Kuwait Times: Anti-polygamists run into opposition

Prof. Kenji Yoshino at Slate: “My response to Robert P. George’s second attempt to justify banning gay marriage”

    Kenji Yoshino writing at Slate: “[T]hose who have propounded trans-historical, much less eternal, definitions of marriage have often been time’s fools. Fifty years from now, I expect new challenges will be made to the definition of marriage. Yes, such challenges could take the form of challenges to recognize polygamous marriages (in fact, such challenges would not be new, as they were made on grounds of the free exercise of religion in the 19th century) . . .  I refuse to answer the question ‘What is marriage?’ by saying ‘Marriage is one thing, always and everywhere, for all people.’ I regard that refusal as a strength, rather than as a weakness, of my position, as I do not think we stand at the end of history today.”

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Bangladeshi man beaten to death by his four wives

“Over 30 and single? Try polygamy”

Judge allows children to visit father in polygamous community

Stats link polygamy to sex trafficking, domestic violence

“We may not like polygamy, but decriminalization makes sense”

Federal judge blocks polygamous sect’s land sale

Will British Columbia legalize polygamy?

Polygamy produces a host of social ills, court told

Will British Columbia legalize polygamy despite proven harms to women, children, society?

Polygamy’s many wives don’t capture “market value”

Expert cautions about legalizing polygamy in British Columbia

Canada: Ex-Bountiful members speak out against polygamy

Canada: Polygamy an issue for immigration officials

Canada: Many women fleeing polygamist unions suffered sex abuse, guilt: Psychologist

Examining polygamy in Canada

Polygamy falls short of “celestial” promise

Lawyer says polygamy laws unconstitutional, persecute Bountiful, B.C.

Polygamy laws aimed at men, court told

Polygamy leads to expulsion of boys, teen pregnancies and early sexualizing of girls, argues Crown

Abused sisters stand as witnesses to harms of polygamy

Canada: Polygamy court reference 101

Indonesian cleric jailed for marrying 12-year-old

Canada would become magnet for polygamy if law struck down, court told

CBC asks judge for permission to broadcast landmark polygamy trial

Canada: B.C. court to decide whether polygamy is a protected religious practice

Lawyers debate legality of Proposition 8 ban on same-sex “marriage”

Interracial marriage and Mormon polygamy: ADF debates at the University of Virginia Law School

Zambia: Polygamy is just a selfish matter for men

Texas jury gives FLDS member Dutson 6 years, $10,000 fine

Psychology Today: Sex, polyamory, and the wisdom of the body

    Deborah Anapol, Ph.D., writing at Psychology Today: “It doesn’t matter what we call it, the fact is that my body can tell me if a lover is making love with someone else. My body can detect the blood type of a man I’m making love with and select a compatible match for conception. My body can refuse to respond if a potential lover is unhealthy in some way. If my body can do this, so can the bodies of others, but a closed mind will not listen when the body talks . . . For today’s humans, sex almost always involves egoic considerations of one form or another. These considerations sometimes overpower the wisdom of the body and sometimes they don’t.”

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Kenya: “Polygamy is one thing, marrying sisters is another”

Polygamist member on trial in San Angelo, TX

FRC Lecture by Pat Fagan on Oct. 27th: Christian chastity vs Sex in the City: America’s future

    One of the greatest strengths of Western civilization (which comes straight from Christianity) is monogamy. This marital relationship became the DNA of the whole social structure of the West and all its societies. But for the last 200 years, there’s been an assault on monogamy as part of the agenda to change our culture. Polyamory (multiple partners) is the competition. To learn more about this aggressive push to redefine the West, join us tomorrow, October 27, for a lecture by FRC’s Dr. Patrick Fagan. Starting at noon at FRC’s headquarters (801 G Street, NW, Washington, D.C.), Dr. Fagan will explain how this culture clash affects America’s future. For more information or to register, click here

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Survey reveals Muslim attitudes to polygamy

Iowa: Same-sex “marriage” foe: Ruling could lead to polygamy

Bahrain: Legal and social acceptance of polygamy destabilizing families

Utah County prosecutors to meet Tuesday to discuss bigamy case involving Lehi TV family

Escape from polygamy: A former sister-wife shares why she left

    Lemondrop.com: “During the past two years, Verlan had constructed separate adobe homes for each wife. He married Lillie, and now he was busily courting another teenage girl named Kim. Three babies were being born into our family on average each year. Indeed, Verlan was adding many new jewels to his eternal crown. There were over 40 children in our family now — 40 kids who hardly knew their own father. Children who needed a relationship with him in the worst way. Unfortunately, Verlan never had time to spend with them.”

