9th Circuit allows Nampa Classical Academy Bible lawsuit

Chicago: Meeks wants to give private-school vouchers to 50,000 students

Does school choice work?

    Frederick M. Hess writing at National Affairs: “These would seem to be dark days for the school-choice movement, as several early champions of choice have publicly expressed their disillusionment . . . To many who hold out hope that choice can help fix what ails America’s schools, these hedges and reversals have been startling. And yet, looking back, it is hard to see how they were not inevitable. . . The questions to focus on are when, how, and why deregulation and monopoly-busting improve the quality and cost effectiveness of goods and services — and whether they can do the same for K-12 schooling. What would a vibrant market in K-12 education look like? To what degree has it really been tried? What needs to change in order to bring about such a market, and how would we assess whether it is in fact improving the education received by children in America’s schools?”

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When will Black churches start their own schools?

Dramatic election gains for school choice

Sweden “trying to justify” wrong homeschooling decision

Update on homeschooling father jailed by Swedish gov’t

Teachers union rips outreach to charters

Swedish Government Jails Homeschool Father

The Secular State’s Homeschooling Crackdown

The GOP’s education dilemma

CO: Americans United issues warning to DougCo School District

“Gay lobby” propagandizes for “school bullying” legislation

Conservatives can reclaim choice, federalism, and results in education

Minn. judge rejects bid to oust ACLU’s attorneys in suit against charter school

Boehner: A leader on school choice

Charter schools with ties to religious groups raise fears about state funds’ use

Charters give education in New Orleans a fresh start

New Harvard report on Arizona’s tuition tax credit debunks myths

D.C. offers lesson in Charter Schools 101

What the election results mean for state education reform

Kline to push for school vouchers

School choice in Canada: Lessons for America

Charter schools retain students better than nearby public schools

David French on tax-credit voucher programs

CO: Douglas County School District considers starting voucher program

Greg Baylor: Washington Post agrees with ADF on school choice

Attorneys: Supreme Court favored school choice

High Court weighs tax credit for religious school scholarships

Parents decide where AZ school tax credit money goes

Arizona’s tuition tax credit debated at U.S. Supreme Court

Supreme Court wrestles over religious scholarship program

Solicitor general surprises justices with standing argument in religious schools case

Case could end religious scholarship donations

AU: “Supreme Court considers legality of Ariz. religious school aid”

AZ school choice case: Does it hinge on whether the government owns everything?

NJ: Bergen County charter school is denied approval after facing opposition from public school officials

Heritage Foundation: School choice on trial at the U.S. Supreme Court

To choose or not to choose: That’s the U.S. Supreme Court’s question Wednesday

ACSTO: Is it a sour lemon, or just sour grapes?

Film review: The myth of charter schools

    Diane Ravitch writing at The New York Review of Books: “Davis Guggenheim’s Waiting for ‘Superman’ . . . arrived in late September with the biggest publicity splash I have ever seen for a documentary . . . The message of these films has become alarmingly familiar: American public education is a failed enterprise. The problem is not money. Public schools already spend too much. Test scores are low because there are so many bad teachers, whose jobs are protected by powerful unions . . . The movie asserts a central thesis in today’s school reform discussion: the idea that teachers are the most important factor determining student achievement. But this proposition is false.”

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Battle over education: Michelle Rhee, Tim Pawlenty and teacher unions

    MinnPost.com: “[O]ver the past month and a half . . . Pawlenty has subtly yet clearly laid out his education platform for the nation. It merges his aspirational record in Minnesota (that is, what he’s glad he did and would have liked to do but couldn’t) with related policies that fall outside a governor’s state-focused purview . . . His self-association with Rhee, meanwhile, gives a large window into what Pawlenty views as an exemplary record that he would say ought to serve as a model for other school districts across the nation.”

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Swedish court ignoring family

Islamic public school threatens and intimidates witnesses in ACLU lawsuit

Heritage Foundation: Media Matters Tries but Fails to Refute the School Choice Evidence

Gates Foundation Aims to Put The .Edu in Education

    Education News: According to Bill Gates, it might be the future of education, or at least a piece of it. Online learning, to many, is still a mystery, and so the Gates Foundation announced today that it’s committing $20 million to develop online learning opportunities — in hopes that taking (and fostering) virtual action will boost America’s sagging college graduation rate.”

