Housing Authority Reverses Ban On Houses Of Worship

NYC Housing Authority Relents, Allows Churches’ Worship Services To Remain In The Community Centers

Pastoral Protest: Seven are arrested in New York for protesting a discriminatory ban against churches

Pastoral Protest: Seven are arrested in New York for protesting a discriminatory ban against churches | World Mag

NYC boots church out of housing project | BP

Bronx Councilman Cabrera Arrested During ‘Prayer Protest’ This Morning

Kevin Theriot: Without Religious Freedom There Is No Other Liberty

NY Housing Authority Gives Bronx Church the Boot | CBN

NYC churches, booted from schools, ‘scrambling’ for space | Baptist Press

Michele Somerville: Should Churches Be Permitted to Worship on Public School Premises?

Jordan Lorence: The future of churches meeting in schools — what now?

Jordan Lorence: NYC Pastors Join With NYC Council members to Repeal Ban on Worship Services in Public Schools | Speak Up Movement Church Blog

Can You Plant a Church in a School? | Engage Family Minute

Alan E. Sears: When the Three R’s Stand For “Rescinding the Rights of the Religious” | Townhall

Access not equal in Big Apple | One News Now

The Bronx Breakdown: Cabrera Stands Up for Church in Schools, Bagel Larry’s Free, the Hoops Massacre of the Bronx and More | Norwood News

Alan E. Sears: Supreme Court gives schools the OK to boot churches

Alan E. Sears: Court Allows Two Constitutions, Gives Schools Room to Evict Church Groups

NYC lawmakers and pastors to rally for repeal of the NYC public school’s ban on private worship services

Supreme Court Allows Ban on Church Services in School | The New American

Supreme Court won’t protect religious worship at schools | Deseret News

Supreme Court ignores discrimination against religious groups in public schools | LifeSiteNews

NYC Ban on After-School Worship Services Stands | ABC (AP)

Supreme Court dismisses appeal on use of N.Y. schools for worship | Digital Journal

“High court permits NYC schools to ban churches” | Baptist Press/Fox News Commentary

High court denies appeal of church ban at public schools | World Mag

Bronx Church’s Petition to Worship in Public Schools Denied by Supreme Court

Supreme Court Won’t Hear Case on Churches’ Use of Schools | NY Times

Court Upholds NYC Ban on Church Services in Schools

High Court Declines Case on Weekend Worship Services at School | The School Law Blog – Education Week

Ruling goes against church meetings at schools | OneNewsNow.com

Tiny church in NYC awaiting Supreme Court decision | WSJ.com

NY Church Fights to Hold Services at School | CBN.com

Small Church Asks Supreme Court a Big Question: Can Churches Worship in Public Schools?

Congregation Fights for Use of Bronx School Space

Coast to Coast, ADF Stands in Defense of Religious Freedom

‘Equal access means equal access’

Jordan Lorence: ADF Appeals NYC Church Access Case to U.S. Supreme Court

Supreme Court Review Sought In Two Cases

ADF asks Supreme Court to halt NYC unequal access policy

‘Instant churches’ convert public schools to worship spaces

Divide over ‘portable’ prayer places in U.S. schools

Instant Churches Sprout in Public Schools, Skating Rinks

‘Instant churches’ convert public schools to worship spaces

Joel Oster: Confusing Ruling Bans Worship Services, But Allows Worship

Churches Can Use City Schools for Worship During Appeal

Terry Mattingly: New York’s dangerous churches: in schools

    Terry Mattingly at the Daily Review Atlas (6/23): “When worship services are performed in a place, the nature of the site changes,” wrote Judge Pierre N. Leval. “The site is no longer simply in a room in school being used temporarily for some activity. … The place has, at least for a time, become the church.” The implication is that a “mysterious transformation” literally takes place during these worship services, noted Jordan Lorence of the Alliance Defense Fund, a lawyer who has been involved in equal-access cases in New York City and elsewhere for a quarter of a century. “There isn’t some kind of architectural alchemy at work here that suddenly turns a school facility into a dangerous place,” he said. “Allowing unions to rent space in schools doesn’t turn them into union halls. Allowing Alcoholics Anonymous to use a school doesn’t turn it into the Betty Ford Clinic.”

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Religion: New York’s dangerous churches — in schools

No worship allowed: Appellate Court Bars Renting Public School Space to Church for Religious ‘Worship Services’

Jordan Lorence: Bronx Household of Faith Case Appealed En Banc To All Second Circuit Judges

Household of Faith kept out of Bronx school house

A Hit for Churches Renting Public School Space?

ADF appeals Bronx ruling to keep churches meeting in NYC public schools

Fight Over Worship at Schools Puts Bronx Church in Spotlight

U.S. Appeals Court: Schools Can Ban Worship | Christianity Today

Jordan Lorence: Church is like a rodeo? A court ruling says it is

Court: Schools off limits to churches

Jordan Lorence: “Worship Services Are Like A Rodeo: NYC School Board May Bar Church Services From Meeting In Schools On Weekends”

Court Ruling on Schools Could Force City Churches to Find New Homes -