“Gay political donors move from margins to mainstream”

“President Obama voices support for gay marriage in ABC interview” (video)

Byron Babione: President Obama Announces Support For Square Circles

Newsweek cover: Obama ‘first gay president’

Defense Secretary Panetta favors United Nations oversight of world oceans

Obama Still Has Not Signed ‘Nondiscrimination Executive Order’

Jonathan Adler: President says leave marriage to states while arguing it violates Federal Equal Protection

    Janathan Adler at The Volokh Conspiracy: Yet if DOMA is unconstitutional under the Equal Protection Clause, then how could any state law barring recognition of same-sex marriages survive constitutional scrutiny? In other words, while the President says he believes that states should be allowed to reach “different conclusions at different times” on the question of same-sex marriage, the administration’s legal position is that a state’s refusal to treat opposite-sex and same-sex couples alike is unconstitutional. So while the President may say he’d like to leave this question to the states, that’s an option his administration has already taken off the table.

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GOP foiled as funds flow to Planned Parenthood | Washington Times

Alan E. Sears: The President Comes Out | NRO Symposium

“Obama becomes 1st president to support gay ‘marriage’” | Baptist Press

AP: “Obama gay marriage support seen as world precedent”

Ryan T. Anderson and Thomas Messner: Obama and the Truth about Marriage

Ryan T. Anderson, Robert P. George & Sherif Girgis: Marriage and the Presidency

    Ryan T. Anderson, Robert P. George & Sherif Girgis at National Review: At least President Obama is not dissembling anymore about his views on marriage. And even though we consider his support of redefining marriage a deep error, he has done the nation a favor by revealing the truth about his position. So did the vice president, days earlier, when he opined about “the simple proposition” that “this is all about” — “what all marriages, at their root, are about.” That is, the administration has created a long-awaited and much-needed platform for a national discussion of the core issue in the debate: What is marriage? Consider two competing views:

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Obama endorses ‘gay marriage’ | One News Now (AP)

“Obama’s gay marriage support resonates in Calif.” | Mercury News (AP)

In Baldwin Hills, Obama’s stance on gay marriage gets mixed reviews | LA Times

“What Obama must not say about those who don’t support gay marriage” | Fox News

Obama buckles on gay marriage | Washington Times

Obama says he supports redefining marriage | The Christian Institute

Same-sex marriage gets president’s support; Arizona groups react | AZ Family.com

Obama draws critics in Oklahoma for stand on same-sex marriage | Tulsa World

Cardinal Dolan: President’s marriage remarks ‘deeply saddening . . . our children, deserve better’

Obama becomes first President to endorse marriage redefinition while invoking Christianity: Video

Responses to Obama marriage flip flop includes strong statement by RNC Chairman

ADF comment regarding President Obama’s position on marriage

Union with Obama ties rents offices for Occupy DC

Obama pressured for big marriage announcement today in wake of NC, CO losses

    Huffington Post:President Obama is expected to address gay marriage in an exclusive ABC News interview with Robin Roberts on Wednesday.

    LA Times: Speaking from his office in Washington, D.C., Human Rights Campaign communications director Fred Sainz said the president’s expected comments could be the end to his “evolving” views on the issue. “I think the term ‘evolving’ implies constant motion with an end. I think at some point, the evolution has to end,” Sainz said. “I’m hopeful that it will be today.”

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“Same-sex marriage debate: Many of Obama’s top fundraisers are gay”

Obama expected to “clarify” marriage views by May 14 event with Ricky Martin

Obama signs new Executive Order for U.S. to follow global economic regulations

Obama cabinet member for marriage redefinition

“Gay rights: Obama praised for global commitment”

Joe Biden Appears to Endorse “Gay Marriage”, Then Clarifies Position Is ‘Evolving’

Biden Stops Short of “Gay Marriage” Pledge

John Yoo: Litigating for Terrorists: The Obama Admin refused to defend me, now reverse the political polarities

Washington Post Poll: Obama leads Romney in Virginia: 51% to 44%

AP: “Impatient gay-rights groups keep pressure on Obama”

Pro-Life Advocates Arrested at White House Backing Chen Guangcheng

Chinese dissident is headache for Communists and dependent Obama Administration

Congressman Prevented From Visiting China, Talking to Chen

Tomorrow is the National Day of Prayer

White House releases Faith Based Initiative guidelines

EEOC Commissioner Feldblum Calls on Obama, Senate to Keep EEOC Fully Staffed

White House Issues Agency Guidance For Faith-Based Partnerships

Mitt Romney Calls on President Obama to Protect Chen Guancheng

Official Won’t Say if Obama Admin Will Protect Chen Guangcheng

Threat from mounting public job losses tested Obama’s economic strategy

Between a Rock and a Herd Place: Labor Dept. drops farm rules after public outcry

“Obama specifically for protecting LGBT students”

RNC chief accuses Obama of campaigning on taxpayer’s dime

First Lady Hails Free-Contraception Mandate: ‘We Made History’

Marine Corps discharges sergeant for Facebook posts critical of Obama

Bishops Call For ‘aggressive Attack’ On Obama Policies, 2 weeks of protests

“Obama site touts 40 accomplishments for gays”

Executive orders and federal laws

Scott Walker to Newsmax: Obama’s Machine Spending $60 Million to Defeat Me

Michael Stokes Paulsen: The Unprecedented, Extraordinary, Anti-democratic, Activist Power of Judicial Review

An $8 billion trick? Toying with Medicare to fix election

Shift on executive power lets Obama bypass rivals

    MSNBC: One Saturday last fall, President Obama interrupted a White House strategy meeting to raise an issue not on the agenda. He declared, aides recalled, that the administration needed to more aggressively use executive power to govern in the face of Congressional obstructionism.

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ACLU: “Obama Administration Endorses Student Non-Discrimination Act”

Obama Admin Hires Planned Parenthood Spokesman at HHS

The ‘God Gap’ in the First Presidential Polls

Daniel Henninger: Obama 2012 is channeling the ghost of Franklin D. Roosevelt

‘Quid pro quo’: White House access all about money

Obama’s recess actions spur Republicans to join lawsuit

Cuba rebukes Obama over summit talk of democracy

The $5 Trillion Man: Debt Has Increased Under Obama by $5,027,761,476,484.56

President Obama’s Priority: Eliminate the D.C. Voucher Program

National Organization for Marriage Demands Criminal Investigation: Stolen Tax Return Came From the IRS

The Salafi War on Christians and U.S. Indifference

“Obama Won’t Order Ban on Gay Bias by Employers”

Obama admirer to teach ‘Understanding Obama’ class at Harvard Law School

Why Progressives Like President Obama Loathe Judicial Review

    Richard M. Salsman at Forbes: Mr. Obama’s legal reference to Lochner is apt, but ridiculous too, given his fear that SCOTUS may scotch ObamaCare. In Lochner v. New York (1905) the Court rightly jettisoned a state regulatory scheme that violated commercial rights; yet that was the last it so ruled. Thereafter, and especially after being intimidated by FDR and his thuggish New-Dealers in the 1930s, the Court dropped its obligation to uphold economic and property rights. In effect the Court denied what the Founders had earlier argued; that liberty is indivisible, that violations of economic liberty eventually spilled over into violations of civil liberty. The Founders were right. After 80 years of losing our commercial liberties – losses that Obama only applauds – perhaps Americans are starting to glimpse the loss of their civil liberties too.

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