New Mormon scriptures clarify race, polygamy references

    Mercury News: New introductions to the sections on eternal marriage and plural marriage emphasize monogamous marriage as the standard, says Valerie Hudson, a Mormon political science professor at Texas A&M University and co-author of “Sex and World Peace.” “In these new introductions, we see that ‘plural marriage’ (notice, not ‘plurality of wives’) is to be viewed as a principle and not as a commandment, and that the ‘standard’ of marriage is monogamy,” Hudson writes in an email.

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India: Polygamy Allowed in Islam, Not Encouraged

Utah’s New Attorney General Outlines His Policies On Polygamy Prosecutions

China Arrests Legislator With 4 Wives, 10 Children

Texas out to Seize Warren Jeffs’ Polygamist Ranch

What’s Next For Marriage After Tuesday’s Vote? | Ken Klukowski at Breitbart

Court Upholds Sale Of Polygamous Church Assets

‘Polyamory’: the next civil rights movement?

TX Bigamy Charges Against Polygamist Leader Dropped

Canada: Officials say Saudi immigrants hiding polygamous marriage status not welcome

Washington Post faith reporter asks, ‘Why is polygamy so problematic?’

Why monogamy is natural | John Witte, Jr. at Washington Post

    John Witte, Jr. at Washington Post: Given these four factors, nature has strongly inclined rational human persons to develop enduring and exclusive sexual relationships, called marriages, as the best form and forum of sexual bonding and reproductive success. Faithful and healthy monogamous marriages are designed to provide for the sexual needs and desires of a husband and wife. They ensure that both fathers and mothers are certain that a baby born to them is theirs. They ensure that husband and wife will together care for, nurture, and educate their children until they mature. And they deter both spouses from destructive sexual behavior outside the home

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School polygamy poster causes controversy in Canada

Zimbabwe PM marries woman under polygamy custom

Polygamy, Brigham Young and His 55 Wives

    John G. Turner at the Huffington Post (8/27): Many of the women in Young’s life, such as Augusta Adams, Lydia Farnsworth and Zina Huntington, were equally bold. They made choices that severed old bonds, opened up new possibilities and perhaps inevitably brought them a measure of grief in the process. Given such audacity, Brigham Young’s life — and his marriages — necessarily produced a heady mixture of failure and success, but it was never dull.

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Utah: ‘Sister Wives’ family urges judge to decriminalize polygamy

Polygamy Throttles Women in Senegal

“French Cardinal Warns Same-Sex Marriage May Lead To Polygamy, Incest”

Unrecorded Muslim Marriages, Bigamy, and Polygamy

Brazil Notary Formalizes Three-person Civil Union

Islamist organization demands Tunisia legalize polygamy

Three-person civil union sparks controversy in Brazil

Polygamists and Other Groups Demand Equal Rights

    Nathan Cherry at the Engage Family Blog: The bottom line is simple, if the government redefines marriage once for one group, it will be forced to redefine it again for other groups or be accused of the same discrimination it now accuses traditional marriage supporters of harboring. There is no way around this concrete conclusion. So, the only way to avoid a spiral downward into moral decay that will ultimately bring our society down is to preserve the only true definition of marriage.

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Here Come the Polygamists | Michael Brown

    Michael Brown at Townhall: The lesson from all this is simple: If we don’t draw an absolute line in the sand and declare on a national level that marriage is the union of one man and one woman only, this sacred and most foundational human institution will soon become so malleable as to be totally unrecognizable. And so, we either do the right thing today or we face the radical consequences tomorrow. Which will it be?

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Polygamous and polyamorist relationships

Immigrants with multiple wives will get more benefits, officials admit

Judge grills state attorney seeking to dismiss ‘Sister Wives’ lawsuit over Utah bigamy law

Polygamy Advice Enrages Australia Muslims

Justice Dept. sues Arizona, Utah polygamous towns

Iraq: Where Arranged Marriages Are Customary, Suicides Grow More Common

Would Gay Marriage Lead To Legal Polygamy? | NPR

The Perils of Polygamy

Canada: Polygamous family denied special tax status

Legal Periodical: “Between Tradition and Progress: A Comparative Perspective on Polygamy in the United States and India”

Is Polygamy Inherently Unequal? 2nd Speech Series Released for Polygamy Rights Movement

Polygamy: a living nightmare

Polygamy, Too

    David J. Rusin at National Review: Presidential candidate Rick Santorum got jeered for comparing the legalization of same-sex marriage to that of polygamy, but, whether or not the comparison is rationally sound, thoughts of the former’s facilitating the latter bring a smile to many Islamists. If the definition of marriage can evolve in terms of gender, some Muslims ask, why not in terms of number?

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“Gay Marriage Has Islamists Eyeing Polygamy”

Namibia: Polygamy to Be Outlawed

The polygamists in Obama and Romney’s family trees

GLAD Argues One Spouse At A Time Rule Applies to Civil Unions As Well As Marriages

TX: Jury finds ex-polygamist leader guilty of bigamy

B.C.: New power to prosecute polygamy

TX: Trial of sect leader shines rare spotlight on bigamy

Polygamy’s Surprising Feminist Roots

Polygamous Muslim unions on the rise in Britain

Why modern life left polygamy at the altar

Arizona bill targets police in polygamous enclave

MN: Man charged with polygamy

Challenge To Utah’s Polygamy Law Can Proceed Against County Prosecutor

“Is Polygamy Really So Awful?”

Canadian jury finds all guilty of 1st-degree murder in Islamic family’s honor killings

UK: Pagan who denies polygamy wins immigration case

UK: Ministers ban extra welfare benefits for multiple wives

Canadian Tax Trial Analyzes Structure of FLDS Community: Religious congregation or polygamous family?

New B.C. Special Prosecutor Will Look At Charges Other Than Polygamy Against FLDS Members

B.C. has polygamy appeal options, say government lawyers

Federal judge to consider challenge of Utah bigamy law

UK: 1,000 polygamous families claiming benefits

Wendy Wright: “Triparenting” Hogwash Slapped Down

Canada: Multiple marriages, multiple questions

Iranian women fight controversial ‘polygamy’ bill

Polygamy is not an option, says Morocco Islamist premier’s wife

Canadian polygamy case likely to be appealed | The Christian Institute

Attorney: Canada ‘dodges a bullet’

Bangladesh: Polygamy costlier in Chittagong

ADF: Polygamy, polyamory fail at B.C. Supreme Court

The return of France’s polygamous Muslim butcher

B.C. Supreme Court’s polygamy ruling expected tomorrow

“Modern Polygamist Family: Why They’re Risking Jail” | ABC