Texas judge disciplined for religious-cultural bias

Pakistan Catholics concerned for minorities after terror attack

Muslims at mercy of religious authorities if human rights not upheld, say lawyers

ISIS fighters seized advantage in Iraq attack by striking during sandstorm

ISIS finances are strong

Boko Haram militants raped hundreds of female captives in Nigeria

‘Catastrophe’ at hand for Iraqi Christians, nun tells Congress

‘Whoever disbelieves, strike off his head’

Islamic State is not the greatest threat to global religious liberty

The sacred tradition of offending people: Why our society needs Pamela Geller

Muslim man argues he cannot serve on jury as religion forbids him from judging others

Egyptian Christian teenagers face blasphemy charges for video mocking ISIS, which included some fake prayers

Provoking, offending, and freedom

UN population fund assisting Nigerians rescued from Boko Haram, many of whom are pregnant

Exclusive interview with rescuer of girls captured by ISIS

214 girls rescued from Boko Haram pregnant

What will it take to return Christians to their homeland in Iraq?

ISIS executes dozens of Ethiopian Christians in Libya

Nigerian forces invade last known stronghold of Boko Haram

The end of the Arab Spring, the rise of ISIS and the future of political Islam

Modern ‘Monuments Men’ seek to save Christian history from ISIS

Recruiting campaign: ISIS tentacles spread far, wide

How ISIS controls life, from birth to foosball

Islamic State shoots and beheads 30 Ethiopian Christians in Libya

ISIS on defensive, Iraqi Christians expect to return to villages, says Cardinal

What everyone gets wrong about the persecution of Christians in Iraq

    The Week: Media coverage of Christian persecution in the Middle East was once all but non-existent. (A representative headline on this website last year declared, “The world’s most ancient Christian communities are being destroyed — and no one cares.”) And while awareness of this troubling topic hasn’t quite reached Biblical proportions yet, it’s certainly increasing. CBS’s 60 Minutes devoted severalsegments to the matter, National Geographic gave it a large spread in their magazine, and most recently, Newsweek devoted their cover story to “the new exodus” of Christians from the Middle East.

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