WV: New State Homeschool Policy “in the Works”

Malawi: Government vaccinations at gunpoint reported

Judge denies request to block Ind. voucher program

Nigeria: Jail threat for polio vaccination refuseniks

Judge weighs request to block Ind. voucher program

Rioters Are NOT ‘Scum’! They Are The Fatherless

Largest Ontario Catholic parents group opposes homosexual clubs in schools

NYC to mandate sex indoctrination in public schools

School District Sued for Squelching Parent Objections to “Rainbow Day”

CA Man Jailed Over ‘Dead or Alive’ Signs

Nigeria: Hundreds of parents refuse polio vaccines

Men Should Be Allowed to Veto Abortions

Stunning Victory for Parental Rights and the Family in Ohio

Maine: New resource looks to end erosion of parents’ rights

    Maine Family Policy Council: Maine parents have known for a long time that their rights are slowly being taken away by the school system and the government. Parentsrights.org looks to end the erosion of parents’ rights by giving you talking points when contacting Maine’s Congressional reps to urge the passage of the Parents Rights Amendment. The proposed Parental Rights Amendment will preserve the traditional view that parental rights are a fundamental right, and restore the traditional strict scrutiny standard of protection, while preserving the government’s power to prevent and to prosecute child abuse and neglect.

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Americans United for Separation of Church and State and allies send letter to Congress opposing parental choice in education

Childhood Obesity: Harvard Prof Calls for Parents to Lose Custody

Sweden: An American Homeschool Leader Goes to Europe

Ohio: Mother Wins Battle to Keep Sole Custody of Child in Same-Gender Dispute

Stanley Fish: What Does the First Amendment Protect?

California bill gives minors access to STD immunization without parental consent

Terence P. Jeffrey: Scalia’s Stupid Decision

Scalia and Thomas disagree about children and free speech

Phyllis Schlafly: Court Wraps Video Games in First Amendment

Ken Klukowski: Scalia wrong, Thomas right on violent video games

A fight over a girl, and God’s law

NJ Appeals Court: Adoption doesn’t preclude visitation by natural grandparents

Judge has harsh words for Mom before sentencing her for spanking her kid

CT: Parental consent for tanning bed bill dies after senator adds abortion consent provision

MA: Mother outraged after middle school children forced to take ‘oral sex’ survey

Illinois: Court orders trial for abortion-notification law

New Hampshire Gov. Vetoes Parental Notification Abortion Bill

UK: Our two daughters have six ‘parents’

Home-schoolers sometimes at odds with Catholic dioceses

The Circumcision Wars: San Francisco takes on a ritual rooted in the Jewish covenant with God.

Hundreds of Quebec parents file challenge against gvmt ban on religion in daycares

OR: Christian Faith-Healing Parents on Trial for Refusing Medical Attention

NH Senate passes abortion notification bill

Kentucky court says fathers of children conceived during affairs have parental rights

Vermont: Missionary pleads not guilty to helping natural mom take child from former lesbian partner

NH Senate considering limits to minors’ abortions

NE: Lawmakers give second-round approval to parental notification abortion bill

Who makes end-of-life decisions, family, or doctors? Ontario court to decide

Sperm donor anonymity overturned by B.C. court

NZ: Abortion law heartbreaking for parents

NZ: Schools arrange secret abortions

Montana Governor Schweitzer Vetoes Parental Notification Bill

Delaware Committee Rejects Parental Consent on Abortion

Appeal For “Kidnapped” Swedish Homeschooler Draws Supporters

Sweden: A warning against overzealous state family policies

Quebec judge orders three-year-old into daycare for ‘socialization’

Florida on brink of nation’s strictest parental notification abortion bill

Ireland: Group calls for parental choice over school patrons

Union Battles: A Window for Parental Choice

Proposal In Norway Would Bring Ritual Circumcision Under Government Health System

Pastor free on bond in Vt. lesbian-custody case

Jordan Lorence: Supreme Court’s Wise Decision Favors Arizona School Choice

Legal Periodical: Parents, Students, And The Pledge Of Allegiance: Why Courts Must Protect The Marketplace Of Student Ideas,

Legal Periodical: Children, Parents & The State: The Construction Of A New Family Ideology

Legal Periodical: When Parental Authority Goes Too Far: The Fourth Amendment Rights of Minors in Their Parents’ Homes

    Henning, Kristin N., When Parental Authority Goes Too Far: The Fourth Amendment Rights of Minors in Their Parents’ Homes (December 28, 2010). William & Mary Law Review, Forthcoming; Georgetown Public Law Research Paper No. 11-32. Available at SSRN: http://ssrn.com/abstract=1797810

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NH Senate considering bill to require parents to be notified before minors can have abortions

Companion Arizona Tuition Organization Tax Credit Case Summarily Decided By Supreme Court

Abducted homeschooler’s case finally advances: Police took child from his parents only because of education at home

Washington Times: Kagan’s government money grab

Catholic School Kids “Human Shields” for Treaty Activists

US Supreme Court hands parents education victory

Delaware lawmakers eye bill requiring parental consent before minor can receive abortion

UK: Parents’ Fury at Sex Lessons in the Scouts

Citizen Link: “Dig Deeper: Why This Week’s Supreme Court Ruling Matters to Families”

Baptist Press: Supreme Court hands school choice big win

Huff Post: Supreme Court Pulls Another Brick From Church/State Wall