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Kenya: Obama’s half brother marries third wife, a teenager

Kenyan polygamist dies, leaving 100 widows

Is polygamy the next challenge to traditional marriage?

    Religion & Politics Examiner: “Advocates for polygamy are closely watching the Supreme Court in British Columbia, Canada, as a case is set to challenge the legal obstruction of polygamy there. With the new TLC reality show, ‘Sister Wives’ (about a family of polygamists) gaining attention here in the United States, how far off is the challenge to the laws in this country that make polygamy illegal? Advocates for it argue that what right does the law have to come between what consenting adults agree to?”

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AZ: Bus tours promote “polygamy experience”

“Sister Wives” polygamist under investigation

Monogamy, polygyny and the well-tended garden

    Miller-McCune: “Anthropologists say 83 percent of societies they have studied traditionally permitted polygyny — marriage with multiple wives. (The more common term ‘polygamy’ has the broader definition of having multiple spouses.) Just 17 percent insisted on monogamous marriage . . . Most evolutionary biologists think monogamy originated as a form of social leveling that reduced male competition for mates, fostered cooperation and led to the rise of successful nation-states . . . ”

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Iranian Parliament receives petition to scrap polygamy

Brent Bozell: Polymorphous propaganda

    Brent Bozell writing at Townhall: “The sexual revolution always seems to have another frontier . . . HBO started the normalization of polygamy with its drama ‘Big Love,’ but TLC is openly pushing for the walls of judgment to come falling down. Its slogan for the show is ‘Rethink love. Rethink marriage. Rethink family reality’ . . . This isn’t the only TLC show to promote the ‘poly’ — yup, the hip new word — lifestyle. They also aired a series this summer called ‘Strange Sex,’ which also had a plot about ‘polyamory,’ which is described as ‘consensual, responsible non-monogamy.’ TLC started as the Learning Channel; it’s fast becoming the Libertine Channel.”

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New TLC series aims to end “discrimination” against polygamy

BC polygamy case may be used to test polyamory

Polygamy in America: inside the FLDS

Faith, polygamy and fears

    Diane Noble, author of “The Sister Wife,” the first book in her new historical polygamy fiction series “Brides of Gabriel,” writing at CNN: “I’m also concerned that HBO’s popular ‘Big Love’ and TLC’s upcoming reality show ‘Sister Wives,’ for the sake of entertainment and palatability, can’t give us the whole truth about life in polygamous families. I’m concerned that both shows are essentially promoting a lifestyle that is illegal in the U.S.”

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S. Africa: Jacob Zuma to become a father for the 22nd time after he has wed his 4th wife

Canada: Polygamy test case ramping up

NY Post on TV programming: “Polygamy is so hot right now”

    New York Post (video): “Although ‘Big Love’ has already humanized many of plural marriages most confusing practices, there is a lot left to demystify. Thankfully a pair of new projects aim to do just that. On September 13, Lifetime will debut ‘The 19th Wife’ — a TV movie about a murder inside the fundamentalist sect First Church of Latter Day Saints — starring Patricia Wettig, Matt Czuchry, Chyler Leigh and some serious AquaNet. 13 days later we are gifted with TLC’s new docu-series ‘Sister Wives,’ which looks to be a real life ‘Big Love,’ following one family — a single father, three mothers — as they live, learn and prepare to welcome a fourth wife into the mix.”

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Is Monogamy Unnatural?

Polygamists want immunity from prosecution to testify in Canadian case

Should ‘Sex Week’ worry college leaders?

William C. Duncan: The More the Merrier

Utah court rejects appeal from polygamous sect

Canada: Court case will examine instances of Mormon, Muslim polygamy

FLDS to target Texas’ bigamy laws

Law Review: Immigration Law, the Defense of Marriage Act, and the Children of Same-Sex Couples

    Scott Titshaw, A Modest Proposal: To Deport the Children of Gay Citizens, & Etc.: Immigration Law, the Defense of Marriage Act, and the Children of Same-Sex Couples (August 18, 2010). Available at SSRN: http://ssrn.com/abstract=1661276

    “This article explores the language, context, legislative history, and purposes of both DOMA and relevant sections of the INA. In the absence of reported cases on point, it reviews opinions in related areas, such as the recognition of children born to concubines or second-wives in polygamous marriages. Finally, it analyzes each relevant section of the INA in turn, concluding that DOMA does not proscribe recognition of parent-child relationships resulting from same-sex marriages under most, or all, of the sections.”

