Human Rights Campaign Challenges Hagel Comments

Obama to nominate Sen. John Kerry for Secretary of State

Senate Confirms Two More Federal Judges

Bork Nomination Fight Altered Judicial Selection | AP

The Great Robert Bork: The jurist had more impact than most Supreme Court Justices. | WSJ

Conservative Judge, Failed Supreme Court Nominee Robert Bork Dead at 85 | The New American

The Sad Legacy of Robert Bork | Andrew Cohen at The Atlantic (includes confirmation hearings video)

    Andrew Cohen at The Atlantic (includes video of the confirmation hearings): The relentless honesty and arrogant mien of Robert Bork, who has died at 84, during his unforgettable 1987 Supreme Court nomination hearing resulted in two very important things for this nation. First, it precluded the ideologue from becoming a life-tenured justice, which has meant over the intervening 25 years many saving graces for progressives and many bitter disappointments for conservatives. Second, it changed (forever, I suspect) the way judicial confirmation hearings unfold, by encouraging earnest nominees to say to the Senate Judiciary Committee nothing at all candid, specific, or profound about their judicial philosophies or views of the law.

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We’re Still Paying the Price for the Borking of Robert Bork | Jeffrey Rosen at the New Republic

Alliance Defending Freedom President Alan Sears on passing of Judge Robert Bork

Honoring Judge Robert H. Bork | Alan Sears at Townhall

UK: Judges take on ministers over supreme court

NC: Governor Perdue Kills Merit Selection

Christie introduces 2 new nominees for N.J. Supreme Court

NC: Governor Perdue Kills Merit Selection

Senate panel advances lesbian judicial nominee for the E.D.N.Y.

GOP Senator to Step Down, Paving Way for D.C. Judicial Nominee

Senate Moving on Stalled Judicial Nominees

Federal Appeals Court Likely To Invalidate Obama’s Recess Appointments | Ken Klukowski at Breitbart

    Ken Klukowski at Breitbart: President Barack Obama made headlines months ago when he installed controversial nominees to key government positions, bypassing the U.S. Senate by declaring the Senate in recess so that Senate confirmation was not needed. Today a federal appeals court signaled that it might rule Obama’s move unconstitutional, and remove those officials from power.

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Court casts doubt on Obama recess appointments

During Lame Duck, Senators Confirm One Judge and Agree to Vote on Another

Court showdown over recess appointments

Courts To Hear Challenges To Obama Appointments

Kansas Judicial Nominating Commission kicking sand in Brownback’s face?

Obama determined to fill federal judgeships

Senate Dems Rally For Rice Against GOP Opposition

Obama Nominates Three for Judgeships in Eastern Pennsylvania

Obama nominates lesbian Latina judge to Pa. court

Perry names chief of staff to Supreme Court

Something changed: Picking a Supreme Court justice is now a partisan battle

Judicial nominees sitting on sidelines: 19 vacancies have OK of Senate committee

4th Circuit shedding conservative reputation

The Future Interpretation of the Constitution as a Result of the Reelection of President Barack Obama | Wilson Ray Huhn at SSRN

    Huhn, Wilson Ray, The Future Interpretation of the Constitution as a Result of the Reelection of President Barack Obama (November 13, 2012). Available at SSRN:

    On November 6, 2012, Barack Obama was reelected President of the United States. What effect will this have on the future interpretation of the Constitution? This article identifies 19 areas of constitutional law that would likely change if one more liberal justice is appointed to the Supreme Court.

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Sotomayor: Nominees face tough scrutiny

Republicans Split on Judicial Nominees: Some in GOP want to confirm more of president’s nominees

    Roll Call: Hatch’s position, however, is not shared by all his Republican colleagues. The list of stalled nominees includes several who have the strong backing of their home-state Republican senators. Sens. Susan Collins of Maine and James M. Inhofe of Oklahoma, for example, are pressing for confirmation votes in the post-election session.

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Harkin nominates women for 8th Circuit

S.D. Fla.: “Obama Nominates Out Gay Black Judge To Federal Bench”

President Obama Nominates Seven to the United States District Courts

Dems, Gop Fight Brewing Over Curbing Filibusters

Voters retain all AZ judges

Win Offers President Time to Shape Court | Jess Bravin at WSJ

TX: 3 seats up for grabs on state’s highest civil court

Groups battle over how to pick judges in Missouri

Why It Matters: 1 New Justice Could Change A Lot

Next president could decide Roe’s future | Florida Baptist Witness

Yet Another Debate that Ignores Judicial Nominations

Newest Minn. Supreme Court justice set to take oath in historic addition to state’s high court

Brewer appoints Republican Timmer to Arizona Supreme Court

Supreme Court Notebook: Justices As Campaign Issue

The Obama Judicial Record

Harper nominates Quebec judge Wagner to Supreme Court

Republican governor fills AZ court with Republicans

SCOTUS Won’t Hear Challenge To Iowa Judicial Nominating Process

Senators join suit over Obama’s constitutional powers

Conservatives warily ponder prospect of an ‘Obama court’

CA: Two District Court Nominees Confirmed as Stalemate Continues Over Others

After Secret Meeting, Senate Committee Approves DOJ Nominee

Why It Matters: 1 New Justice Could Change A Lot

Presidential election will shape Supreme Court for decades

Obama Ties Bush’s Record of Placing Women Judges

Federal Court dictates who will be next LA Chief Justice despite state objections

Abortion and the Courts: Judicial Nominations Are Imperfect but Matter

Making the case that the filibuster is unconstitutional

    Washington Post: On Monday, public-interest group Common Cause filed a legal brief in a U.S. District Court trying to persuade the court that the filibuster’s 60-vote threshold in the Senate violates the Constitution. “Our filing today demonstrates how far the Senate, now effectively dominated by a minority, has strayed from the intent of America’s founders as expressed in our Constitution,” Common Cause president Bob Edgar said in a statement.

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Justice Kennedy says Senate confirmation for federal judges too political

“Senate should not invoke ‘Thurmond Rule’ to block Kayatta nomination”

The American Bar Association and Politicization of the Nomination Process

Alaskan Governor Names Maassen to Supreme Court

New Study Obama Altered the Balance in Federal Circuit Courts

Senate GOP Ends D.C. Circuit Nominee’s Bid a Second Time

Two tapped for NM Supreme Court vacancy

The myth of New Jersey’s ‘balanced’ court But Nicholas Scutari (D-Union), head of the Senate Judiciary Committee, said recently he would hold hearings for Christie’s next two nominees only “as long as one’s a Democrat” and “as long as the need for partisan balance is recognized and continued.” While “partisan balance” sounds like a noble aspiration, in practice this unwritten rule has more often than not served to entrench a 4-3 Democratic majority. Over the 65-year history of the modern Supreme Court, Republicans have held a sustained four-member majority only twice.

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Clint Bolick: The seismic non-issue in the presidential campaign: Supreme Court nominations

Senate GOP, Again, Blocks D.C. Circuit Nominee