Along with political speech, many companies also claim they have religious liberty rights | ABA J.

“Can You Still Win an Election If You’re Against Gay People?” | National Journal

Durbin: No regrets calling out Crossroads to the IRS

David Cameron admits marriage redefinition ‘divides’ the country

White House salutes LGBT officials on Harvey Milk Day

Abortion foes focus on vote in Virginia

IRS official who pleaded the Fifth sued Christian Coalition while at FEC

    Fox News: Under her direction, the FEC undertook the largest enforcement action in its history — suing the Christian Coalition for violating campaign laws. The Christian Coalition won, but in one deposition, FEC lawyers asked a defendant if televangelist Pat Robertson prayed for him. James Bopp, the Christian Coalition’s lawyer, said he was “shocked and appalled” by that. . . . “She was in effect being promoted for what she had done at the Federal Election Commission and now was going to be expected … to replicate that at the IRS and now we know that’s exactly what happened,” he said.

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The Insiders: A special prosecutor in the IRS matter is inevitable | Washington Post

Carney: White House, IRS strategized how to tell public

Anti-IRS Protest Planned At Ohio Federal Building

Snowe: President thought opposition to health law would eventually fade away

Va. GOP lieutenant governor nominee under fire for comments on abortion, homosexuality

Carney: White House officials knew of IRS targeting, but didn’t tell Obama

Treasury knew of IRS scandal during 2012 Presidential Campaign

IRS Deliberately Chose Not to Fess Up to Scandal Before Election

IRS tax exemption/Obamacare exec got $103,390 in bonuses; Did Obama OK them?

Congressman: Justice Dept. Wiretapped the House of Representative’s Cloak Room

Pro-Marriage Group Claims IRS Leaked Records to Hurt Romney

IRS Scandal Raises Specter of Politically Motivated Healthcare Denials

Man the Political Animal: On the Intrinsic Goodness of Political Community | Michael W. Hannon at Public Discourse

Broadening IRS Victims Include Pro-Life Advocates, As Congress Investigates | Thomas More Society

40% Think U.S. Elections Are Fair, 41% Do Not | Rasmussen

A Brief History of IRS Political Targeting | James Bovard at WSJ

KMOV anchor: The IRS is targeting me

GOP Governors Want Special Prosecutor In IRS Case

Tea party groups threaten to sue IRS

IRS antics are nothing new, churches have been bullied for years | Erik Stanley at Speak Up Movement

Sen. Rand Paul aggressively courting evangelicals to win over GOP establishment

IRS scrutiny went beyond Tea Party, targeting of conservative groups broader than thought

Carey: Govt paints marriage traditionalists as ‘dinosaurs’

IRS won’t say whether it will discipline employees over targeting of Tea Party groups

The New Nixon: This time, the press cheered as the IRS investigated the president’s opponents.

Spreading the Word to Defund Planned Parenthood | Kristan Hawkins at Townhall

IRS Apologizes For Targeting Conservative Groups

Will same-sex marriage momentum influence the Supreme Court? | Lyle Denniston

Why Hayek is a Conservative | Jordan Bloom at the American Conservative

Conservatives and the Non-Triumph of Capitalism | Samuel Gregg at Public Discourse

Congress’s budget process broken because it’s ignored | Pete Domenici and Sam Nunn

RNC urges Supreme Court to strike campaign-finance limits

Sanford victory could spell trouble for House GOP leadership

Sanford wins South Carolina congressional race

MN: State lawmaker faces recall for supporting marriage redefinition

Illinois State Rep. Ron Sandack Booed For Supporting Marriage Redefinition

Brady resigns as Illinois GOP chairman amid marriage controversy

Senate Republicans Demand Hearing on Gosnell, Abortion Clinics

Opening Brief Filed in U.S. Supreme Court in Challenge to the Federal Biennial, Individual Aggregate Limits on Contributions to Political Parties and Candidates

Video: Hundreds protest marriage redefinition outside Cameron’s office

Poll: Tories to lose hundreds of seats over marriage

“African-Americans, the Last Democratic Holdouts on Gay Marriage?”

Rep. Paul Ryan now supports homosexual adoption

“Pushing the G.O.P. to Support Gay Rights” | NY Times

The President, Planned Parenthood, and “Quality Health Care” | Elise Italiano at Public Discourse

Obama Backs Planned Parenthood In Political Fight | AP

At FEC, Socialist Workers Party Donors are Anonymous

Be Cool: A New Guide for Culture, Politics and Policy | Alan Sears at Townhall

Former Yale President: What happened to Academic Freedom? | WSJ video

EMU Student Government changes mind on exhibit | Eastern Echo

Howard Philips, co-founder of “Moral Majority” and architect of Christian Right dead at 72

“A Risk Including Gay Partners In Immigration Bill?” | AP

President Obama Backs Out of Planned Parenthood Fundraiser Speech

Rubio pushes back on Politico immigration report

Immigration reform could be bonanza for Democrats | Politico

Max Baucus to retire from Senate

Hungary OKs limit to Nazi, communist symbols

“Poll: Sen. Portman’s support dips after he changes mind on gay marriage” | The Hill

Virginia Gubernatorial Race Will Be Battleground on Marriage

OH: Support for marriage redefinition costs Sen. Portman in the polls

Same-Sex Marriage is Wildly, Amazingly, Incredibly Popular . . . Except Where It’s Not

Advocates of marriage redefinition rally at MN capitol

72 Members of Congress Demand Media Coverage of Gosnell Trial

Clinging to Guns—and Abortion | Daniel Henninger at WSJ

    Daniel Henninger at WSJ: Political correctness—the silent code that decides whose side of the story gets elevated and whose side gets buried—has been a blunt but effective weapon, which the dominant liberal culture has used to achieve a lot of victories over “them” the past 40 years. But the wins have come at a price. That price is the return of an unmistakable, growing and potentially destabilizing bitterness in American politics. A fairer-minded media would be the best way to level the playing field. Absent that, our politics will be leveled by other means. What the major media think then, if they’re still around, won’t matter.

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Republicans pull plug on Mark Sanford

RNC chair Priebus to blame for GOP disaster, says black pastor