Social-Conservative Leaders Frustrated with Christie

ACT prepares to debate marriage redefinition

“Gay Marriage to Go Ahead in New Jersey; State’s Delay Request Turned Down” | Christian Post

New Lawsuit Challenges Marriage in Tennessee

N.J. Gov. Christie abandons marriage suit

NJ Senator Doherty on marriage: Christie acquiesced to judicial activism, no vote by the people or legislature

“Supreme Court’s DOMA decision driving same-sex marriage efforts in states” | Pew Research

African-American clergy hold key to marriage in Illinois

Hawaii: “Same-sex marriage religious exemptions”

“Cory Booker to conduct same-sex marriages in New Jersey”

Lambda Legal Appeals Nevada Marriage Lawsuit To Ninth Circuit Court Of Appeals

New Jersey Supreme Court court to allow same-sex “marriages”

“Case Against Michigan Ban on Gay Unions Is Sent to Trial” | NY Times

Two New Essays on Post-Windsor Choice-of-Law Questions

“Court: French Mayors Must Conduct Gay Marriages”

Advocates in contest to argue marriage redefinition at SCOTUS | BuzzFeed

State judges, legislators weigh marriage

“AF clarifies same sex marriage policy”

ACLU brief supports redefinition of marriage in Utah

Oregon To Recognize Marriages Of Same-Sex Couples Wed In Other States

    Buzzfeed (includes text of memo): Oregon Chief Operating Officer and Director of Administrative Services Michael Jordan issued a memo to state agencies Wednesday ordering the recognition of all legal marriages performed outside of the state — including the marriages of same-sex couples. “Oregon agencies must recognize all out-of-state marriages for the purposes of administering state programs,” Jordan states in the memo. “That includes legal, same sex marriages performed in other states and countries.” (includes video): “Same-sex marriage decision leaves Oregon in an ironic spot”
    Based on a new opinion from Oregon’s Department of Justice, a same-sex couple’s marriage outside of Oregon is now being recognized in Oregon.

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Using Public Information to Protect Religious Liberty | Brian Simboli at Crisis Magazine

Suit Challenges Oregon Same-Sex Marriage Ban | Religion Clause Blog

“Scots gay marriage Bill may be scuppered by IT blunder”

“Transgender woman fights for her marriage and gender identity in European Court”

Mich. judge expected to rule today on marriage amendment

Suit challenges Oregon marriage amendment

Mich. Suit to Redefine Marriage Will Go To Trial

“Michigan’s 2004 Gay Marriage Ban Faces Challenge” | AP

“Gay Marriage Does Not Promote ‘Responsible Procreation,’ Says Utah”

UK: Proportion of babies born in wedlock falls to new low of just 53 per cent

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Hawaii’s largest faiths oppose legislation that redefines marriage

Same-Sex Marriage Makes Liberal Judges Irrational | Matthew J. Frank at Public Discourse

Will Discrimination Cost Us Religious Freedom?

NC official to accept same sex “marriage” applications

Kids in California can now legally have three parents

Opponents of marriage redefinition want lawmakers to “let the people decide”

“Gov. Christie should step aside on gay marriage” | NJ Ledger Star Editorial

Utah cites procreation in marriage lawsuit

MI marriage ruling expected Wednesday

Marriage becomes issue in Illinois Treasurer’s race

N.J. same-sex marriage debate is background noise for judge with Bayonne roots

Lambda Legal Urges Alaska Supreme Court To Allow Same-sex Couples Access To Survivor Benefits

Judge Orders New Jersey to Redefine Marriage — in 2 Weeks

Christian Apologist Responds to Culture’s Most Popular Arguments for Homosexuality | Christian Post

NC AG Cooper supports marriage redefinition

NJ Supreme Court to hear marriage case

French court overrules exception to same-sex marriage prohibition

“Australia’s Abbott to Challenge Same-Sex Marriage Laws in Court”

Pence reacts to new poll on Defense of Marriage Amendment

NJ: 1 judge can’t force the state to redefine marriage

“Broken marriage led to woman’s unfair firing at Christian nonprofit, lawsuit claims”

Two-thirds favor Indiana Defense of Marriage Constitutional Amendment

Not All Marriages Are Created Equal

“Diversity Officer Sues Gallaudet U. Over Gay Marriage Petition Suspension”

“Justice Kennedy Offers Views on Shutdown, Congress and Gay Marriage”

NJ judge refuses to postpone same-sex “marriage” ruling, Gov. seeks emergency appeal

Bakery Bullies: LGBT groups are leading a hateful intimidation campaign against Christian cakemakers.

NC: “Charlotte gay couples to seek marriage licenses Wednesday”

ACLU Suit Over Pennsylvania Marriage Law May Get 2014 Trial

Pennsylvania digs in against Supreme Court, fights efforts to redefine marriage

“New Supreme Court session could include broad array of LGBT cases”

Russia will defend national identity, based on religious values – Putin

Christians Complain of Persecution for Defending Traditional Marriage

AR AG rejects wording of marriage redefinition amendments

“Same-sex marriage critics working to rally opposition” | Hawaii News Now

Iowa: Religious group sues over same-sex marriage dispute

New Jersey voters approve of judge’s decision to redefine marriage, poll finds

Christie debates marriage with Edison diner patron during campaign event

“Pa. Gov, Ag Seek Release From Gay-marriage Suit”

“Why Are You Folks Spending So Much Time On Marriage?” | ACLU

When the bizarre is commonplace | Robert Knight at Washington Times

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