Will Religious Liberty Survive Same-Sex Marriage? | Jim Campbell NRO interview with Kathryn Jean Lopez

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Law Professor: ‘The Supreme Court Will Grant Same-Sex Marriage In All 50 States’

NM Clerk Ordered To Issue Same-Sex “Marriage” Licenses

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Refusal to photograph New Mexico same-sex couple ruled illegal | Townhall (Reuters)

“N.M. court: Christian conscience discriminates against gays” | World Magazine

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The moment of truth is coming | Kelly Boggs at Baptist Press

“Court rules against photographer in gay bias case” | Santa Fe New Mexican (AP)

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Religious Liberty, Artistic Freedom Rollback In New Mexico | Rod Dreher at the American Conservative

Judges order Christians to work for ‘gays’ | WND

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NM Supreme Court to Christians: There is a ‘price’ for your beliefs

Is marriage becoming a status symbol in America?

Thailand considers redefining marriage

NM: 42 marriage licenses for same-sex couples

Feud over marriage erupts in AL-01 congressional race”

California Supreme Court Denies Latest Bid To Revive Gay Marriage Ban | Pride Source

Calif. moral drift ‘soon’ will be nationwide | BP on Townhall

New Ind. group pushing to defeat marriage amendment

Calif. moral drift ‘soon’ will be nationwide | Baptist Press

“Wording Matters: Poll Wording Impacts Support for Gay Marriage”

“Civil Rights Includes Gays 50 Years After March” | AP on CNS

NM County Issuing Same-sex Marriage Licenses

Redefining Marriage: Where Are We Going? | Nathan Cherry at Engage Family Minute

Chaplain Alliance commends Air Force for restoring chaplain’s essay

Section 28 row: Schools tear up controversial homophobic policies

UK: “Legal action ‘launched’ to force church gay wedding”

“S.C.’s gay-marriage ban heading for court?” | The State

“Airman Punished for Opposing Gay Marriage Files Complaint”

Hawaii next for push to redefine marriage

Hawaii Congressional Delegation calls for marriage redefinition

“State Dept. Panel Advises Gay Foreigners in Civil Unions to Get Married”

Why Not Treat Marriage like a Test Drive? | Kellie Fiedorek at Townhall

Cardin: IRS needs to quickly address tax rules for same-sex couples

New Twist on Same-Sex Marriage Front

Out Celebrating: Over a million cheer equality | Philippine News

Judge Scolds Dems For Ignoring Constitution: Calls election-rigging schemes ‘both sad and, frankly, shocking’ | WND

    WorldNetDaily: One of the first bills Democrats took up was one limiting religious freedom by passing a civil union bill that provided no conscious protections for Christian business owners. “It’s important for all Colorado citizens to notice that this bill fails to protect religious freedom, which is a constitutionally protected right that is one of our first liberties,” Kelly Fiedorek, an attorney with the Alliance Defending Freedom said. “This bill fails to protect the religious rights of conscience for Christians who are not official ministers of their church. Religious liberty is not confined to the four walls of the church but extends to everybody.”

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Calif. Supreme Court Rejects Prop 8 Supporters Appeal; Gives Final OK to Same-Sex Marriages

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