Circuit approves use of automated software in porn sweep

Third Circuit upholds federal porn regulations

Addiction to ‘virtual reality porn’ distorting young minds

Are those porn stars enjoying their jobs? The sex questions children aged 11 will be asked in government-backed lessons

Kids to be asked about porn in Govt-backed sex ed guidance

Research release: Youth produced sexual content

Russell Brand is worried about your porn habit. Should you be?

Porn goes mainstream

Rejecting the industrialized sex of ’50 Shades of Grey’

Middle school students given ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ puzzles

The nature and purpose of pornography

    Ethika Politika: The production and the consumption of pornography are human activities. (From here, I’ll refer to production and consumption together as pornographic communication.) Accordingly, pornography, in both its production and consumption, is intentional in structure—that is, what identifies pornographic production and consumption is the intent of the parties involved in that production and consumption. So in an effort to identify what is pornographic or non-pornographic, it isn’t enough to delineate or envision a collection of physical behaviors that is “off-limits.”

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Why are sex-shop workers teaching sex ed in a public high school?

Why pornography use becomes a habit

Anti-porn activists seek enforcement pledge from Loretta Lynch

Feminism’s self-defeating about-face on porn

Nigerian gvmt plans to ban porn websites: official

Why taking a page out of a U.K. tabloid is good for women

Two Kansas lawmakers push outlawing ‘revenge porn’

PA porn store loses battle with Catholic organization

Porn shop owner launches legal attack against pro-life counselor

Court rules: Christians can continue protest of Pennsylvania adult, porn shop

Is porn bad for marriage?

Pa. porn shop’s effort to stifle free speech fails

Study: Men who use porn are less likely to get married, may be contributing to decline in marriage in the US

Morality in Media joined by other religious groups to pray against effects of pornography

How the normalization of pornography fuels the rape culture

Child pornographer who offered to pay for his victim’s abortion gets 60 years in prison

Porn and the singleness panic

The pornographic double-bind

Chances are your teen is looking at porn

‘Premarital Sex is a Big Rip-off’ Author: Porn addiction highest ever among women, including married and virgins

Incest and pornography: More similar than we think

Porn use among Christians higher than non-Christians

Planned Parenthood sex ed website now takes teens to porn site

Young people, sex, and relationships: The new norms

Overcoming the porn plague

Teens: Porn too easy to stumble across online

Lands’ End apologizes to customers for sending pornographic magazine as a customer bonus

Planned Parenthood tells young girl to watch “educational porno”

UK broadband users reject porn filters, watchdog finds

Porn is not manly, leaves men unhappy and bored, says blogger

Planned Parenthood coaches 15-year-old girl to hide porn from her parents

Why Google’s new anti-porn policy is such a big deal

This is Mindy: And this is how I destroyed her life by making her a porn star

    Life Site News: I must warn you that what I’m about to share with you is very dark. If you are in need of a “pick-me-up,” this story is not for you. For some, this article might be quite depressing. For others, it might be a wake-up call, causing them to think of a side of pornography they’ve never before considered. The latter is my intent. Also note that I have Mindy’s permission, and indeed encouragment, to share her story.

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Google bans all pornographic advertisements, applications

‘Pornland’ author: Pornography is a ‘public health crisis’

‘One Million Men Porn Free’ Pastor: Churches not doing enough to fight pornography

Online porn seen by 200,000 UK kids in one month, study says

University of California-Santa Barbara professor charged in confrontation with pro-life teen

UK: Pornographic sites should protect kids or be prosecuted, MPs warn

Pornography is at the heart of our social ills

    Paul S. Loverde, bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Arlington, Virginia, at First Things: “Those who deny that the act of viewing pornography has any negative consequences must understand just how toxic the situation has become. . . . The most graphic forms of pornography are now easily and anonymously accessible on the internet and on any smartphone. Many among us are now caught in patterns of addiction that rival those of drugs and alcohol in their grip on the individual, if not in the disruption that results in their lives. Depression, anxiety, isolation, marital strife, and job loss can all be intensified for those caught in the web of this addiction. . . . This addiction is not merely behavioral, a bad habit that can be broken like any other. Chronic viewing of pornographic material impacts one’s brain chemistry in a manner that can “hook” a person and lead to a quest for increasingly lurid forms of pornography.”

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14 charged in online child exploitation network

Damon Linker: America’s love-hate relationship with pornography

    Damon Linker at The Week: “Unless millennials reverse course as they age (possible but improbable), America’s overall disapproval of porn is likely to decline dramatically over the coming decades. As that happens, the country’s conflicted feelings about it will likely get resolved, too, replaced by an easygoing, non-judgmental acceptance of any and all consensual sexual behavior, very much including the conspicuous consumption of porn.”

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Supreme Court calls for new briefs on child pornography

Sexually oriented businesses win legal fight with Indianapolis

Orange County lawyer disbarred for possessing child pornography

Supreme Court struggles to determine child pornography restitution

Supreme Court hears case on child pornography restitution

Supreme Court ruling due on child pornography victim restitution

Utah law professor to make case for child-porn victims

Sexting common, linked to sex among high-risk youth

Athens, GA: City wonders: Did strip-club partners plan to sue all along?

Obama’s federal government funded hardcore porn project

Prayer List: The Porn Industry and its Victims | Christian Post

Over 40 Groups Join National Day of Prayer Against Pornography Next Week | Christian Post

National Prayer Day Against Pornography to Be Held | Atlanta Daily World

“NSA Reportedly Sought to Discredit ‘Radicals’ By Disclosing Online Sexual Activities, Visits to Porn Sites” | ACLU

David Cameron welcomes family-friendly internet filters

National Day of Prayer Against Pornography Scheduled for December 10th |

Conservative groups plan prayer vigil against pornography | Raw Story

Google to warn users of 13,000 search terms associated with child pornography