stream looks at the internal tensions and how they’re playing out in the US and overseas. Join the conversation at 19:30 GMT.”

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The ingrained intolerance of liberal tolerance

Indiana Senate bill clarifies same-sex tax filing language

Gov. Beshear: Kentucky to pursue appeal in marriage case, will hire outside counsel

Adam J. MacLeod: What’s at stake at the bakery

Matthew J. Franck: Religious liberty and the “dictatorship of relativism”

“The forces behind the religious freedom movement that exploded last week” | TPM

Boston parochial school pulls out of St. Pat’s parade to avoid “condoning homosexual lifestyle”

Canada: “Miramichi adopts flag policy after gay pride flap”

Was Arizona’s religious liberty bill “anti-gay”?

Russell Moore and Andrew Walker: What should Christians think of gov’t that criminalize homosexuality

Was Arizona’s religious liberty bill much ado about nothing?

“Gay, lesbian troops perform in drag at Kadena Air Base fundraiser”

“Compossibility” and religious liberty

Georgia lawmakers pushing for religious liberty bills

Kirsten Powers: Defenders of SB 1062 distort its meaning

Kelly Bartlett: Gender, discrimination, and marriage

Media mendacity over proposed Arizona bill

“Disney ends funding to Boy Scouts over gay policy”

NYC mayor marches in “gay-friendly” St. Pat’s parade, will skip March 17th

Loyola University (Chicago): Only Catholic weddings can be celebrated on university campus

Elane Photography religious liberty case heads to Supreme Court | Washington Post

Ross Douthat: The terms of our surrender

Same-sex couples claim Utah AG wrongly intervening in adoption cases

31 states have heightened religious freedom protections

Hunter Baker: Erickson, Sullivan, and what “bigots” we deserve