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Origins of Charter Schools Timeline

PA: Monroe County school district revokes school’s charter

David Cortman: Should the ACLU have a right to make a federal case out of your decision to tithe to your church?

Swedish judge blasts homeschool family’s reunion hopes

Homeschoolers leave Sweden under pressure and protest

Homeschooling family fears own government; won’t return to home

NC: Charters sue Durham schools, saying they’re owed $1.2 million

The AZ school choice case & religious associational freedom

David Cortman: If plaintiffs in AZ school choice case don’t have standing, they can’t sit in court

Charter school group to raise $160M

FFRF signs onto AHA brief challenging tax credit for religious schools

Heritage Foundation: Facebook CEO “friends” the right school reformers in NJ

Obama: Teacher unions can help boost schools

With federal support, number of charter schools grows across California

Less families homeschooling primarily for religious reasons

    CNN / Belief Blog: “Welcome to homeschooling 2010. It’s no longer a solitary exercise for many parents– it’s communal. Many families are now sharing ideas about teaching and taking turns as teachers. In effect, they’re creating their own ‘shadow schools’ . . . According to the US Department of Education , 1.5 million children are taught by Mom and Dad. That’s up 74% since 1999 . . . Studies used to show that most parents decided to homeschool for religious reasons, but that’s not the case anymore. In a 2008 study, 36% of families listed religious and moral values as the main reason for homeschooling. But, another 38% said the primary reason they homeschool is because they don’t like the school environment or the way teachers teach—those numbers are also way up from a few years ago.”

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Teachers’ unions working overtime to hinder reform of DC public schools

Law Review: Merit-Based Scholarships Meet School Vouchers

    Struggling Middle Class: Merit-Based Scholarships Meet School Vouchers
    Margaret E. Azhar, 24 Notre Dame J.L. Ethics & Pub. Pol’y 399 (2010)

    “In this Note, I suggest a system of merit-based school vouchers to be used at primary and secondary schools in the same manner merit-based scholarships are currently used at colleges and universities. I believe such a system would be an ideal and workable solution to the increasing toll educational expenses are taking on the middle class.”

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Vincent Gray beats Adrian Fenty in DC: What does it mean for school reform?

WSJ: Cheating charter schools

Law Review: Market Competition’s Constitutional Collision with Entrepreneurial Sex-Segregated Charter Schools

    Unchartered Territory: Market Competition’s Constitutional Collision with Entrepreneurial Sex-Segregated Charter Schools
    David Groshoff, 2010 B.Y.U. Educ. & L.J. 307

    “Due to the recent growth in sex-segregated charters, the welcoming political landscape that currently encourages their creation, and the lack of direction by the Supreme Court, this Article explores what happens when market competition and choice–generally regarded as innocuous principles supported by many individuals across the U.S. political spectrum–are (a) applied to education, (b) combined with empirical evidence of charter success in educating urban students, and (c) mixed with policy arguments that form the basis of sex-segregated charters. By attempting to navigate the scant potentially relevant guidance from the Court, the Article analyzes how sex-segregated charters, including those expressly authorized by state legislatures, may comport with Title IX of the Patsy Takemoto Mink Equal Opportunity in Education Act and the Equal Protection Clause of the U.S. Constitution. The Article concludes that despite the ostensibly benevolent goals of the educational entrepreneurs that create charters, many sex-segregated charters violate the law.”

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Law Review: Vouchers for Students with Disabilities: The Future of Special Education?

    Wendy Fritzen Hensel, Vouchers for Students with Disabilities: The Future of Special Education? (2010). Journal of Law & Education, Vol. 39, p. 291, 2010; Georgia State University College of Law, Legal Studies Research Paper Series No. 2010-11. Available at SSRN: http://ssrn.com/abstract=1652793

    “The momentum toward vouchers has the potential to make a significant and lasting impact on the manner in which children with disabilities are educated in the United States. Because most states require students receiving vouchers to waive their rights under the IDEA as a condition precedent to receiving state money, this impact will be felt not only at the state level, but also on federal policy going forward.

    This article explores the impetus behind the voucher movement, the parameters of existing legislation, the legality of voucher programs, and the corresponding public policy consequences which follow their adoption.”

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