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Polygamist leader may face tougher case in Texas

Polygamy: The new growth stock

Daniel Blomberg: Why the California marriage decision must be appealed

Law Review: How the Varying Legal Standards Fail to Protect Mothers and Children from Polygamy’s Abuses

    Polygamy in American: How the Varying Legal Standards Fail to Protect Mothers and Children from Its Abuses
    Amy Fry, 54 St. Louis U. L.J. 967 (2010)

    “Although polygamy is clearly being practiced in shadowed corners, it is a long-established criminal act in the United States. As a result, polygamy has always had an impact on child custody proceedings when practiced by one or both parents. Its controversial presence has had a strong yet varying effect on child custody rulings, as courts struggle to weigh the child’s best interests against parental rights and the freedom to practice one’s own religion. A highly-publicized recent battle is the In re Texas Department of Family & Protective Services case, for which final custody proceedings are still pending. This Note examines the ways courts have balanced these interests and why, what impact this most recent Texas case has on polygamy’s standing in the United States, and where the legal stance on polygamy should be headed. Part I focuses on the problem: how much of an impact should the practice of polygamy have on a child custody ruling? Fleshing out this question requires analyzing the history of the FLDS, the impact the FLDS has on mothers, and the malleable, varying ‘best interests of the child’ tests. Part II examines the impact of the recent Texas polygamy case, discussing the majority stance and the distinction made by its concurring opinion. Part III turns to a 1955 Utah Supreme Court case that exemplifies the position the United States once had towards polygamy. Part IV then compares the recent Texas ruling to the older Utah Supreme Court decision, examining the dangers of the current standard and emphasizing why courts should revert back to taking a stronger stand against polygamy. The illegality of polygamy and its abusive impact on children outweigh a mother’s right to raise her children and practice her religion in an FLDS polygamous sect more often than courts acknowledge. The Utah decision should be strongly considered in future child custody rulings involving polygamy as it signifies a better balance between religious freedom, parental rights, and child custody than the current legal standard.”

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Utah judge orders Aug. 18 hearing for sect leader

Couple claims arrest was religious persecution as Colorado City tensions rise

    ABC 4 News: “The Hainlines were trying to clear out the work shed of items left by a previous occupant. They were instructed by the Mohave County Sheriff to place the items in a storage unit and then simply give the key to the unit to the old occupant. But as they went to work Tuesday morning, town Marshals showed up with a Temporary Restraining Order signed by the local justice of the peace. The TRO essentially barred them from their own property – namely the shed. … Before they could get answers, the Marshals returned. First, they arrested Matt without a warrant and without explanation. Then they arrested Genevive by pulling her off of the family’s pick-up truck and wrestling her to the ground.”

  • Posted: 07/22/2010
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Scholar’s report outlines to Canadian Court the harms of polygamy

Polygamist group member convicted in West Texas

Inconvenient Marriages, or What Happens When Ethnic Minorities Marry Trans-Jurisdictionally

    Prakash Shah, Inconvenient Marriages, or What Happens When Ethnic Minorities Marry Trans-Jurisdictionally (June 2010). Utrecht Law Review, Vol. 6, No. 2, pp. 17-32, 2010. Available at SSRN: http://ssrn.com/abstract=1625649

    “This article presents evidence of a trend in the practice of British immigration control of denying recognition to marriages which take place trans-jurisdictionally across national and continental boundaries and across different state jurisdictions. The article partly draws on evidence gleaned from the writer’s own experience of being instructed as an expert witness to provide opinions of the validity of such marriages, and partly on evidence from reported cases at different levels of the judicial system. The evidence demonstrates that decision making in this area, whether by officials or judges, often takes place in arbitrary ways, arguably to fulfil wider aims of controlling the immigration of certain population groups whose presence in the UK and Europe is increasingly seen as undesirable. However, and quite apart from the immigration control concerns underlying such actions, the field throws up evidence of the kinds of legal insecurity faced by those whose marriages are solemnized under non-Western legal traditions and calls into question respect for those traditions when they come into contact with Western officialdom.”

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Plurality of Marriage Law and Marriage Registration for Muslims in Indonesia: A Plea for Pragmatism