Public Approval of Supreme Court Falls to All-Time Low | Rasmussen Reports

    Rasmussen: A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that just 28% believe the Supreme Court is doing a good or an excellent job. At the same time, 30% rate its performance as poor. That’s the highest-ever poor rating. It’s also the first time ever that the poor ratings have topped the positive assessments. Thirty-nine percent (39%) give the court middling reviews and rate its performance as fair.

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“Public Shifts Fast on Same-Sex Union Support” | WSJ

School Prayer 50 Years Later: What Do Americans Believe? | Huffington Post

Latinos’ changing views of same-sex marriage | Pew Research

The Averaged American: Surveys, Citizens, and the Making of a Mass Public

57% Think Churches Essential to Healthy Communities | Rasmussen

Gallup: Americans don’t believe in much of anything — and why that’s a terrible thing for politics

NJ Poll: 57 percent of Catholics surveyed support same-sex marriage

Distrust Growing: 70% Believe IRS Decision to Target Conservatives Was Made in DC | Ramsussen

Rasmussen: Most Want Donor Disclosure from Tax-Exempt Groups

A Survey of LGBT Americans: Attitudes, Experiences and Values in Changing Times| Pew Research

Poll says Californians favor redefining marriage

Marriage Is Seen in Poll as an Issue for the States | NYT

Rasmussen: 31% Favor Ban on Hate Speech

On Marriage, Inevitability Is a Choice We Can Reject | Ryan Anderson at Heritage Foundation

Poll: 3 in 4 Americans say same-sex marriage is inevitable | Washington Post

Lessons from France on the Myths of Same-Sex “Marriage”

“California Gay Marriage Support Rises to Record in Poll”

“The Great Societal Shift: 53% of Americans Currently Support Gay Marriage” | The Urban Twist

    The Urban Twist: Despite the legal progress the United States and other countries have made towards achieving marriage equality, adamant protesters of same-sex marriage still voice the belief that gay marriage ruins the sanctity of traditional marriage. The nonprofit organization known as the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) which was formerly known as the Alliance Defense Fund, revealed its opposition of gay marriage in a quote found on their website about the current Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) hearing of the constitutionality of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA): “God ordained marriage to be between one man and one woman. Unfortunately, some groups are now attempting to replace marriage with “anything goes” arrangements. This disregard for marriage and its true purpose threatens to destroy this institution, to the detriment of future generations.”

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US mothers increasingly main family breadwinner

More Americans linking homosexuality to birth

Gallup: 72% of Americans Think the Country’s Moral Values Are ‘Getting Worse’

    CNSNews: A large majority of Americans hold a bleak outlook on the state of morality in the United States, as 72% said the nation’s moral values are “getting worse,” and only 20% said that moral values are “getting better,” according to a recent Gallup survey

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“Same-sex marriage could take decades to be legal in every state” | Guardian

Gallup: “In U.S., Record-High Say Gay, Lesbian Relations Morally OK”

Poll: Half of America wants Obama impeached

Hollywood’s ‘Gay Culture’ Reshaping America

MD: County council nixes meeting prayer, opts for moment of silence

40% Think U.S. Elections Are Fair, 41% Do Not | Rasmussen

Rocky Mountain Poll: Majority in Arizona support marriage redefinition

90% of American’s agree on these 12 things

Gallup says few Americans paying attention to Gosnell Trial

    Gallup: One-quarter of Americans say they have followed news of the case either very closely (7%) or somewhat closely (18%), but that is well below the 61% average level of attention Americans have paid to the more than 200 news stories Gallup has measured since 1991. An additional 20% of Americans say they are following it “not too closely” while 54% say “not at all.” This makes the Gosnell case one of the least followed news stories Gallup has measured.

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Gallup: “Same-Sex Marriage Support Solidifies Above 50% in U.S.”

Gallup Poll: 58% of Americans Oppose All or Most Abortions

Poll: 61% of College-Age Students Want Government to Stay Out of Their Lives

Three Spiritual Journeys of Millennials | The Barna Group

Boy Scouts of America Survey: 61% Support Current Policy of Excluding Homosexuals

Poll: Tories to lose hundreds of seats over marriage

“African-Americans, the Last Democratic Holdouts on Gay Marriage?”

Study: Germans see Islam as a threat

Survey Released On Views of World’s Muslims On Religion, Politics and Society

59% Favor Free Market Over Government Control To Reduce Health Care Costs | Rasmussen

Many in Muslim world want sharia as law of land: survey

Poll: 42 percent of Americans unsure if Obamacare is still law

Something Rotten in the Boy Scouts

More Than Half of Evangelicals View Islam as a Violent Religion

“France: Gay marriage legal as president plunges in polls”

“Poll: Sen. Portman’s support dips after he changes mind on gay marriage” | The Hill

“Gay marriage: church leaders at odds with opinion in the pews, study suggests”

Christians on Leadership, Calling and Career | Barna Group

    Barna Group: But that also makes it difficult to define. Leadership is one of those “if you see it, you know it” kind of qualities. It’s something Americans clearly value, all the way from their immediate employer to their minister to their president. And, according to a new survey conducted by the Barna Group, more than eight in ten (82%) Christian adults believe the United States is facing a crisis of leadership because there aren’t enough leaders. What do people value in a leader? What is the Christian perspective of leadership? And is the younger generation looking for a different type of leader?

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Rasmussen: 71% Think Pop Culture Encourages Sexual Activity Among the Young

“Commentator: People forced to agree with gay marriage”

NBC/WSJ Poll: “Latinos move in favor of gay marriage”

How Post-Christian is U.S. Society? | Barna Group

“Study: support for same-sex marriage at 43 percent in Minnesota”

CNN “Poll: Obama most popular on gay issues”

Christians feel part of an ill-treated minority, says poll

More Dishonest Coverage from Pro-Homosexual Media

Millennials the only generation whose majority supports same-sex ‘marriage’

Poll: Races, Genders Sharply Divided on Medicare Expansion in Va.

Poll: Ohio reverses on “gay marriage” | Politico

Supreme Court’s Favorable Rating Still at Historic Low

“Is support for gay marriage over-sold?” | Washington Post

Are Voters Getting Cold Feet on Same-Sex ‘Marriage’? Media Polling

“Conservatives Don’t Just Oppose Gay ‘Marriage,’ They Strongly Oppose It” | Tony Perkins at CNSNews

Pro abortion coalition releases poll claiming Virginian’s oppose clinic regs

“Majority supports benefits for same-sex couples: Reuters/Ipsos poll”

“Gay marriage fraught with danger for 2016 Republican presidential field”

New Marquette Poll: Majority Supports Major School Choice Expansion

Poll: “Why support for gay marriage has grown so quickly” | Washington Post

“Republicans for Gay Marriage? One GOP pollster thinks it’s all but inevitable.” | Daniel Foster at NRO

LifeWay Research Poll: Americans say homosexuality a civil rights issue

UK: 69% think Tories should back traditional families

Quinnipiac poll misleads on Catholic approval of same-sex ‘marriage’: critics